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“Aroooooo!” Today we’re gonna talk you about potty training! If you haven’t watch our crate training video, there will be a link at the top. That’s the first video you want to watch. That is the first step in potty training. but today, where gonna talk you a little more about how to potty train your puppy! To prepare for potty training, you need the puppy of course. Some treats. I use these little “Zuke’s” treats cause they are tiny. A leash and if you are gonna use the bell method, you’ll need some bells *Bells ringing* on the door! There will be a link in the description to where I got these bells, from “Amazon” and they are called “Poochie Bells.” One of the things to remember when successfully potty training your puppy, is that you want it to be a positive experience. Reward the puppy whenever they do good behavior. You’ll also need to understand a puppy needs to go out frequently. They say that the general rule of thumb, for every month old the puppy is, that’s about how long they can hold their bladder without having to go to the bathroom. If your puppy is eight weeks old, generally they can hold it for about, two hours. You really should be letting them out for about once every hour just to be safe. Generally they can hold it for about two hours. When you are taking your puppy out to go potty, generally I’ll use a leash. That way, you can keep the puppy within a certain area. Another good tip is to always take the puppy to the same area. You pick the corner of your yard and we start it out, in that corner of the yard. That’s where you always wanna go, when you take your puppy outside to potty. They will recognize the smells once they start potting there and would kind of stimulate them, so that they would go to the bathroom Potty time with the puppy, will generally last anywhere from ten to twenty minutes. You want to give them ample amount of time to both pee and poop. So that they don’t do number one outside and number two, back inside of the house. As soon they are done going to the bathroom, you want to immediately take them back to the house. You want them to associate potty time and playtime as two different things. When you go back in the house after they are done going to the bathroom, go back inside for ten to twenty minutes or so, then comeback outside for playtime. While outside, trying to get your dog to go into the bathroom, we always say “Go potty! Go potty!” Once your dog knowns what this command is and what you want them to do, later on in life, when you need to take them outside, when they need to go potty You just say “Go potty! They’ll know exactly what you want them to do. This is convenient when you are outside of your home, like you would take your dog on vacation with you and stop at roadside parking. You need them, to go to the bathroom and helps them to know what they’re supposed to be doing. Of course, when your dog does finally go potting, we always immediately reward them with a treat I actually keep a bunch of treats in my pocket. We use little tiny treats we use. These little bones are the “Zuke’s” treats that I shown you earlier You immediately give the dog the treat. Tell em, whatever your praise is, like “Good Girl!” Make sure you pet them and give them lots of love tell them “Good girl! Yeah! That’s a good girl! Yes, a good girl! So that they get that positive reinforcement and they know they did something you wanted them to do. *To Memphis* Unlike chewing on the leash, which we don’t want you to do! Another tip for successful potty training… Take a feeding schedule and stick to it Puppies when they are really young, should actually eat three times a day. Once, early in the morning, once… Usually I’ll do mid afternoon and then, once in the evening. No later than like six o clock (6:00 PM) because you don’t want them to go to the bathroom. after you go to bed. Couple more basic potty training tips that are really important. As soon as your puppy awakes from a nap take them out to go the bathroom. First thing in the morning, take them out first. Before you even go to the bathroom, take your puppy out to go, to the bathroom. As soon they are done eating, take them out to go, to the bathroom. After they had a good play session, take them out, to go to the bathroom. *Shelby barks* *Speaking to Shelby* What are you doing? *Shelby growls* While you are at home, is best to keep the pet in the same room as you. Actually keep them confined to that room. In our house we have the baby gate so, when we’re in… If we are in the living room, we keep the puppy in the living room with us. If we’re in the kitchen, we keep them in the kitchen with us. Every way, we can keep an eye on her (Memphis). You can kind of watch for certain signs, of them needing to go to the bathroom A lot of times, they’ll sniff and circle multiple times. Usually a pretty good sign they need to go outside really fast. A lot of you had been asking about the bells. How do we use the bells, for the girls to go outside. Well, every time we want to take Memphis outside, to go potty Memphis is over there right now… *To Memphis* There you go! You want to go potty? *Ring bells* We ring the bell. She was just outside. Let’s see if can get here to do it. *To Memphis* Right here! I’ll ask her if she wants to go outside. Will see if she can ring the bell. *To Memphis* Ring the bell! Ring the bell! *Bell rings* Good girl! We open the door! Wanna go outside? There you go! She knows, every time she rings the bell, where gonna get her, to go outside. What’s that stuff down here? Huh? All you are gonna say… *To Memphis* Wanna go potty? Although there is no bell on this door, there is usually a bell on that door. She’ll ring the bell! When you are not around, but she needs to go potty, she would ring the bell. Now, if your dog does have an accident and you see it happening, I usually yell “NO!” I’ll pick the puppy out and take them directly outside. You don’t really want to punish them and rub their noses. Stuff like that, doesn’t actually works. If you don’t see it happened There’s really no point on punishing your dog, because dogs live in and out and they are not gonna remember what they did wrong and why you punish them. You need to catch them in the act. That is usually the most effective way to train them in what they are not supposed to be doing. At night, we usually wake up two to three times during the night, if we don’t hear her crying, to actually let her outside. You really want to do this until they’re about 16 weeks old. By then, they should be able to make it all night, without issues. Without having any accidents, as long as you let them out right before you go to bed and first thing when you wake up in the morning. By the time of sixteen weeks old, they should be able to make it thru the night. Biggest tips I can give you guys… Praise, praise, praise! Always praise and reward the puppy for doing the right thing. Lots of treats, lots of love, lots praise. Eventually they’ll gonna realize “Well, this is really cool and I like it when you pet me and when you feed me. I’m gonna keep doing these things you want me to do.” You also need to remember that puppies cannot control their bladder, so accidents do happen! Most puppies aren’t completely trained until they are about six months old. So you will have access from time to time. Just remember to clean up immediately. Use a good cleaner to make sure to clean everything up, so the smell goes away, so they don’t continuously, wanna go, potty there. There are many different ways to potty train a puppy and you can “Google” How to potty train your puppy and is gonna give you a whole bunch of different ways. I’m just telling you guys the way that we do it. Some people pay for training, some people do other things. This is how we do it. I hope some of these tips can help you guys in potty training your pet Hopefully, Memphis will be fully, fully potty trained really soon. Thanks for watching you guys! Thanks for subscribing! We will see you on Wednesday! *To Shelby* Are you kicking her butt, aren’t you? Want to say hi to Oakley? Oakley! OAKLEY! EVERYONE WANTS TO SAY HI TO YOU! Oakley’s like “I’m over here looking for food!” Silly girl! *Music* *Turn around and roll over, Snow Dog!* *Sing a song with your sweet voice* *I know, You’ve been a good little girl* *Good Girl! Good Girl!* *Come and join us for a new adventure!* *Lots of fun, lots of walks, won’t you come 
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