Grey’s Anatomy 15×20 Promo “The Whole Package” (HD) Season 15 Episode 20 Promo

next Thursday I did not tell Teddy you know and that you were coming it’s a family affair what we’ll come back sis my mom’s first surgery back why isn’t everyone in the hola surgery his paw and setbacks have you talked to Jo since she got back from visiting her birth mom what happened she won’t talk [Music] in Grey’s Anatomy next Thursday on ABC

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  • Finding out you're the product of rape must be devastating. I wonder if Jo can't talk to Alex because admitting this to your husband is harder than to your friend? Has anyone gone through something similar and can confirm this?

  • Megan is so excited about her brother and Teddy having a baby. She doesn't know they are not together. I think Megan will force Owen and Teddy to talk about Germany. Since when are Meredith and Megan best friends.

  • OH MY GOD! I haven't even seen 15×19 yet and I'm already beyond stoked for this episode! I love that Mer is so happy to see Megan!! Like how cute?! I wonder why didn't Teddy and Owen tell Megan about the baby. I mean, aren't they some of the most important people to her? I wonder if she knows about Betty and Leo. Have we ever seen Mer wear nail polish before? Ugh so many exciting things in this episode. Although, I feel for Jo. Hopefully, Link and get through to her.

  • Megan comes back
    my mind " HO no, you where one of the few that got a happy ending. shonda rhimes is going to smell the happiness and kill you"

  • Hey, as someone who's been raped if anyone else watched that and felt what i felt i'm here too i felt it too.

  • the last episode hit close to home for me bc one of my aunts was abused by her husband and their son (my cousin) was in the next room. One night he had beat her so bad that the neighbors heard and they called the police and he went to prison for the next 7 years

  • if jo and alex split i’m so done why won’t she just confide in alex?? also their future doesn’t look so bright according to camilla’s interview

  • Love this show man but I keep seeing these little hints of liberal propaganda man and its getting annoying….. Can we keep politics out of tv…. Unless it's south park cuz that shits funny and objective

  • Megan just.. destroyed her affair with Riggs and Meredith is still happy to see her = she already forgot him

  • Krista Vernoff fires April and the next thing she does is to bring her friend Megan back with red hair like April's..The disgrace..

  • Not happy they are bringing Megan character back as I was mad they didn’t continue to have Riggs with Meredith. I might be the majority on this one. I like DeLuca so hopefully they won’t end that one also

  • I'm not really worried about Alex and Jo, I think they will end up ok, even Ben and Bailey have had rough patches

  • Seriously cannot wait!!!!

    I love so much Joe and Link friendship as Mer/Alex!!! They are like brother and sister… Didn't see the 19 ep yet, I am gonna watch it in te afternoon… I dunno what happened but I am glad Alex asks some help to Link ❤️ this serie is soooo amazing! I am completely addicted lool

  • Can a couple in Grey's stay happy for at least one season? Jolex was going so good until Maggie reminded JO to go find her birth mother. I can't see Jo in such a terrible state. I hope Link would be the one to help her.

  • I don't get emotional but I had tears in my episode, such a powerful episode. And DAMMIT, they went that route as we predicted by making Jo father, her mothers rapist. I knew it, this will come between the marriage…Jo can't deal with it and poor Alex is left outside, not knowing what is going on or what to do. This feels like a Calzona/Japril situation, hmmm…Shonda going with that route.

  • I just want April back … As a widow with two kids (Matthew's daughter and Harriet) so she and Jackson can get back together.
    I want Calzona back for an episode or something.
    And I want someone to show up with a kid with a severe heart problem and they discover that its George O'Malley kid that he didn't know about and they have to call Yang back… Bailey, Yang , Alex , Mer and Callie get to see George in him and tell little thing about his father.
    I also want to see Izzie back just to have some closure, she doesn't deserve it after what she has done to Alex but WE DESERVE to see her one more time, maybe as a mother of 3 or something and she happens to come back to seek medical help because Alex is the best pediatrician and she knows it because she been following his career and she is there when "O'Malley kid" is there and both kid form a bond just like Izzie and George. She sees all her old friends and gets a little jealous… I WANT HER TO SEE THAT ALEX IS THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY!!!!!


  • Can I expect Meredith to get more screen time in this episode than the previous ones (not 15×19).
    I mean seriously, its like everyone has more screen time and dialougue than Meredith. She has become a background artist only emerging when DeLuca family drama is present.

  • I thought April returned for 0.03 seconds and was willing to start watching it again.

  • I honestly haven’t watched Greys Anatomy since April left so why are the trailers always in my suggestions?🤨

  • Yay Megan is back! Love Abigail Spencer but her relationship with Meredith is a great one.

    Poor Jo though. My heart is breaking for her 💔 I fear Jolex could be on the rocks and that makes me sad 😭

  • This past episode was so powerful I love Jo she’s amazing I know she will come out from this fine.. plus Alex adores her and Link is her good friend she will get pass this… she’s very strong in the show…..

