How to find a good dog breeder. Kennel Club Assured Breeder’s Scheme

Pip Steve and his daughter Ella are planning to buy their first puppy They thought long and hard about the cost and commitment involved and have already been introduced to a range of dogs to help them narrow down their choice Today they’re off to find out about the pitfalls of buying puppies even though they’re still not sure what type of dog they’re looking for the Afghan I just liked it because it was kind of its temperament was really nice is seemed really calm. but then when I spoke to the owner A Bath takes two hours, and then it has to drip dry, and then you’ve got to you’ve got to shampoo condition it you still liking the small one Ella? Even though there’s quite a big difference I like the Chihuahua and the St Bernard. No clear favorite yet then! The Lambert manager of the Kennel Club’s Assured Breeder Scheme has arranged to meet them at the Kennels near leeds He’s going to tell them how to find a reputable breeder, explain what they should expect from a good reader once they find one But first a word of warning on buying puppies from newspaper ads or the internet? We hear hear horrendous stories all the time People will meet somewhere at a Motorway service station You’ll ring someone up they’ll say we’ve got puppies for sale Your driver along and they’ll say on we’ll save you a trip will go to meet with a moment Motorway service station it’s half way If you do that, you’ve got no idea where those puppies were born, how they’ve been reared Similarly if you buy through a third party – a dog dealer for example there are an awful lot of those, similarly you’ve got no idea where those puppies are in fact what you’re doing if you buy through those sources You’re actually fuelling that that puppy farming trade What kind of trouble can I get you into you buy from this kind of places? Well if you’re not buying directly from where you’re seeing the puppies you’ve got a very good chance at buying that ill or sickly puppy ultimately it could die so It’s very important to go to a good beeder So I brought you along to see someone who is a Kennel Club Assured breeder We know because they’re Assured that they are doing things correctly? Patsy Hollings has been breeding Weimaraner gundogs for over 36 years and produced more than 70 uk champions Before taking them to see the latest litter of puppies She runs through what they should expect on a visit to any breeder if the romance of having a puppy is just stars in the sky it’s s just wonderful It’s what everybody wants to do, but the reality to give that dog a proper caring knowledgeable home is what’s necessary Patsy says good breeders should be knowledgeable and honest about the characteristics of their breed The point of you coming here or the point of anybody coming here is to find out about the breed not to come with the expectation of taking a puppy away, because that isn’t going to happen. This is a strong Germanic breed He thinks like a human very strong very determined They were bred to hunt wild boar and consequently they’re very protective of their family and they mustn’t think that they are leader in the pack Bill’s already checked that pip and Steve’s lifestyle can accommodate a dog – but Patsy says you should expect a breeder to do that, too What is your temperament? is this temperament gonna work with this particular breed because if it’s not, you’re not going to ultimately be happy and Why would the Breeder want you to fail? they don’t because they want the puppy to have a good life a Responsible Buyer would would respect that a breeder has a passion for their breed And he’s trying to do the right thing by – if you like vetting you as well as you vetting them We’re talking about obviously the breeders checking us out. What can we do to kind of identify a good breeder and you know quality breeder? Well to be honest the Kennel club has done an awful lot in this respect they have introduced The Assured Breeder’s Scheme breeders scheme. To be accepted on the Assured Breeders Scheme ,breeders have to prove they meet the highest standards of care for their dogs and puppies They’re also required to provide a puppy sales wallet with each puppy containing a Registration certificate proving the puppy has been properly registered with the Kennel Club Copies of health test certificates or other evidence that relevant health tests have been carried out Information on the breed itself and how to look after it Written advice on exercise training and grooming and a contract of sale The Scheme also insists that any potential buyer must see the puppies with their mother …which is the bit pip Steve and particularly Ella have been looking forward to Come in Bottom line of course is they must see the mother because how else would they know what the puppy is going to be like? Good girl It would horrify me if somebody came to me and said we saw mum, but she was behind bars or behind glass or in a different room, and she was overly protective because she’d got puppies Yeah, you can pick him up the careful the squiggle and you could drop them All three of us a little bit wiser now about the choices were going to make and obviously what to look out for when it comes to finding a good breeder a reputable breeder and someone who could obviously be trusted to sell as a dog and obviously give us the test we need when we’re actually thinking about buy one I definitely think it’s good to speak to the breeders and for them to tell you all of the things you need to think about Go away, think that in come back. What about you? Even thoughI knew already knew a little bit about dogs I thought I knew enough to get a dog but then after hearing what everyone said and I realized that I didn’t know much at all Barking! you

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