How to Paint a Road With Trees and Light in Watercolor – Narrated

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and
today we will paint a road with trees in watercolor. I begin by making a sketch
with my mechanical pencil. This will be simply of the road
and the trees. The trees will be on both sides
of the path. I placed the watercolors here
on the right so that you can see how I mix them and I use them. I have mixed a green and a purple,
pretty diluted with water… and when putting these two together,
we get a grayish purple, which is good for the color of the distance. The color of the trees at the distance
I meant [laughter]. The color of the distance, that´s
an interesting, intangible-phylosophycall concept [laughter]. And we paint the rest of the trees,
although I will go over the closets ones again, to make them darker. And we get all the paper wet
and then add it a tone, as well as some foliage. Like so… Very good! And while the paper is drying,
we can add some more, the dryer the paper of course
the least the paint will run. And we add tonalities to the
foliage, like more yellowish or brownish or green. And
we paint the road but leaving some whites, to indicate the sunlight
that came through. I´m using one of those
watercolor pads, that have the paper attached on all
sides, so that it doesn´t wrinkle as much with the water. Once you are done
you cut and take off the sheet of paper to
use the next one up. You can see the exact list
of materials, in the information below the video. I want the light to be shinning
from the end of the road. And therefore in order to
create this effect, I need to darken pretty much everything else. So I get the paper wet again, and I use a grayish purple,
for the atmosphere. I also need to darken a lot
what is closest to us. And now that the paper dryed,
I will go over some of the trees again, lighter at the end, the ones far away,
and darker and darker as they get closer. These ones for example will be
of a medium darkness. Like this. Very good! Excelente! And now let´s do the ones
on the other side. This road will have a lot
of trees! It´s very nice! And we do some details
to the ones on the back, very lightly! I LOVE painting watercolor
so much! It´s a fantastic medium with
a lot of light. We still need to seriously darken
the trees that are nearer by. This to create this foggy
and light atmosphere, that I envision for this painting. By the way, the inspiration
for this, although I didn´t copy it exactly, it´s a gorgeous
photograph of the Northern Irland by Stephen Emerson. I will place the link also in the
description of this video. Very good! Let´s add more color to the
foliage and to the road, to increase even more the light effect. Unfortunately I lost the last shot
when I give the last passed to the painting. But luckily you can see
how I sprinkle some paint, to give a nice effect to the leaves. I dropped some green and now
let´s do some brown. That looks nice! If you do this, be careful and practice
somewhere else before you do it on the painting. Very good! It´s done! If you enjoyed it please give it
a LIKE! share it to your friends and subscribe to Fine Art-Tips. And I will see you
on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

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