How to Care for Cats : Cat Care Tips: Diet Plans

Choosing a diet for your cat can be tricky
for a lot of reasons but the first thing you want to do is find a diet that your veterinarian
thinks is healthy. So usually the premium foods which have been developed in conjunction
with a veterinarian are a good place to start. So you want to decide whether you want to
feed canned or dry depending on the condition of your cats mouth, it’s age, and some other
factors about what diseases it may have. Sometimes canned food is best if your cat needs to get
a lot of water into it’s system. One thing that you can look for on the labels of foods
and this will be on both canned and dry is these words that animal feeding trials by
AAFCO, the AAFCO will guarantee that this food is adequate for cats. This is probably
the safest food you can get cause it’s actually been fed to animals and scientists have determined
that it provides them with all the nutrition that they need. If your food does not have
this label on it then certainly bring it to your veterinarian or call the number for questions
on the bag or the can and look into it a little bit more to see if it’s adequate for your

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