How a Bulletproof Vest Saved This Brave Police Dog’s Life

what am i sorry for what was gonna happen tell them I love them a five-hour standoff this afternoon ends in gunfire people and a canine shot the suspect in that shooting is a 56 year old female after multiple attempts in several hours of negotiating with the woman JPD is sent k-9 officer Gobbo inside the department received a call that the maintenance man had been shot a local apartment complex and I just happen to be in the area she was obviously troubled and but more importantly we thought that she was probably going to shoot again Gobbo was the only dogged at at the time that had a vest I’ve been with the gentle Borough Police Department for ten years got was a eight year old German Shepherd we’ve been together seven years he doesn’t like the lay around the house it doesn’t like to just sit around he likes to always be with me he’s very work driven he loves to go to work it was actually a training day we were doing k9 training that day and I had left training to go run an errand and I heard a shots-fired call where somebody was wounded it all started around 3:00 this afternoon when Jonesboro Police responded to a call at the bratty Ola apartments about a 41 year old male shot multiple times I’m on the SWAT team or one of us my team guys officers my family to go to go home to their families so I made the hard decision to to go get them I had one of the other hand once it was with me called the bed good sorry I know my heart was gonna happen it it was the longest walk to walk 150 yards to my truck opened up the back door reached in started pet pet in Gobbo [Music] pet Gobbo told him i sorry for what was gonna happen talking my love them total my lovin told him I was sorry for what was what I was gonna do to him gumbo goes down in the short haul and he’s met by her she puts the gun on him he pulls the trigger [Music] by 816 he was being moved into surgery after the surgery he guesses closer to midnight I wasn’t leaving my partner so the staff there set me up with pillows and blankets told me if I needed anything to call once everybody left I just opened his kennel and just laid there the floor next to him for hours hours early deported while I was laying there on the floor I reached out to Sandy and just let her know what had happened to thank her for providing me the best would have been for her up Gobbo there’s no way Cabo would be here today I heard a lot of pain in his voice worry and concern and that concerned me as well because we had donated the best for Garbo several years prior and he’s considered a member of our vested interested canines family vested interest in canines is a nonprofit organization nationwide whose mission is to provide bullet and stab protective vests and other equipment and services to law enforcement canines across the country I’m an advocate for best for every dog across the country that goes to work they needed and they deserve heard their officers just like their two-legged counterparts their danger is unknown it can happen at any moments I can’t even tell you the emotion that I feel knowing that he was saved by the best many law enforcement agencies don’t have the available funds to provide the necessary life-saving equipment which includes bullet and stab protective vests for their k9 units we were waiting for sending Marcel this would be the first time she’s been to Arkansas first time since we met Gobbo both excited and nervous ready to let her meet Gobbo and see what she heard her nonprofit did for us how are you [Music] so happy to see they were miracle you know that this nine was it’s an officer down you know it’s a canine officer but one of my officers were shot and you know that’s as a chief that’s it’s not a good feeling so it’s hard on all of us we were very lucky that night that this did what it was designed to do Gobbo is a true warrior and he has since returned back to work and doing what he loves to do there they are a great team they have a great partnership I was strong love each other and his family thank you for everything Gobbo story blew up on social media posts attention like that has brought letters of support monetary donations and even the promise of bulletproof vests for each canine on the Jonesboro Police Department’s k9 unit we are conducting one of our weekly training events where we have dogs from all over Northeast Arkansas come in and train with us hey I didn’t think you they would come back to work I always thought that they’d be just just sick all the time but he progressed pretty rapidly in the recovery he was acting like nothing was wrong by the second day it’s been incredible to meet him and to see that he’s back to work full duty and working with his handler and know that he’s great and he saved the lives of other officers the night that the incident occurred and that’s the most important thing that he’s okay and he’s back at work and he’s with his handler and doing what he loves to do Gobbo has been my best friend my family my partner for the last seven years we get up and go to work everyday together we go home every night we go on the trips we stay in hotels together you know we’re just as separable when he hurts I hurt if he wouldn’t be for the best he wouldn’t be here today and I want other dogs to have that opportunity [Music] you

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