(HALLOWEEN Ghots of the past)Major & the rock of witches/(Duchy przeszłości)Major i skała czarownic

Hello everyone Do you have a courage? To walk with us to some specific place in our area? Which is hide in forests in our mountains I hope so If not Then better low the volume Here! You’re sniffing everywhere again Like a real dog It’s calmly for now Wait Major, do we have everything? I’ve got a wolf Come on We have a leash We have aaa The garlic thrower It’ll be useful But wolf is the most important Some Geralt from Rivia said wolf can help in a clash with some phantoms He has the wolf amulet, so Major, if anything, so you know You’ll fight with some strange ghosts But don’t worry, they don’t exist At least I think that The place where we’re going is named The rock of witches Yeah It’s located in our village in the mountains We’re going there So let’s go Major, there’s no time Here we are! Yes Major, we reached This is our destination Major, come here! The rock of witches It doesn’t make big impression from this side We have to go down Yes, this rock is high What will you say, Major? A nice rock Come A bit down Watch your step So this is it, the rock of witches Place hidden in forest Now not, but in past, yes So Major I promised that I’ll tell a legend of this place & it’s name So I’m telling It was in past I don’t remember which year Probably sixteenth or seventeenth century Some beggar or vagrant were walking to the Wilkowice village Yes, to our village It was dark & he lost in forest He has spotted a light in this place He thought that it was some house Or some people was making a campfire in forest When he got close to this place He saw Three characters 2 old women & man with long beard Who were telling some strange spells He got scared He thought he was seeing some phantoms He was running very fast to the village You know, he overturned few times & he hurt himself a bit But he reached the inn & he told his story No one wanted to believe him Although it was heard that in this forest there are ghosts But he was telling that he saw some strange characters which wasn’t exactly human-like Since this time this rock was named as the rock of witches Why when I’ve started to telling the legend wind started to blow Will you explain that, Major? Major stays calmly It’s also said that people was passing this place before Because was hiding here a robber from Spytkowice village Who was caught & was killed in horrible way Supposedly his ghost was haunting his hideout Human can fit here Wait Major, I’m gonna turn on the light from phone & will be better visible Now is much better What you gonna say, Major? So what? There’s nothing strange here Supposedly there are some signs here but I don’t see them But for sure there’s some exotic fruit Spiders, ants Nothing scary An usual rock I don’t see any signs here. Do you see something Major? So this is how looks famous in our area, the rock of witches You got tangled up So that’s all Nothing happens here No ghosts It’s almost dark I don’t wanna return in the night But I have a flashlight So what Major? We’re returning to home You saw another “ghost of the past” This place isn’t forgotten But it has an interesting story So thanks for watching & see you next time Later Oh right Major, we’re going back to home No Not there, here Come on Wait! What was that?

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