How to Pick Pets : Tips on Breeding Pets

Hi my name is Tim Labelle and this is my wife
April. We are the owners of Pet Barn Exotics in Hartland, Michigan. We are here on behalf
of Expert Village to help you choose the right pet. In this segment we are going to discuss
if you are thinking about breeding your pet. If you are looking to breed your animal, it
depends on what kind of animal you are looking at. If it is something you are wanting to
make money on, for example, full bred dogs, German Shepherds, Cocker Spaniels, Lhasa Apsos,
Peekapoos, Yorkies. Making money on your pet is one way of doing it or also showing your
dogs at AKC shows. If you are just looking to breed your animal for fun purposes, guinea
pigs, hamsters, mice, rats bunnies, things like that are animals. You can also make a
little bit of money off of pet shops as long as you breed them the proper way and you are
successful with it. If you do decide to breed your small animals you have to take into consideration
that when mothers have babies they will become very aggressive and very defensive and they
will bite, even a rat. They say that rats are very friendly and that they don’t bite
but usually the only time they will bite is if they have babies. Mothers are very protective
of their babies and they will come after you and they will charge and they will bite you.
They will do anything and everything to protect their children.

2 thoughts on “How to Pick Pets : Tips on Breeding Pets

  • i really wanna breed my male mouse MW he has never bit me except for when he got out and was really scared but i caught him i wanna get the right female for him 🙂

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