Hilary Duff Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

– Hi, I’m Hilary Duff, and I’m at BuzzFeed,
here to do an interview. (Gasps) No, no, no, four puppies? Why do I get to do this? – [Woman In background] Surprise. – You smell so delicious. Oh my goodness, hi. Guys, I’m gonna cry. You can’t answer questions
when there’s puppies. Do you plan on writing any
more books in the future and what are you reading nowadays? I don’t have any plans to write any books. It was one of the hardest
things I’ve ever done. And right now I just finished
a book called Pachinko, which I loved. It was very ambitious for
me, it was like 500 pages. And now I’m reading a
book called I See You. Look at this little floppy body. What’s one childhood teenage experience you feel you missed out on? I never got to have braces and
I never got to have a locker. It was two things I
really was desperate for. Would you ever do a Lizzy McGuire reboot? Honestly, the idea sounded terrible like two years ago when reboots (laughs) when reboots were happening,
but you never know. I don’t know, I loved,
I loved Lizzy McGuire. And it might be really fun
to see where she is now. Hey, get outta my fishbowl. Do you still know the monologue from the locker room scene
in A Cinderella Story? Is it like something about waiting for you was like waiting for
the rain in a drought? – [Woman In Background] Oh, no. I’ve seen little like
memes, that’s why I know. If you could have one
normal day to yourself without any paparazzi or
fans, what would you do? I’d probably go to the beach. And I would just be with my kid. We’re so used to it now,
but it is not the fans but the paparazzi, it
kind of is a bum out. So that would be nice to just have a day where he’s not aware, and I’m not aware and we would probably just
go about and do normal stuff. Oh god. Are you Team Josh or Team Charles and why? I’m team Josh. Always team Josh. Once Charles and Liza finally
bone and get it over with like what are they just still gonna talk about books all day? I wish that you guys could watch this and like get the smells as
like additional sensations. It’s so cute. Did you or anyone else ever get
hit with the giant red balls in the Lizzie McGuire
opening credit scene? Yes, all day long, giant red
balls, just flying at you. At what moment did you realize
you were actually famous? Oh, I know the exact moment. Lizzie McGuire aired
and that weekend I went to go meet my friends at the mall and I literally had to
hide in a janitor’s closet. It was like the craziest thing. I had to call my mom from the closet. Like someone who worked
at the mall was like getting me in a closet
and my mom had to come and pick me up, it was really crazy. It was actually a little scary. You, this tiny little nugget is so feisty. You and your little
heart is just pounding. You’re so cute. If you had to give your
Younger cast members yearbook super- what is super-latives? – [Woman In Background]
Superlatives, like in the yearbook- – Guys, didn’t – [Woman In Background] like class clowns – Didn’t go to high school,
I’m like What’s that? (laughing in background) Nico would be the biggest flirt for sure. Miriam would be the class clown. I think probably Kelsey
would be like prom queen. Did I do good enough? Okay. Which one of your songs
could you listen to on repeat and which one would you want to erase from your memory? My boyfriend brought it up the other day. He was like “You know
what was the best song? Wake Up, Wake Up was the best song.” It was so cute. I was like You know that one? From the newer album I love Spark, the single,
it was really fun. There’s a lot on Metamorphosis
that I wish I could forget. But then so many people come up to me and they’re like That
album was everything to me. And they always call out
the most embarrassing songs. Like there’s this song called The Math and I don’t get it at all. That’s like one of my most
embarrassing moments in life. So, probably a lot from that record. Hard to choose really. What is your favorite
Lizzy McGuire episode and which episode haunts you to this day? My favorite episode is I Want a Bra, a Bra, a Bra, a Bra, a Bra. First of all, I think filming
it was absolutely mortifying for me ’cause I probably had just gotten a bra in real life anyway. But when I watch it back,
I like that it’s so funny. What if this went to shit and I started getting
beat up on by the puppies? (laughing) This is like the best thing ever. I think everybody should
get to play with puppies no matter what their job. This is so happy; this is so funny. Honestly, this was the best treat ever. Guys, all of these
puppies are for adoption through the North Shore
Animal League America. Who doesn’t wanna play with this all day? Get your puppies. Oh my god, this is the best.

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