Hitting 1 Million Subscribers on YouTube | Comedy Short Film (One Person Show & Crew)

I can’t believe we did it. We just reached 1 million subscribers What! Gizmo, you get to have filet mignon steaks tonight! Even though we had to deal with a lot of judgmental toxic disbelievers along the way Yeah, extremely rude a bunch of them are probably watching right now Hi We just hit 1 million subscribers We just hit one million subscribers (Mexican party music) Gizmo gets filet mignon tonight! Yum, yum! But Gizmo and I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who actually supported us along the way because it has been a long Long seven year journey here on YouTube creating so much different content I’ve created five award-winning web series five award-winning short films four Doritos commercials two music videos and 211 videos on our YouTube channel (painful snort-laugh) Gizmo, it’s insanity. And the past four years all the videos have been a one-person show and crew where I play all of the characters along with doing all the crew and post-production work. So to say the least in reaching my dreams I chose to be disciplined by not going out with friends (defeated sigh) no (text message buzz) (text message buzz) (contemplating sigh) Nah, back to editing. Not having romantic relationships. No the last ones they were not supportive at all Congrats (unpleased moan) Oh… Are you alone? Gizmo. (dog growls) (mocking laughter) What do you do with all your spare time then? Jeeeezzzze Well, I’ve been focused on my business with creating comedy short films Mm-hmm Hey, maybe Bob. Yeah! Bob!!! Oh my god, he got a divorce. Yeah. Well, he’s going through one right now (disgusted sigh) Yeah, he’ll be single soon and he will be ready to mingle!!! Oh!!! – I’m good. – I’ll hook you two up! -No, I’m going to focus on my company -yeah yeah. For you. Mmmm – Congrats Cooter – Bob!!! – Oh you gotta come over here! – Come over here! – Mom! I told you I would get the ring! – Jahnnalee, say hi to Bob! (nervous sigh) – He said F his soon to be ex-wife! He wants you!!! (defeated sigh) (dog growls) But at least I made some new friends online with their positive comments But it all has been worth it because we hit 1 Million Subscribers! Right Gizmo! Hey, now people can stop telling me that I don’t have a real job oh and that I don’t work hard It’s not like I tell you you don’t work hard at your job (dog barks) Yeah, I know right gizmo. It’s rude and stop asking in a condescending tone. Can you even make money at that? Because you make money at your job. That is why it’s called a job if I wasn’t making any money at this I’d call it a hobby. (dog barks and whines) Ooooh, shoot. It’s supposed to be a positive video Sorry Gizmo. Take 36. (clap) So thank you our real supporters who have actually had her back and believed in us since the beginning It only took 7 years But we finally hit 1 million subscribers (cheerful giggle) (duck quacking) Gizmo, what is that sound? (human and dog snores) (duck quacking) Noooooooo! (cries, growls and whines) Stupid, stupid… (duck quacking) (gun shot) (human cries) Gizmo are you on drugs? I’m on drugs. Mom drugs me. That’s why I am so chill. I don’t but he kind of looks like it sometimes. It’s like are you sleeping in my arms. Oh my god Gizmo you’re sleeping. Why are you sleeping. Gizmo stop sleeping! Take four (clap). (Yawn) Oh, I don’t want to show my belly. Zip that up a little bit. (bird chirping) Quiet!!! I gotta go yell at the birds again, Gizmo. (irritated sigh) Gotta go yell at the birds. Enough, quiet on set! This is hard to do when I’m behind you Gizmo, I can’t see. Not having romantic relationships. No… the last ones, they were not supportive at all. F that sh** (unexpected laughter) What the F*** was that? (manly pig burp) (satisfied sigh) I’m Jahnnalee and I played all the characters Yep, all of them along with doing all the crew work and post-production work Which makes me a one-person show and crew this is Gizmo the Chihuahua. He’s a working actor He’s got his own IMDB page Show your support by liking our video and subscribe Turn on the bell icon to get notified of new videos A huge thanks to Dennis and Andrew who are patrons and they help fund these videos if you want to support as well check out our Why Wait community on Patreon where we do cool perks live Q&A chats with us. Yeah Above are mine and gizmo social media handles And please share this video on your social media pages and tag us to show your support over There are our previous videos. Mm-hmm. And we also have merchandise. All of our links are in the description below so question of the day Have you ever had to deal with negative toxic people about your dreams and your goals? If so? Do you have any tips on how to not allow it to affect you leave in the comments section below and always remember? Why wait for opportunities when you can create them yourself? until next time stay authentic Byyyyyyyeeee!!!

13 thoughts on “Hitting 1 Million Subscribers on YouTube | Comedy Short Film (One Person Show & Crew)

  • Hope you enjoy our comedy short film about 1 Million Subscribers! Please check out our previous comedy videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrkxB2ZBXOtxvIKC17sM8WeF5LBKdNjIP

  • I'm so VERY glad my wife and I could help you out with that and see our screwy idea come to life congrats on the subscribers!

  • 2:43 – 2:46 "And he will be ready to 'mingle'!" Hahaha. I like Cooter's motion there for emphasis. ;P xD
    5:44 Aww. "It's okay Mom." Keep it up. You do great work with the multiple on-screen performances and editing. That's just crazy-cool/-good!
    5:58 Love the credits. Really does emphasize that you do everything.
    7:12 "F that sh**" Ahahahaha xD And you laughing at that, too. xD

  • Haters gonna hate ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ im here for ya all the way no matter what. Great dream. Youll get there guys! Keep going. I believe in YOU! ALWAYS HAVE, ALWAYS WILL.

  • Jahnna, as always, Great Sketch ๐Ÿ‘
    Unfortunately no 1000000 subs ๐Ÿ˜ž but have you seen…….
    2000000 views CONGRATULATIONS ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐ŸŽ‰

  • Doggo plays with slime, make at least 10 of these, there are your 1mill subs on its way, i ain't kidding, you can thank me later!

  • Congratulations! ๐Ÿ™‚
    To celebrate your 1M subscribers, I want to give you a challenge.
    Staying in with the damsel in distress theme that has done so much to make your channel so Popular,
    Make a video of a evil vision trapping in a container that is slowly filling up with water that, with help from Gonzo? You have to escape.
    But your hands are tied together.
    I hope this video idea will help you towards your next milestone ๐Ÿ’ช

  • "Oh, you know, I've been pretty busy getting kidnapped by psychotic clown murderers and being tied up in basements."

    "Oh…cool…cool cool cool…I'm just gonna go over…here…"

    Congrats on hitting that milestone! You've clearly put so much work into it all!

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