How LED and LCD TV’s Work in Slow Motion [Original]

In this episode we’re going to magnify pixels and film it in 4k slow motion and we’re going to do this on a HD TV and a 4K TV to see the difference in the pixel structure and how the pixels work differently Here’s the footage I used to create the loop
I’m going to play on the TVs while i capture the pixels in high speed, im going to plays
this back in real time but it was shot in 4k at 1000 frames per second.
This is the 1 sec loop and I included a red green blue and white screen to see how the
TV pixels reproduce that. Now Inside the red box is the area of the
TV screen we magnified and captured at high speed.
This is 4k at 2000 frames per second. And I’m going to just stop it here and zoom
in on the eye so we can get a closer look at the pixels , and
then start this back up again. So what we’re watching here is that very small
area of the TV screen in the smaller indicator box.
And since this was an actual TV screen filmed in high speed there were about 10 black frames
in between every time the TV would refresh the pixels, I edited those out because it
was nauseating to watch the flashing, but I will post that as a separate video on this
channel so you can get an idea how the processor of the TV is refreshing those pixels .
Now here’s a solid red box and we can see that the TV is isolating the red portion of
the pixel. And then the solid green then transferring to Blue, and then to White which
is all colors in the pixels are active. And the clip that’s showing here is that one second
clip with the footage of the seagulls and the red green blue and white solid screens.
Now here is the HD TV, the previous one was 4K.
And interestingly enough these pixels are not shaped like the 4K TV they look like little
squiggly lines I’m not really sure what the difference is they are both LED TVs , and
I also didn’t have any black frames in between on the HDTV. I definitely do see a big difference
in contrast between the two though. hopefully you enjoyed that video and please don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe this is a new channel and we’re trying to build our audience right now additionally if you have any ideas or subjects you want to see filmed in slow motion 4K Leave a comment below or shoot us a message and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request

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