How to fix Vodafone signal issues

Hi, I’m Sam from Vodafone and I’ve got some Tech Team Tips
to help if you’ve got no signal. First up, try flicking to Airplane Mode for a few seconds
and turning it off again. If that doesn’t work, turn your phone on
without a SIM in it for a minute and then pop the SIM back in. Or, if it’s in a fixed place,
do a manual reset. On most Android phones, you can do that by holding in the power
button and up volume key together. Making sure you’re on the latest
phone software can help too. Check out: To find out how to update
your specific phone. In your phone’s settings you can
also disconnect your phone from the Vodafone network
and reconnect. Check out: For help on how to do that
with your specific device. And you can use
our Coverage Checker, which alerts you to any maintenance
or signal issues in your area. For more Tech Team Tips
and all the latest from us, subscribe to the Vodafone UK
YouTube channel.

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