How to add music to a Google Slides presentation

you and I both know that music can help
almost any presentation but there’s no official way to add music in Google
slides luckily there are a couple of workarounds and I’m going to show you
what they are so I
lines set up in Google slides and I have a little text box here what I’m going to
do is I’m going to fire up a music service in this case Spotify and go pick
a song so here I have a song in my music list I’m going to right-click it and
copy the song link then I’m going to go back to the presentation highlight some
text right-click and add a link paste in my link like that and here we have it so
now I’m going to go to view present and if I click this link
Spotify will fire up and the music should play
you could do the same thing by pasting in a link from a YouTube video or you
can embed the video directly in your slide and really wake up your audience
I’ll show you how to do that so here’s my slide I’m going to go to insert video
and lookie here there’s a search bar for YouTube so I’m going to search for a
video and here we go and then should be able to put it in
there clicking that button here is the video I can move it around on the page
and then all you have to do is go to view present
there’s my slide and there’s the video do you have a workaround that you’re
really proud of tell us about it at answer at PCWorld calm

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