HL’s pet of the week: Scarlette from Houston SPCA

today’s pet of the week has brought to you by the Houston SPCA but first a successful adoption story back in February the Houston SPCA’s cruelty investigators rescued a tiny German Shepherd puppy from a terrible home where all the dogs were being physically abused Moe along with his four brothers and sisters were found at less than a month old but their mom had done a good job making sure they were fattening up and happy once they were old enough to be weaned beau as he came to be called was sent home to a foster family after spending a month in a loving home it was pretty evident that beau was where he belonged the family made the decision to permanently adopt the beautiful puppy and they haven’t looked back since then now at ten months old beau is still growing like a weed he has a giant cuddle bug with his humans and an avid wrestler with his dachshund brother he hates squeaky toys he loves antlers and reportedly is an accomplished singer very interesting glad he has a happy ending to that story beau and we are joined now by Lisa tena with a Houston SPCA you have an adorable puppy today up for adoption – and she looks like she’s scared but really I think she’s still recovering from being a little bit carsick she’s just gonna sit here quietly on my lap but this is scarlet and I might be in love with this puppy she’s brought in to my office at like 9:30 this morning and decided she was just gonna stay there til I came in today I love her and what’s funny is you have just a cat at home right yes and no dogs no but aren’t you tempted every week to take all of these dogs home there’s just such a slight bit of temptation but I will be honest not having to take my cat out for a walk every day it’s pretty it’s a luxury especially when it’s gonna rain like that’s true well but this cutie though do we know much about her because she looks I mean we can see her now in her natural exactly she’s definitely an outgoing fun-loving little puppy and she and her sister were brought and they were found on the streets together there’s just four months old little babies and they both were cut they’re malnourished they their coats need a little bit of time to shine up but I think they just you know they they lost a home with their mom and now need a home with a family and her curious little ears and that tail that is wagging she will make a great addition she may already be almost house trained just by virtue of having only ever gone outside so you might look at Lisa it’s great to see you and if you all would like to learn more about adopting or volunteering with the Houston SPCA you can just visit their website Houston SPCA dot org

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