3 thoughts on “Here & Now Wednesday December 4, 2019

  • Lets just ask Miss Carla Foote herself, did Dwight Small..I mean Ball.. offer her the job or even link her to the job IN ANY WAY, SHAPE or FORM. ..probably and most likely… It's CLEAR & OBVIOUSLY one of them, either Dwight Ball, Dean Brinton and possibly Carla Foote as well, is BLATANTLY LYING!
    SURPRISE! ..not at all, typical of how things happen in Newfoundland, I see it first hand in the town I live. EVERYBODY on the town council is related or married to a relative, no skills needed to get a job if you are "family", otherwise they are not hiring at this time…yup, ok..month later, Beula's cousin got a job with no post education or experience.. 😉 lol

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