History Class (Cocker Spaniel)

Andrea oooooh Mexicans are from Mexico Oh that was just mean! To me and you and you And not me! And Ela… no Now, people from Spain, They speak spanish Spanish? Cocker spaniel
Cocker spaniel? ‘kay please take your seats
do not drink the water back there anymore wait why? i don’t, uh, there’s a leak on the bottom
take your seats please mmmmm
everything is on the board i’m gonna go over it in steps
everything is on the board im gonna take roll first
and i’m gonna go slowly because a lot of people have to do a lot of catch up. In one of my classrooms, i have 2 kids that are done with everything That’s pretty good, so… I’m gonna wait a minute Hosway. Hosway?? yea, have you seen him already? He’s in the bathroom mmm hmm It doesn’t matter (people talking) (Rumaging) okay i took roll really quick lets go over this quickly “i am strong” “i’m strong” “…and i’ll be stronger when i leave” “and i’ll be stronger when I leave” ‘kay now think of something positive that happened the other day. alright, you need to put that away. Anybody got anything to share? Yea good. Dusty! (whisper) Dusty, it’s zoomed up on your face what? It’s zoomed up on your face.

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