How to Help a Dog Afraid of Car Journeys! Dogs Scared of the Car! PLUS Competition

Whilst some dogs like Albert here really enjoy
going in cars, for some dogs it can be a really really stressful time and it can lead to them
panting, whining and sometimes even being physically ill. So we’re here this week with our top tips
on how to make your dog less afraid of car journeys. Tip number one is teaching your dog to feel
safe inside the car. The best way to do this is to have a crate
inside your car. Not only is this going to protect your dog
during any accidents, but it also provides a bit of a refuge for them, especially if
you make it really nice and comfy for them. So we recommend putting in cushions, blankets
– anything to make it feel like a safe place. You might find that your dog would prefer
the crate if it is actually covered with a blanket as well, whereas some dogs will like
to look out of the window. You’ll know about this with your own dog. Tip number two is getting your dog used to
the car in different stages. The first thing that I recommend is as soon
as your dog gets into the car – give him a treat. Then take him out of the car, don’t switch
the engine on, don’t do anything. The next step is to get your dog in the car,
get him feeling safe, and then switch the engine on. Switch the engine off and let him out of the
car. Every time you do one of these steps make
sure that you are rewarding your dog so that he sees the car as a really really positive
place to be going back to. Tip number three is taking your dog to rewarding
destinations in the car. Many dogs will be scared of getting into the
car because they know that it’s a negative place that they’re going to be going to, so
their fear of the vets will actually be seen as a fear of a car because they know that
they’re going there. Tip number four is to always make sure that
your dog has had plenty of exercise before getting into the car. So try and take him for a walk or play fetch
with him before he gets into the car. Exercise reduces stress hormones and increases
happy hormones so this is going to make him feel more calm anyway and also they’re going
to be more tired because they have run off most of their energy. Tip number five is you can use a dog appeasing
pheromone car diffuser, and this is just going to reduce the stress hormones and bring your
dog back to a calm level. Tip number six – you can always use a thundershirt. The gentle pressure of the thundershirt actually
reduces the stress of your canine. Tip number seven is of course play Relax My
Dog music. The music is going to reduce his anxiety,
calm him down and it’s actually really nice for you to listen to as well. Now you may remember from last weeks video
that we had a special competition, and we’d like to say that the winner of the Kong frisbee
is Andreha, so well done Andreha! We will send over your Kong frisbee just as
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9 thoughts on “How to Help a Dog Afraid of Car Journeys! Dogs Scared of the Car! PLUS Competition

  • My doggy tip is If you are going away a good idea is to get to Carrot 🥕 out of the fridge and give it to your dog it will take them long enough to eat it and it will keep them occupied well you're away it is also very good for their health, eyesight and gums. I love your music 😊❤️

  • A tip that I know is for puppies but it's to get some frozen vegetables then put it in a bowl give it to your dog and this will help with any teething dog/puppy. Another one is don't be scared of dogs if they are their owner is mean☺️.

  • No matter what I do my dog won't sleep and keeps my family up. I have tried this music but he only calms down a little and is still awake. Please give any advice to a owner of a one year old puggle (pug and beagles).

  • I have a small chiweenie who has been riding in a car for about 9 months, she just turned a year old. She doesn't like the bumping, she roots behind my back. But if we're on the highway, she sits on my lap and looks happy. How can I help her?

  • My dog wont even get into the vehicle. Will start choking herself on the leash and if you pick her up and put her in the vehicle, she goes into an absolute panic and jumps on everything looking for a way out. She is a rescue with quite a bit of trauma but it is disheartening because I really want to treat her to some time outside. She is not a huge fan of walks either, so getting her motivated is really difficult.

  • How to sensibly buy best quality cbd products for my dog? I've heard how CBD dog treats could benefit your dog, reduce seizures, anxiety, pain etc.

  • I have just adopted a rescue dog and she is scared to get in the car we don’t have a place to put in a crate but plan on trying your ideas to get her in the back seat. Hope this works thanks for the tips.

  • My dog is anxious or unsettled about car rides. He also is very scared of thunderstorms, fireworks etc. Where to buy the best quality calming treats for my dog?

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