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Hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world well if you’ve been watching me you know
that i love pool noodles pool noodles are one of my favorite crafting
materials and so now today for you I have got this adorable pool noodle
poodle that’s right it’s a noodle poodle I’m
going to teach you how to make it right now so for this project you’re going to of
course need a pool noodle now pool noodles come in different shapes this one is a flower shape which I think works great for a noodle poodle but you can also use the other round
ones that are just straight across round ones I’ve got my googly eyes I need some pipe cleaners just one
should be about all you need I’ve got my glue dots you can use hot
glue but the problem with hot glue and foam is it has a tendency to melt the
foam so it’s much easier to use glue dots if
you’ve got them I’ve got two straws here these are going to be my legs i’m going to be using at one of these
exacto knife / box cutters with a blade that slides out if you don’t
have one of these you can also use a serrated bread knife or any kind of
knife that’s long enough to go through the pool noodle I’ve got my pencil scissors and my ruler
and of course a work surface so the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going
to cut my pool noodle body and so what I’m going to do is take my poodle noodle
and I’m gonna make my pool noodle about four inches so I don’t even really need
to mark it I just put my finger here now just make sure you’re safe when you use
your knife what I like to do with my knife is just
place it and then roll my noodle and when i do that i usually end up with a
nice solid even cut so i’m actually rolling the noodle now i’m also going to cut myself some
one inch pieces and they can be between three quarters and one inch so again just putting my finger here and I’m just going to twist my needle is it
and do it again and I’m going to make three pieces like this these are gonna become part of my body
from my food or noodle my noodle kugel there we go now for my puter ooh i need
to add my head now here’s the great thing about these
pool noodles you can put pieces together by adding
them into your with your phone with these little pieces of pipe cleaner they
work really really well so the first thing though that I want to
do here is figure out my legs are going to go in these little grooves right here
so my noodle head is going to go right here in the center so I’ve got my little
cleaner sticking out there and that’s only about an inch and a half two inches
and then I’m just going to place my head on top and I can fold down any little
pieces that stick out the top or i can cut them that’s going to help to lock it into
place so now I’ve got Milo head in place and now i want to give him his frontal
face and to do that I’m just going to take my flower noodle here and i’m going
to cut at Junction number one and junction number three so that i get one
two three little bulbs and i’m going to take two more snips of pipe cleaner put one in the top
here put one in the bottom here and i’m just going to add those for it
to the face and they just slide right on in and they’re great because they keep
everything in place there we go now for the ears I’m going
to take this piece that’s left over and cut it in half once again going to use
that and the dandy pipe cleaner and there we go and putting it on the other side route
now for his little tail I’m going to cut a double piece so 1 2
i’ve got the to their got my pipe cleaner stick this in the back end here
and stick on my tail there we go now i’m going to finish his
face before I move on to his little legs and I’m going to need my blue dots for
this part so I’m just going to peel my glue dots
i’m going to put one on each I here put it right down there a little bit now like I said you can use hot glue gun
if you want to what you want to do though if you’re
going to do that is to put the hot glue on the eyes let it cool for about 10 seconds then
apply it to the noodle and that way it won’t melt your new safety keep that
tucked inside ok let’s make a nose so for the nose I’m going to take one of those little
pieces that’s about an inch long and i’m going to fold it over to make a you and
i’m going to tuck that right in here to be the nose and I’m going to do the same
thing for the tongue only i’m going to use what’s left over here which is about
two inches long fold it over to make a little tongue
shape and just stick that right in there now I got my little tongue now for the
legs feel free to use whatever you’ve got on hand popsicle sticks work I’ve got these straws so I thought I’d
use my straws and what I’m going to do is just cut this in half here and i
believe that these straws are eight inches long let’s see they’re actually ate and a
little tiny tiny bit extra i’m going to cut that little bit extra off to make
the eight inches exactly and then I’m going to cut these at the 4
inch mark right there again feel free to cut these smaller if you want to you
could have a stubby little dachshund and if you wanted to ok now what I like about these flower
shapes is that I can actually use these grooves as my placement so I’m gonna go
right in the center see this be right in the center of these grooves here and
make a hole and slide in and on the opposite side make hole and slide it in
the pencil is great for making a home and then you know if you wanted to make
him so that he’s bagging you could do that and then you could add another
little leg like that if you wanted to but i’m going to actually make him
standing so take another one in the back here and
another one the back here and slide these on in here we go so now he’s got legs and he can stand
pretty solid there but the one thing that I think he needs is he needs some
think he needs some feet and so for his feet I’m just going to take this remaining
bit of poor little and cut it and it looks like I’m going to need one more
little piece here I actually have an extra piece over here
we use that and again what I’m going to do is just use my
pencil to make little holes and slide it on your foot so the nice thing here you can see is
you really don’t need a lot of glue to make this happen and hopefully this is
giving you the inspiration that you can make actually any animal under the Sun
the pool noodles really lend themselves to all different kinds of animals
giraffes dogs cats dragons you name it look it needs a little bit
bigger hole there we go and one less foot in the
back there’s a good there’s my little buddy and there you
have it your very own noodle poodle now just to
show you another example of an animal that you can make I made myself a little
noodle an elephant and as you can see he’s got little golf tees for his legs so remember you can use anything that
you’ve got around the house to make legs noses eyes everything just have fun get
creative and turn your noodles into critters like these for more fun ideas
with recycled materials come check this out it’s okay – yeah yeah yeah

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