Hey guys, so in this video. We’re going to be painting this Collie dogs. Let’s get started, so These are the colors that I’m going to be using in the painting today They’re not all colors that you would normally expect to see in the dark, but I’m going to explain to you Why I’ve chosen those particular colors during this clip. I already blocked in low to this dog so we’re going to start from here in this clip today a lot of people ask me how I choose the colors that I use to paint my animal and it’s a lot simpler than that because Really all I’m doing is accentuating the colors and already there and a slightly confusing for some people So I’m going to explain how it works So the reference picture that I you should just have popped up in the corner now I use this reference just to get the general shape and the colors in the dog so as you can see the darker parts I’m quite instead of using that brownie black color. I see that as a dark blue bubble color and In the in his back you’ve got your yellows oranges Even red going through there and in the dark part in the middle of his back. I add a purple darker red The great thing about acrylics is that you can just keep layering paint as much as you like So when I first started I would block in the dog in a few basic colors So I would probably use a dark blue and orange a yellow A white, and maybe even a lighter yellow and I paid the whole dogs, just using those colors From there, I always start to add in the details as you can see here, I’m now adding in some yellow highlights to Build out the dog. I’m also adding a little bit of red here, and there I find an adding a touch of these bright colors Really makes a dog pop out, but you don’t need a lot. I also use a Very opaque white, so this almost makes the colors that I’ve used below just look like a lighter version So I have to really build up the white value to get a really strong white color on my dog often use white a very light blue Bright-yellow to build up the highlight in my painting as you can see just a tiny bit of this yellow really changes the look of the dog and Really brightens it up. So I’ve been going over with my page why to kind of soften that really bright yellow color a bit To finish things off, I’m using the darker color in my palette which happens to be a dark purple I try to use Darker blues or purples instead of blacks or impossible just kind of adds a bit more of depth to the dark black colors and Brings the painting out a bit more I only use like very very sparingly usually right at the end to do the details of the darkest darkest point in my painting So there you have it if you liked this video please hit subscribe you can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram There’s more details about those in the description below. Thanks


  • This is fantastic, I love your use of colour! I've recently tried to get more creative with colour in my own pieces and this is incredibly inspiring. Just a stunning piece of artwork I love it

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