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Welcome to the channel guys. Ajay here In todays video I am going to show you’ll a superb Dog hair brush Also will give you’ll some tips on dog training So if you have a dog like this hero or you will get one Make sure you get a brush like this I will make a video and show you’ll the result So you will know how good this hair brush is I am going to take him to the vet Before I take him to the vet I make him Look like a ( Show Dog ) Hero He should stand out He looks good already though. Look at this. By the end there will be this much hair You see So much hair There is an infection on his tail. We apply Haldi Whenever there is a bug bite He Nibbles on it and tears the skin Thats why the infection get bigger and bigger I have ordered a cone for his neck So his mouth will not reach his tail It’s been a while since I have brushed I’ve been waiting to make this video. That’s why He has so much hair. He is getting irritated Because I am not playing with him Look at the hair flying Come here come here Come here Sit down. Now he will do everything Because he wants me to play with him. Down Excellent. Get up. Sit down Sit down The hair is getting on his face You ready to fetch? Will you fetch? Look at his look Fetch So I had been asked a question. If my dog ever bites me? So if Your training is correct and if your dog Respects you. He/She will or should not bite you No matter what Looks at this He will never bite me Because he trust’s me Sit There should be respect and trust Towards you, from your dog I will give you one more tip Food Whenever you are about to Give your dog food. If it’s still a puppy Put the food in the bowl Put it in front of your dog and show and tell him no Until you give him/her the ok they shouldn’t eat Come here Sit Ok Then, when you ok for them to eat When he starts eating Keep your hand in the bowl Otherwise the get very possessive with their food Then what happens If you do this. The dog will be normal If there are kids Get close or are playing around. While the dog is eating Most likely the dog will not be aggressive towards them So remember this. Whenever you start giving the dog food initially Make sure your hand is in the bowl when Your dog is eating. It is very important I will tell you one more thing Dogs like to find one corner Which The corner where they feel secure This is what they make their space They get possessive for this space So make sure they don’t get Settle to this one corner. If you feel Your dog is going at the same spot everyday You have to get your dog out of there And get him into a habit of different spots in your house Otherwise if there are small kids around The dog may get aggressive I am just giving you non professional training tips. For your dog But this is very important to keep your hand in the bowl If you do this right. Your dog should get aggressive If you go close to him while the dog is eating Or if there are kids around Right Ace. Come here Talk to your dog with authority. The dog should feel Dogs Dogs are looking for authority. So if you Show some authority You shouldn’t get aggressive. but just a bit tone Should be firm. From you at times So the dog knows as if You are in control, not the dog This is also important. Come here come here Right now he is just listening to me for the ball Not because of respect. Because he just Wants to play right now. Right Ace Good boy By the end I will collect the hair and show you So you will know how much hair there is So this ball is the incentive right now. So usually If you want to train the dog for something Have some small treats in your hand So if you tell the dog to sit Make sure to show the sign. Regardless which language your are training in So if you want to teach to sit. Then point the finger Like this Then the dog will understand the word sit Based on the sign or action. Ok So, this is how I have trained him in Hindi language I told him to sit. Then go to sleep So sometimes when he is listening in the night time When I tell him to go to sleep. This is what he does He doesn’t go to sleep right away. But he acts like it Come here. Come here So anyways Whatever you want to teach. Use the sign. Regardless which language you teach in And when your dog does it initially. Give your dog the treat So the dog will feel. Oh yes If I do this. I will get a treat in return This is how one trains a dog I will ask for a five Good boy. Now you will do everything Everything hmm Lets go I will throw this once I will show you’ll Go fetch So like this throughout the day we Throw the ball 15 to 20 times For his exercise Sometimes the ball goes out of the gate Looks like right now this is the case Let’s go and check Ace come here. What happened? That ball is out of the gate I will have to open the gate. Until then I will make him play with this ball Come on. Take this Take this Come here Go fetch The training I showed you regarding the food About keeping your hand in the bowl If you bring in a big dog Be extremely careful, take all precautions and train at a very slow pace Because you do not know the history of that dog I gave you tips based on. if you bring in a puppy And when you are in initial puppy training stage. From that point of view So the dogs are looking for that one dominant figure in the family The one they can consider their master or their boss At my house it’s m. Because I am with him for the most part I spend most of the time with him That’s why he considers me his master. And listens to me If If I die Someone from my family will have to take over right away Otherwise the dog may not listen to anyone And the dog will be all over the place And the dog may lose it’s discipline. Because The dog has nobody to look up to. He is Such a great dog He is Normally very protective If my family takes him from a walk Or any of the family member If someone even gets close to them And if you see his reaction. You will be like I also want a dog like him. And then with we Taught him to play catch n cook. HE also plays hide and seek Everyone in the house go and hide in different spots This hero goes and finds them While playing catch n cook around our dining table We run around it and this hero acts like this We have also trained him to give hugs Right now he is playing. But I will try and show you If he would give a hug Give me a hug. Look at this. Look at this He does it so nice Good boy Ace. Good boy Did you see? It’s so great When we tell him in the morning to give a hug. He comes and Gives a hug Good boy Ace. Good boy Now I will collect the hair and show you Just see the bunch Look at this guys. How much hair there is I hope through this vlog you got tips About the Furminator hair brush. At the same time You got some tips regarding dog training All the tips I shared with you Not professional based. This is all based on my personal experience So if you Try the tips with your dog and your dog bites you Please don’t get upset with me. I’m just trying to share with you What I know. So ok guys. This was my vlog today I will see you’ll next time. Take Care. Wait for His puppy training Clip The entire video has been made in 4K Wide angle quality Let me know how you like the quality. As next time I will try to use the rear camera only

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