How to Groom the American Water Spaniel, American Water Spaniel HairCut

greetings folks my name is George and I
will be your host for today I’d like to welcome you to online
grooming our topic for today is how to groom the American Water
Spaniel the American Water Spaniel her card grooming the American Water Spaniel
whatever you want to call it anyway to begin with you need to clean the ears if
you don’t know how it’s okay we’re gonna show you we’re gonna use the thinning
shears on the entire body and head so that way we can blend that coat nicely
when I use the number template and clip around the rectal area just do a sandy
trim on this guy or just grow I think it’s a guy I can see that cut nails
right down here we’re gonna use the 15 blade to clip hair between the pads
let’s get it outta there so also another sani trim and the template to clip here
from growing to navel here we go again neither sandy trim here as well so the
tools you’re gonna need our slicker brush comb straight shears nail clipper
thinning shears curve shears ten blade 15 or for the ear cleaner medicated to
your powder so we want to shampoo conditioner first step use the medical
powder medicated powder to lightly dry ears and pull out any dead here second
step we’re gonna go ahead and do the nail clipping you know what folks
there’s many steps to this guy six the best time seventh eighth ninth and tenth
so here we have ten steps let me tell you what I got my information from and
there you know therefore you can also get it yourself and have it there with
you so we’re gonna log in we’re gonna go to online grooming school calm my name
is George here’s my number if you need me you can sign up here and become a
certified pet hygienist and certified but remember from the comfort of your
home there’s a little video here but anyway we came here for the book and
this is a 500 page ebook for free all you are do just enter your email address
through the password submit the form we’re so glad you decide take your feet
let’s travel receive your free 500 page ebook learn and make money here we’re
gonna click this to download so if you click it take your time my dog grooming guide it’s a PDF form
PDF saved file third edition here is all the dongs you
can have 160 AKC breed how to groom each one Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie tools of
the trade introduction know your dog and then we get into of course how to groom
those dogs so it’s kind of cool that you do that so I truly recommend you log on
to online room in school calm and you know have a look around and get your
free ebook okay right here my name is George with any questions bye bye now

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