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[Music] hi my name is Jill Pickering I’m an artist from seaside in England and I’m in the studio today I’m gonna demonstrate how to paint your own pet I’ve got a canvas panel and I have a portrait well a photograph of my lovely french mastiff called Wilma she’s a redhead after the Flintstones Wilma and what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you how how to get your image onto a canvas and we’re going to do a an under what’s called an underpinning which I’ll explain later and then I’m going to show you how to do part of that in in detail in oils to get this onto canvas I’m just going to do a really simple grid method what I’m going to do is I’m just going to fold it into 16 part so I’m going to fold that in half and try and be careful with this so I’m going to fold edge to edge like that and if I just fold that out what I’ve got is I’ve got a grid you can see it better on the back where I’ve got four by four so that’s 16 this is our usual found this is good for accuracy and then I’m just using a pencil now I’m just gonna go over my grid lines like that what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna divide this up into four sections so even if you’ve got a really long ruler it doesn’t matter still measure the top in the bottom then what I’ll do is I will just join that what a dog want to do is make my pencil lines really black because they might mix with the they might mix a little bit with my pen and I don’t want them to duel my paint at all so I can just see that she’s got these little eyelashes there I’m just gonna put that in and I’m just I kind of did with dot-to-dot system as well so I can see there that that is just above halfway on that section so what I’m going to do is I’m just going to put a little dot there now I can see that on the next section that comes down I would say to about there so you can judge it kind of you know if it’s in thirds or something like that and once you’ve got those dots you can then start and just plot in the share [Music] this point just take as long as you want on this point there’s absolutely no point in rushing this bit and now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna just start and block in and if I’m doing an oil painting of a dog I usually use an acrylic underpinned somebody who’s right I’m gonna use the three prime reason we’ll use yellow red bit of blue might be I might have a bit of blue in there got a bit of brown and this is this has got to be quite a just a layer underneath so I’m not too worried about too much detail at the moment so I’ve got my water got a tissue just to dump it on I’m gonna take a little bit of white out so it makes it more opaque I’m gonna add some yellow some red for this lovely kind of ginger color I’m just gonna mix it all there so it needs a lot more yellow I can see that straight we’re okay I’m just gonna make a start and just where the like areas are pairing that like that come across the head so this is like I said this is just this is just an under pin in really fairly rough not too worried about this stage this is quite a nice stage to do enjoyable and you can just keep changing the color so where I’ve got the some of these lights here I’m going to add in more yellow yellow just till I get there try and mix it all as well while it’s on the board yeah that’s quite ready but I quite like that so I’m gonna add that on get these lines in here there’s a whole section in there where Renault’s comes up and around and kind of kind of feel the shapes of the face underneath so I’m just looking at where all the darks are you happy with that over here yeah I’ve got this comes up so after the drive stage this is this is this is a nice bit this is really you can play a little bit with coloring have a bit of fun with it just do a bit on the area there and I’m gonna put some further darks in now cuz we’ve got some real Dax under here so I’m just gonna add I’m actually gonna add a little bit of blue as well just to get that nice rich color a blue mix with this brown we’ll just make a really nice quite dark color without being too black don’t automatically reach for black because strange enough it’s too black if this was going to be an acrylic painting I would spend a lot of my time but because I’ve decided this is an oil painting this is just my base layer and people do ask you know what why well why do you need an under painting and I think actually just it just adds more depth to you it just adds more depth to your final piece now I’m going to just use a smaller brush for the eye and the eye is an interesting color it’s kind of like a it’s got a bit of blue in that yellow it’s kind of like a lime lime color so I’m just going to put that in just block that in I’m just gonna put in a little bit of black for the pupil and there’s a little little white highlight there now you can make these look really really realistic if you want to and we’re going to do that with oils so all I’ve done for now it’s just a rough paint in and that’s my underpaid that’s I’m gonna leave it there because I’m now ready to start on my own so I’m gonna leave the background the whole of where you want to pin is got a courting on you then ready to start in oils so I’ll just I’ll just tell you a little bit what the colors that I’ve got I’ve got cadmium red I’ve got a lemon yellow yellow ochre burnt sienna ultramarine and a bit of black and of course I have my titanium white as well I’m using winter and you can paints today with you a nice what I’m going to do is I’m just going to select an area to work on and I’m gonna work on really with quite a lot of detail now I’m going to mix a try and mix up the same color matches and what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna start around the eye area so there is a light area there I’ll just put that in there is a golden area so rather mix up all areas of color just keep adding and changing because there’s so many different shades on this head that actually one shared is not going to fit all you’re going to have to keep switching from one color to another that’s a fun thing to do anyway so I’m gonna add a little bit more yellow in there yes lemon yellow was really really nice they’ll go nice and light so I’m just doing around this bit and I’ll just I’ll just work on this area here so you can see how I’m going to do it so just underneath it I’m just gonna put in this kind of light area but it needs it needs a lot more orange in there so I’m going to add a little bit of cadmium red I’ll just put that in down here as well and I’ll show you because I do blend a little bit on this they’re using a smaller brush now I’m using white spirit as well to mix oils these are these are not water-based oils these are oil oil if you like so you need to use the white spirit what I’m using as well is there’s a little bit just a little bit of detail in here so a little bit of pink there [Music] a good thing to do is to try and give the effect of hair if you try and paint it with thick paint you’re gonna end up with a blotchy mess so you’re actually in to use white spirit on your brush and you need to just flick hairs on so what I’m going to do is I’m just going to do a little bit in there and I don’t know if you can see that book I mean I’m just I’m just putting some hairs in here but you can’t just get very very very fine marks so what you don’t want is to do hairs all over a painting what you do need to do is just put in the odd one or the odd one or two and it will give the effect of it properly so I would put in some darks hairs and then put some light hairs in and that will be so what I’ll do is I’ll just put a little bit of light area on top of there bring that pink down there and you can see just it just in that area I would keep building and building and building that you can go back to you brush you can start you can add in other areas now I would be very very happy to just keep going with this and building it up [Music] I hope that’s given you a little bit of inspiration to go to have a go up in in your own pet and I think there’s nothing nicer run on your on your wall that you could not they painted a painting that you’ve actually done and being proud of I hope that’s given you a little bit of inspiration to do with that and how to grid how to get an image on there how to block it in with acrylics and then how to just start building areas and when you get to that stage just do an area time take your time and and I enjoy I enjoy painting yeah have a go yourself [Music]

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