Home Maintenance Tips (2019)

As a homeowner, have you ever had one of
those Oh (%$#@) moments when something breaks unexpectedly? Yep, we’ve all been there
right ? Whether you’re a seasoned homeowner or thinking about buying your
very first home, preventative maintenance can save you a load of money and undue
stress! Hi I’m Lisa Kelly Lakeland Homes and Lifestyles with Premier Realty . Today
I’m going to show you just how easy it is to do a few simple tasks that will go
a long way in preventing those unexpected and oftentimes very expensive
home repairs. So let’s get started..Living in Florida there’s one major appliance
that we flat cannot live without for any length of time and that’s our air
conditioning system. We all know we should have our a/c systems checked out
professionally at least once a year and twice a year if you plan on running your
heat for those three to four weeks when we had those chilly mornings in January
in February. But did you know that one cup of white vinegar once a month could
prevent your AC drainage pipe from getting clogged which could cause a
system malfunction!? Yep, one cup of white vinegar. And of course your system is
going to break down when it’s 96° outside and the repairman can’t get
there by the way.. So by doing these little things plus change your interior
filters once a month and your outside unit keep those bushes trimmed from
around them and also make sure looking down in your in outside unit and make
sure there’s no debris like pine needles or leaves or something that
can prevent those coils from breathing. I guarantee you your system will
last you a lot longer if you just do those simple things once a month..And
talking about appliances in a minute we’re gonna head over to the kitchen. I’m
going to tell you three basic things you could do every 3-4 months that will
save you $$. The most often overlooked things is cleaning our range vents. We are
southern people and we fry stuff, so you know that things getting nasty. But it’s so
simple to keep clean and could prevent a fire and also save you money in repairs. Let me show you how simple it is.. just come over to your range feel up
underneath there.. yep, I feel the vent and there’s a little ring up there just pop
it off it’s that simple. I’ve already filled up my sink full of dawn,
warm water in some baking soda that’s all it takes.. dump it in there and while
that’s going on go over to your fridge and get your ice bucket out of your
freezer. Our garbage disposals get nasty too. Dump a bucket of ice down your
garbage disposal every 3-4 months it’s going to do two things: it’s going to
sharpen those blades and it’s also going to clean the nasty out there. Throw a little lemon in there too. And while that’s going on look how clean
this came and it’s only been soaking for about five minutes! And finally once
every three four months pull your refrigerator out and clean it behind
there all those dust bunnies everything around the coils. I tell you.. you do
these three things that we talked about and you will save a load of money over
the years and it only took me 20 minutes to do all of these every 3-4 months! And
there are a few seasonal things that we need to do and in Florida that means
every six to eight months. You should inspect and repair all things
that are caulked in your home. Start with your kitchen and baths
especially around the sink and faucets caulking wears out especially faster if
you have hot water look for under toilets and tub. Check for stucco and
siding cracks. You don’t want water getting in there and causing bigger
problems. One of the easiest ways to correct these minor cracks is with a
sure stretch caulking and paint over with a Amerilastic paint. Depending on
how many little cracks you may have you could do this on less than an hour. Make
sure your gutters are free of debris. December is a great time to do this
especially if you have any deciduous trees around your home and it’s after
hurricane season . So clean out those gutters also make sure all downspouts
and water deflectors are in good shape and directing water away from your house. Every six months or so adjust your sprinkler system to water more or less
depending on if we’re in a rainy season or a drier season. Also if you’re on city
water make sure you stay on those assigned watering days. And finally
there’s a few things that we need to do on an annual basis the first thing we
need to do is drain and refill your water heater the first thing to go on a
water heater is the heating element at the bottom of the tank
it simply corrodes over time because of sediment and possibly hard water
elements. You can drastically prevent and prolong your water heaters life by
simply draining it and re filling it back up. Just hook a hose to
it to the valve and let it run down your driveway or to a drain and then just
fill it back up . Yep, it’s that simple! okay you’ve got your hot water heater
draining now, but while we were out in the garage let’s take a look at the
garage door. One of the things that’s often overlooked is our garage door
maintenance . We just push the button, it’s just assumed that it’s going to work
forever. But if they’re not properly maintained it could be very very
expensive to have a garage guy come out and repair your garage. I know that because I just
recently went through that . But it’s super super simple to maintain ..just get
you a can of either liquid wrench or blaster it’s garage door lube. Now I
don’t get any money for endorsing either one of these products, they just work for
us. Let me show you how simple it is . Your garage door has a lot of moving parts on
it one of the most expensive parts is that spring up there and most likely if
you have a double car garage you have two Springs. Now I’m a little short and
it requires a little step ladder but give it up just a little spritz of either one
of those products that I mentioned earlier and it could last for years. Also
too you want to look at all your hinges and also the rollers that go in the
track .. give those a little spritz too. Believe me
if you do these little things every 3-4 months
it is really gonna save you a lot of money in the long run. And finally every
year inspect your fire extinguishers and your smoke alarms. You can take your fire
extinguishers to any local fire department and they’ll be happy to
inspect them for you for free . And once a year change those batteries in your
smoke alarms whether you think you need it or not.
For safety reasons first, but secondly, you can avoid those annoying
high-pitched chirps that let you know your batteries are low. You know that
always happens on a Wednesday night at 2 a.m.!!
Remember consistency is the key to properly maintaining your Florida home
saving loads of money and those possible repairs. For your convenience, below
you’ll find a checklist that I made for you of all the things that we talked
about today. I categorized the tasks even by the time period you’re supposed to do
them. I’m Lisa Kelly Lakeland Homes and Lifestyles with Premier Realty .I hope
you enjoyed our money-saving tips today and if you did hit like also comment
below with your favorite home maintenance tip .And
I’ll see you on the next one~

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