How To Get Sticker Burrs Off Your Dog | Ranch Quick Tip

How To Get Sticker Burrs Off Your DogMountain View Ranch Quick Tip Oshin original hair polish and detangler
so it works really well sprayed on kind of comb it through and then the birds
just kind of brushed right out quick little tip here we have a wonderful
little miniature Australian Shepherd name is Sierra we love her a lot and out
here in this particular area there’s just a ton of stickers and they get
caught in her fur we were at a local farm and ranch store and got a great tip
from one of the sales clerks and she recommended spraying the dogs with show
Sheen which is used for horses and that helps keep the dirt from sticking to
their fur but more importantly it makes it very easy to brush and comb them out
and also removing the stickers and Beth and I just got finished spraying Sierra
down for her third time today and the stickers just combed out of her fur with
no problems and she did not have any problems at all we still have a few more
to do which we’ll do later on this evening but it’s a great tip if you’ve
got a dog and you’re out in this kind of country show Sheen we got this a big are
probably one of our favorite spots right now right yeah yeah this is great worked
really good on Sierra getting the birds out of her she loves being out here at
the ranch so we got to keep up with the show Shane oh she’s rolling in the
foxtails again alright Sierra

14 thoughts on “How To Get Sticker Burrs Off Your Dog | Ranch Quick Tip

  • Great tip. We've got an Aussie/standard poodle mix. She gets those stickers too. This will be great add to the grooming box.

  • Long hair shepherd dogs don`t like stuff that smells good in their hair. that`s why it`s rolling in the grass. My little shepherd/beagle mix does the same thing, only, she seeks out her numerous dead moles she lets rot and rolls in them instead.

  • We have lots of these and I am owned by a mini Aussie with a very long show coat. Burrs are the bane of my existence in the summer/fall. You can bet I'll be giving this a try. Thank you!

  • How to get sticker burrs off your dog, a Mountain View Ranch quick tip! Sticker burrs and Australian Shepherds don't mix. This is how we get sticker burrs off "Sierra", our Mini Australian Shepherd. This tip will work on your dog too! "Show Sheen" makes life easier for everyone, including our little mini Aussie. Mountain View Ranch Quick Tip – Use Show Sheen! #mvr

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