How to Give Your Dog a Pill

How to Give Your Dog a Pill. Being your dog’s best friend means getting
her to take her medicine when she needs it. Here are a few tricks to help the medicine
go down! You will need A pooch in need of a pill Dog
pills And some dog treats A helper (optional) A small amount of cheese, cream cheese, or
peanut butter (optional) Some sugar water (optional) An infant medicine syringe (optional)
and a canine pill gun (optional). Step 1. Make your dog sit. Never call a dog to you in order to give her
medicine. You don’t want her to associate being called
with being dosed! Always seek her out yourself. Step 2. Use one hand to pry your dog’s mouth open. With your other hand, pop the pill way back
into her mouth. Make sure the pill goes behind the back of
her tongue. A second person to help may come in handy
if your dog is especially large or wriggly. Step 3. With one hand, hold the dog’s mouth closed,
snout pointing up, while gently rubbing her throat with your other hand. Step 4. Once the dog swallows and licks her lips,
you can be sure that the pill is safely down. Stay nearby until you know the pill’s been
swallowed. Plenty of dogs are adept at concealing their
meds and spitting them out later. Step 5. If you’re having difficulty, check with your
vet to see if it’s safe to give your dog a pill concealed in food and, if so, try hiding
the medicine in something soft like cheese, cream cheese, or peanut butter. Let the dog lick your fingers after you feed
her the pill—that will ensure she swallows. Be sure to tell your vet what food you might
try—some foods interact badly with certain medications. Step 6. If your dog doesn’t fall for the pill-in-the-food
trick, crush the pill, mix it with a little sugar water, and use a baby syringe to squirt
the liquid into the dog’s mouth. Step 7. Still not working? Try a pill gun (available from your vet or
local pet store) to propel the pill down the dog’s throat. Step 8. When the pill is all gone, praise your dog,
pat her, and give her a nice treat to take away the taste! Did you know Blowing on a dog’s nose will
encourage it to swallow.

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