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Hi everyone, welcome to Pet Circle. I’m Carla. Today I’m here to talk about Hill’s Prescription
Diet for cats and dogs. Now, in case you weren’t aware, Hill’s Prescription
Diets require a recommendation from your veterinarian. If you think your dog or cat could benefit
from a Hill’s Prescription Diet, you’ll need to talk to your vet before ordering. Hill’s line of Prescription Diets first began
way back in the 1930’s. A young blind man came to veterinarian Dr
Mark Morris about his guide dog, Buddy, who was suffering from kidney failure. Sure that poor nutrition was to blame for
Buddy’s condition, Dr Morris and his wife developed a new pet food in their kitchen,
to help manage Buddy’s condition. This food eventually became the forerunner
for Hill’s k/d, a Kidney Care diet used for pets today. And so the Hill’s journey began. Today, Hill’s Prescription line consists of
over 30 therapeutic diets, developed at Hill’s innovative research centre by a passionate
team of veterinarians, scientists, and pet nutritionists. Nutrition is now considered the primary means
for managing conditions like renal failure, urinary disease, pancreatitis, obesity, and
liver failure. It also forms a key part of the treatment
protocol for issues such as osteoarthritis, dental disease, sensitive skin, and gastrointestinal
disease. With a dedication to pioneering research,
Hill’s industry-leading therapeutic diets help transform the lives of pets. This ties in with Hill’s primary mission of
helping to enrich and lengthen the special relationship that exists between people and
their pets. Thanks for watching guys. I’m Carla. Remember, don’t just feed them, nourish them.

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