How my GSD will react when I’ll disappear/Jak mój Owczarek Niemiecki zareaguje gdy zniknę

Today I gonna show you How Major reacts when I’m disappearing When he’s losing me from his sight The best place to show this will be our forest Major knows it by heart, so He won’t get lost So let’s go Major You don’t know what’s will going to do Major loves forest walks He can running off-leash Where have you been What Major? What you hear? Do you see any roes? A beautiful day We’ll wait until Major won’t look at me & we’ll hide somewhere Eeeee you saw me Yes, sticks everywhere Another attempt Here! Good dog Go further, go Go up It was too easy again Good Major My very clever German Shepherd already knows we’re playing hide & seek I must find out a better hide Good dog He’s on front A good Major! He’s using a nose Come I was playing hide & seek with him so many times that he knows He doesn’t need to panic Use a nose & go look for me He went away Fast! Major is fast! Major will always find me It’s too wasy play for him He disappeared again Here’s less of leaves, maybe he won’t hear me He found me again A very clever dog You, clever dog, come here Tired? Probably not now I was hearing you, you were looking for me But clever dog will always find owner by smell So as you can see Major is calmly He knows he’ll find me Even in forest What you found now? Yes, he spotted me, he goes further So Major doesn’t go panic Only he’s looking for Very good, Major What you found? A mountain stream? Come on It was a good walk through this mountain forest Yoo’re probably tired Major, to me! Come on, let’s go Thanks for watching & see you next time Major is a little bit tired Later

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