  • It’s literally like half of y’all only watch the show to complain. It was established during Megan’s arc that she had a connection and friendship with Meredith. Meredith saved her life. And as for people STILL whining about April just because they brought a redheaded character back… check the delusions.

  • I’m already over Owen and now Jo pulls this crap. After EVERYTHING you’ve put Alex through, that man has stuck by you and NoW you’re going to push him away and confide in another?! Girl I understand how much it hurts etc but that is your husband. The one person who has been by your side since day one.
    I’m not in the mood for it jo , pull it together.

  • Im sorry but the fact that Jo wont talk to Alex but was pushing her patient about her rape, it really upsets me. And to make it worse she is gonna talk to link but not alex wtf. They havent built enough on that friendship for her to be talking to him. I would have even bought her talking to mer but seriously this is just dumb. She should talk to alex period.

  • Alex sending Link to talk to Jo shows just how mature and caring he is. He sends Jo her PERSON to help her deal.

  • So what is it with people thinking that they're gonna pull some sort of incest storyline, like I get that incest has been a trendy thing in television lately(*cough* Game of Thrones *cough*) but it's not like this is a show on Showtime, or Starz, or HBO. It's a drama on a channel owned by Disney, they're not going to go so dark and twisted to the point that they have a storyline that they can't cleanly resolve.

  • im hyped for a good episode after the last one

    yeah ik it was a sensitive topic but they at least could have made it more interestic

  • Last night’s episode was so powerful❤️ I absolutely loved every single moment of it . It truly reminded me why I fell in love with Grey’s anatomy.

  • The point of this powerful episode was also to teach us that Jo is going to talk to Alex when she is ready. That is her choice. I cannot believe how amazing and powerful this show is.

  • I dont got cable and im so eager to know what happened with jo’s episode with her birth mother. Please drop down spoilerss

  • Hey guys, just a behind fan who is currently on season 7 on Netflix. Hope you are enjoying this 8 years later

  • LOL. I remember how Jo pushed Alex with his father and father of Alex with rehab. And they were not even married. NOW they are…. And what?! Why cant she speaks with her solemate?


    Apparently Owen tries a therapy on EP 22…
    I was wondering why? Because of his post traumatic stress disorder or something very bad happens on the 21…
    What do u think 🤔 ?

  • Wait, if Megan is coming (and I did saw her with dark blue scrubs), does it mean that Nathan is coming too?

  • I’m fucking sick and over Jo not talking to Alex and just treating him like shit. Your birth mom was rape and that’s how she had you and didn’t want you, THATS NOT FUCKING ALEXS FAULT. I’m done with her and I don’t feel sorry for her or agree with how she’s acting. She thinks just because she’s had a shitty early life that she’s SooOOOooo mature but the second something goes wrong she acts like a fucking child

  • Why do i feel like Schmitt is gonna die? Theyre ignoring him in those past feel episodes Just like they did with George before he died wow

  • Man, if another one of Alex' wives go crazy i'ma kill myself of sadness :'( OMG Alex been perfect this season, he's the perfect chief ever..he doesn't deserve this suffering COME ON :'(

  • I honestly think owen and teddy should be together. Before any comes to bash me, look at this. Owen every since returning from war has had struggles difficulties and always knows teddy ks always going to be there for him. He has always been inlove with teddy but for the fact that they have always been best friends he assumes he loves her as a friend which is not true. U can see every time he is with any of his ex amelia, cristina whenever teddy comed around there is always that tension, those looks, the flirting and the feelings even when he was with this other women. He got do comfortable knowing she would always be there forgetting that she too can try new things. Owen has always been confused and i feel he has nevee really gotten the kind of love he needed with all his women and him always having issues. Teddy is perfect for owen and owen is perfect for teddy. They both have always wanted the same things, had so much in common, had so much chemistry and believe it or not sometimes it takes something to really happen for u to realise this is the one. I hope teddys pregnancy brings them back togeda. We all know teddy is and will always love owen no matter what and if we all want her happy we knoe even if koarcic treats her like number 1 shes always gono have a thing for owen and want him even if she cant have him. Wouldnt u all want her happy? And we all knoe who she wants. Owen has a lot to work on hinself commitment wise and less confusion and he and teddy would be perfect. I believe theres a reason she got pregnant so thag finally they can br togeda somehow. Owen has always had issues from the war, his sister, all his exes always disapointing, them not wanting to give him children like all honesty he has had his own share depsite hurting teddy too. I pray he works on himself and they both realise deep down they are inlove with each other.

  • They were going to bring back Sam Bello but she was unavailable maybe think about someone else to play Sam and the people you see at the end maybe it is Sam and Deluca I hope so I would love for them to be together again that was the only woman in the show that he had chemistry and a connection with and they could be scene together at work

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