How are the dogs from earlier episodes doing? [Dogs are incredible/ENG/2020.01.21]

Your concern was that he kept making a mess when you weren’t home. How is he now? Now… I’ll be back. (Just like he learned, he calmly says goodbye) (What will Sundol do next?) (He stares at the door his owner walked through) (Then he quietly goes to his spot) (Calm) (My owner is home!) (Sundol calmly waited for his owner) (Sundol’s owner lets him know that he’s back safe) (You’re back!) Just stand there for 5 seconds. (Dogs get worried when their owners leave) (Sundol’s owner puts him at ease) (We can tell he wants Sundol to be happy…) (Touched and pleased) How many times a week do you walk him? Per week, probably over 10 times. So that’s like two or three times a day. (After Hyungwook’s training) (Sundol and his owner spent more time together) (He always walks Sundol no matter how busy he is!) I take him with me when I need to buy something. How do you feel now that Sundol is happy? Well, I can tell things are improving. He seems to be healing and so am I. I’m not as worried about him anymore. (He’s been doing his very best for Sundol) When I see him run around and play, it puts a smile on my face. He looks so happy. (We hope he can get rid of his fence soon!) He likes to play fetch now. He’s really changed a lot. How long is this leash? 120cm or 150cm? – 150cm. / – Right? That’s not bad. Just hold it like this. A lot of dog owners make this mistake. They worry about making other people uncomfortable. They hate being stared at, so they try to move fast. That only makes the dog want to move faster, so it starts barking. So some dogs can’t even stand still. They just pull on the leash. He’s scared now, which is why he’s pulling. He wants to move faster. He’s doing this because he’s afraid. – He’s afraid? / – Yes. But just take your time. He’s tense now. Come this way. (Tense) Let’s just stand here for a moment. Have you ever done this before? Not like this. Yeah, probably not. We’ll just sit here for a bit. I’m going to call this a resting walk. Just sit and rest outside with your dog. Look at the cars, the motorcycles, and the people. This will make your dog feel much, much more comfortable. That way, he can get used to the city. It’s no problem. Just keep up the good work. And keep walking him. Got it? Please just be diligent with that. Yes, I will. I came for a mid-evaluation, and I’m very happy with what I saw. You’re doing a great job at walking him. Thank you. (I’m happy to be your dog) Now we’re going to see Yulmu again. Let’s see how Yulmu’s owner is doing. Wow, he sure poops a lot. He’s eating it? (He always ate his own poop) Wait! Yulmu! Wait. He’s going nuts. (Inhaling the food) Yulmu, stop eating. It’s hard to get a dog to stop eating poop. (How is Yulmu doing after 3 weeks?) Hello. (It’s me) (Why is Mr. Kang here all of a sudden?) Hello. (Startled) I bet you weren’t expecting me. (Flustered at Hyungwook’s surprise visit) Shall we talk about his poop-eating first? He hasn’t eaten poop since you visited. You said that last time too though. You were like, “As long as he doesn’t eat his poop.” All right, how has it been feeding him? His habit is almost 100% fixed. – Really? / – Yes. I’ve been doing what you taught me for a little less than 3 weeks. – 100%. / – Let’s see. Can you give him just a bit? Yes, he eats well now. Show me. (Puts the bowl down like she learned) You can eat. Then I draw the curtain. (Closing the curtain for Yulmu) He sticks his head in when he’s done eating. You said to practice, so we fed him as we trained him. Eventually, he started doing great on his own. He really is. We can hear him chew. We were so moved by that. How did he eat in the past? He inhaled the food. And then he’d vomit. But now, we can hear him chew. We noticed that it’s taking him longer to eat now. At first, we were like, “Do you hear that? Hear that? We can hear him.” We just wait here until he comes in. – You just stay in here? / – Yes. Are you finished? (Yulmu’s owners have been trying hard) (And Yulmu has been a good boy) Oh my. You guys have been doing great. – Really? / – Yes. You guys are doing great. (Pleased) (Write to us if you’re having problems with your dog)

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