How to socialise your puppy | Train a dog to socialize

It’s one thing getting a new puppy to feel
comfortable in your home, but the time soon comes to venture out into the big wide world.
It can be a scary place for puppies with a whole load of other dogs, strange people and
experiences they’re just not used to. International Trainer Anthony Clarke believes
it’s essential to take control, and start socialising your puppy early. It’s great allowing the puppies to just interact
with each other like this at such an early age. It may look a little bit rough, as if
they’re trying to hurt each other, but they’ll soon tell each other whether it’s hurting
or not. That rough play is allowed to happen. They also need to meet things such as livestock.
Cows, sheep and horses. Also meeting cars and children, and being introduced to all
sorts of different people, and older dogs as well. The the earlier we introduce them
to all these sort of things, the less problems we’re going to have when the dogs are older.
If the dogs are older and they meet things, its sometimes a little bit more difficult
to kind of condition them to understand stuff. So the more they meet at this age, the better
it’s going to be. Meeting other dogs may be manageable. But
how do you stop your pup being spooked by much larger animals? What we’re going to do, we’re going to bring
the dogs nice and close to the gate. Okay, we’re going to allow them just to have a look.
Every time they’re having a look, you’re just going to feed them, okay. So we’re not going
to make any big deal about it, we’re going to allow the dogs just to take a little bit
of interest in the horses. Okay, we’re bringing them up nice and closer.
Excellent, well done. He’s looking at the horse, that’s good. He’s not showing any fear,
he’s not backing off, he’s not putting any kind of aggression or sort of like, want to
bite or chase them, which is great. So we’ll just give him a reward for doing that. That’s
brilliant, well done. So now when you’re out on a walk, you know that the dogs aren’t going
to all of a sudden freak out because they’ve seen horses, they’re not going to want to
go forward and chase them. The more situations you can put them in which is going to allow
them to investigate things like this, it’s brilliant. It sneezed at him. What they should avoid is a dog on a walk
running up, chasing, barking or showing any kind of bad behaviour towards these animals. Coming across cars for the first time is not
just scary for pup. If things go wrong, it can be really dangerous for dogs and drivers.
Anthony prefers to introduce pups to cars away from busy traffic in a quiet country
lane. Okay, what’s going to happen now, we’ve positioned
ourself by the side of the road. What we want the dogs to do is when cars are going past,
to be as relaxed as possible. So what you’re going to do, as the car’s approaching, okay,
make sure the dog’s nice and relaxed in position, or sit, lay down, whatever position they’re
more comfortable in. As the car actually comes past us and passes us on the side of the road,
what you’re going to do is just reward the dog for staying in that nice relaxed position.
Okay. Get a treat on his nose there, Neil. Good work, well done.
Keep a treat there, keep feeding him as the car comes past.
Excellent, well done. Very, very good. As you see, the dogs didn’t really take too
much notice of the car there. That was exactly what we wanted them to do. As the car comes
past, the dog shouldn’t be looking at the car, shouldn’t be wanting to chase it or lunge
forward towards it. So they stayed nice and relaxed, you were rewarding that relaxed behaviour.
Exactly what we wanted. Children come in all shapes and sizes! And
don’t always know how to deal with dogs. So it’s important to introduce your pup to small
humans as soon as possible. If your puppy isn’t exposed to seeing children
and they do all of a sudden come across them and the children are very hyper and noisy,
the worst case scenario is your puppy could go charging over and show some kind of aggression.
Children are very hyperactive and noisy, so having them jumping around, running around
in front of your puppy can excite them and this can cause problems. if your puppy’s quite
high drive and has a very high instinct of chase drive, what may start to happen is your
puppy will start lunging and wanting to chase the children. As young children would scream
and run away from this situation it will encourage the puppy to continue forward and carry on
hat behaviour which they’re showing. Here you go, guys, if you give him a treat,
that’s really good, so that he gets to know that you guys are nice. There we go, that’s
brilliant. So by trying to erase this right at the start
by interacting with children and having your puppy play and be around children, it cancels
out all these scenarios. The more exposure the dog has with all sorts of different environments
and animals, different surroundings, different people, different children, all sorts of different
things, the better the dog’s going to be around the house. All we’re looking for by doing
this socialising is to expose our dog to as many different situations so nothing ever
fazes them ,which will mean they’re a brilliant family pet.

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