How to Draw a Male Torso – Anatomy Drawing

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and
today we will do an anatomy study, using one of these 3D references. We will draw the torso on a frontal view
and as you can see this figure is really helpful because it perfectly
shows all the muscles, tendons and ligaments. We begin tracing a middle line as a guide. Like this. Then we measure the size
of the head, and we mark it on the paper. Almost the size of two heads
give us the maximum width of the shoulders. The same head size going
downwards, gives us the height of the breasts, or more exactly of the nipples,
and with one more head we get to the navel. As you see I use the size of the
head to have a well proportioned figure. This is a very old method,
even the Greeks used to do that as you know. And now I’m simply copying
the muscles of the model. I want to think 3D Total because
they want to give as a gift one of these reference models
to one of Fine Art-Tips students. There are three different versions
of the piece and if you are the winner, you will be
able to choose the one you prefer. One is fully anatomical, with
all the muscles and tendons. Another one is half anatomical
and half covered with skin. And the last one is fully covered
with skin, like a more realistic person. All you have to do to participate
in the raffle, if you want to have a chance to win it,
is to leave a comment on Fine Art-Tips Facebook page, saying that you
would like to win it. The link is below the video,
and the raffle will be this Friday the 6th. Having one of these figures as a reference
is really helpful when drawing the figure and of course when sculpting it,
or also for animation or of course for digital drawings. We do a small correction and
we are ready to start shading. The line that divides the pectoralis
that is the chest, was supposed to go a little bit lower. Shading is one of the things
I love the most. We draw the muscle of the shoulder,
the deltoid that inserts to the collarbone and which is by pectoral major. Going back to the raffle, 3D Total is
a British company, however they assured me that they will ship
the prize to anywhere in the world where the winner may be. It is also important to understand
and to draw the muscles of the face. And let´s not forget the rectus
abdominis or the six pack, which is so important in super heroes
and in very strong people, like on myself where they are
so prominent and visible! ok ok maybe only in my dreams [laughs]. The neck has several muscles and
tendons that are important for an artist because they are visible. Even the head has muscles,
like the frontalis, thanks to which we can lift the eyebrows [laughs]. I would love it, if you can let me
know in the comments if you would like more anatomy drawings
or whether this one was so boring that you felt asleep in the middle [laughs]. It´s ready! If you enjoyed it, please give it
a LIKE! share it to your friends and subscribe to Fine Art-Tips. You know where to follow me,
the links are below. And I will see you
on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

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