How to groom a short haired dog – dog grooming demonstration

This is Lucy a 7 year old chocolate Labrador
Retriever. She’s typical of a breed with short hair – and she’s about to have a grooming
makeover in the hands of a real expert. Jitka Krizova is one of Europe’s top dog groomers. Sasha is enjoying herself. Originally from Slovakia, she now lives and
works in Britain. She’s been showing and grooming dogs for 20 years and has won an impressive
array of awards. British Groomer of the Year Award 2006, Eurogroom winner three times in
a row and in 2011 she clipped and snipped her way to the World Championships as a member
of Groom Team England. Jitka’s sharing her champion tips and techniques to help you keep
your dog in pristine condition. Grooming a Labrador is fairly easy because
of the texture of the hair. Other breeds with coats like Lucy’s include
Beagles, Rottweilers , Basset Hounds, Bullmastiffs and Pugs. So the grooming techniques are similar. Short coated breeds have very dense short,
harsh coat close to the body. These dogs, when they’re dirty, we can feel film on their
coat. Washing a big dog isn’t easy so if you can’t
cope take your dog to a professional groomer or use a waterless spray like this one. This
is a shampoo that sprays directly onto the coat and works by removing any excess dirt
or dead fur. The best thing is you don’t need to wash it off – as the name suggests it’s
waterless and leaves your dog’s coat smelling nice and fresh. Rub it into her coat. Many owners expect short haired dogs to shed
less hair than some of the ‘hairier dogs’ but that’s not the case. She smells very nice. Short-haired dogs still shed -the hairs are
just smaller! Sometimes people, when they get short-haired
dogs, they think they don’t have to do much. But this type of coat needs some attention
as well. Dogs should be brushed. They have to remove their dead hair. We still have to
clean their ears, cut their nails. Now I’m going to dry her off. We can see already that
the coat is visibly cleaner than it was a few minutes ago. Using good high quality products
is very important. Regular grooming is a great way to bond with
your pet. If you start at an early age your dog will get used to the experience and even
enjoy it. Now I’m going to use a Furminator. It’s a
special tool designed for short-coated breeds to reduce shedding. A normal brush removes a certain amount of
hair but only from the outer coat. The Furminator reduces shedding by 90 per cent by reaching
right down into the undercoat and gently pulling away any loose hair. After ten minutes of brushing Lucy’s coat
is free of loose hair and nice and shiny. If you don’t brush her, all this hair will
have ended up in your carpet. After this grooming Lucy feels much better. She smells nice, and
she looks great. Labradors can moult all year round. You should
brush the coat once a week up to every two or three weeks depending on how the dog is
shedding. Lucy’s shiny coat is a good sign she’s a healthy

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