Are your eyes closed?
I can’t tell you look half asleep stink Are you ready ready for a fun game? all
right here we go it’s all on you now to use a drill I went to you hey I can see
granny at the background do I have to accept or not do you want us to show s
really went to you huh this is friend ha hey last time I’m not so good with just
one granny how do you think I’m gonna do this okay
music out oh oh I can choose Granny or Grandpa oh boy what do I do
oh hold on you forgot to set up the microphone oh I forgot to set up the
microphone now I thought we will try and leave the game sounds on maybe to begin
with first guys hello everyone I can say all late the people have joined already
we’re going to try leaving the game sounds on for this one to begin with they just
let us know if it’s too loud or whatever and then I’ll switch it off big for the
last one it didn’t seem like it was too loud say hi random chibi he was in the
last one random YT videos is here as well
stink pants requested this yeah thank you to random white tee up later for
suggesting his game here how are you oh he or she ought I mean if mama laser
he or she just let me know but they were asking what a DLG was so might have
to tell them in a little bit now we’ve already got a DLG for mister glitzy man
check me and poot Hudson YT messages but I kept those hidden from Stink Pants
originally I’d said I said this was planned hey random youtuber What’s Up
boy there’s another DLG OG came played monitor of this game high random
random is a very good game all in ones here as well we’ve got all the game he
got scared already I can’t hear any game sound stage yeah I
can’t hear anything to be honest muted did you mute it I didn’t duck now the streams complete sorry how
do I because that’s that screwed us to be honest I’m sure what’s going on looks like you back idea sorry for that and sorry if you did
hear me swear I really apologize for that
I hope it’s back on that happens occasionally I swear it stink pants all
the time offline I’d say we actually lost the hot leg but people to get on
your stinky now still can’t hear anything
can you because if you can’t can you guys hear hear us and or the game sound
so just bear with me while we get things sorted out stinky what were you thinking
oh they can hear can you hear the game sounds as well or no and are they too
loud I guess is the other question I say no I hear both games and you guys is it
too loud why presenter a how you from the clan Oh xox a is here we go things in the house say let me know is the game sounds to
lay out online it’s a black screen we’ve got it playing on a different device and
it’s not a black screen so she’s gonna have game sounds in it as well
oh you can’t choose for the ass I can see so he can see and is the game sounds
to lay out loud I’m still waiting on a an answer for that one because otherwise
we’ll put on the the soundtrack instead I don’t know if this is the same stream
as the one that you cancelled before because I’d really like to delete that
one after swearing the stinky stink hold up let me refresh and random says no the
game sounds are too loud so this is a bit weird for us to not have music on
our end isn’t it it’s very quiet stinky so quiet she’s not answering so how is
everybody today not good we thought we’d scare stinky
again no hopefully we might need I know that random YT up later has played this
game a little bit so you might be able to give us some tips I also saw some
tips from quickly checking it out from someone else that had recently played it
so this one’s the new release the upgraded version impaired just won’t
comment first yes a granny chapter 2 I believe xaxa was only released about
four days ago three or four days ago and I wish we’d played it on Friday kids
where we are it was Friday the 13th and a full moon that would have and it would
have been nighttime as well it sounds like the cat’s yeah the cat’s knocking
on the door no no you’re doing fine you great unique artist I’m not so sure
if that’s true if you’re talking about my terrible accents
I was trying a Scottish one the other day just because I was watching a
Scottish guy on YouTube let’s say sure it would be that good day
freedom Meow’s stinky drop everything when you drop stuff
what are you able to do you have to drop it in the one place though unless you
know we had to put it do you know where to put whatever you picked up the hon hi
they’re already tormenting me with the food who is that random Cheevers already
tormenting me with the food but guess what the reason we were a little bit
delayed today was cos stink pants cooked lunch already she’s already getting into
the lunch what was the electricity thing before and I’m been getting each other he’s
gonna comment first sorry but I’m tired I want to sleep I wish you guys like no
worries random thank you for stopping by though that was disappointing that we
started so late I’m looking at you stink pants I was ready to go at 12:30 he
comes a food again at the book okay so we’re getting tips from random already
at the bookshelf there’s a different looking bed press it and a secret area
opens up oh you did it already yeah he said you did it lolz umm hopefully we’ll
see you again random or if you can’t get to sleep come back it has the shotgun oh
the shotguns going to be Andy I need a weapon King so you gotta find a weapon
key from somewhere drop everything in the one place now in a private chat that
I had with random he actually said the basement map is quite large hey you do
you have here you got in there granny your grandpa its kiss magnets very I
can’t believe that any grand poorer granny this time both according to stink
pants there is cameron say beware cameras yeah
I saw that so they’re actually got security in the
house chief they can’t afford to put security cameras in the house surely
they could give it a prank job old granny and Grandpa what are they
thinking okay so you need a security key to go to the camera room at the third
floor to see the cameras and I’m assuming there’s a basement and a garage
again but we don’t know yet is the grandpa this time is the grandpa this
time I think that question hasn’t been completed
like the string guys let’s hit ten lights thank you for that xaxa I’m
pretty bad at advertising to subscribe and like and comment run away hide
I should I tell you put down all the blinds to make it a little bit darker in
here oh there’s an attic let her go to the fourth floor so it is a big map
you’ve got plenty of flaws to deal with they’re stinky you’ll be fine ha have
you got there the game sounds turned off on we love scaring mystique Steve loves
to be scared eh she actually said to me before this stream it’s not gonna be
another horror game is it it’s one of those friendly games that you like so
much there’s the Attic Letta including the
boat floor there’s like five floors in this guy why are you keeping crazy what
the number of floors yeah they’re building extensions granny and Grandpa
rich because that ain’t bother renovating their property so they’ve got
money to spend to make it bigger are you doing all right there stinky what level
did you choose I didn’t see that ah so with that one cane I’m actually
not too sure to be honest whether we’re the band someone or just put him in a
timeout because you were doing it very very quickly so I couldn’t actually see
what was going on but just a reminder basically you you really only want to
stop comments if they’re being rude or offensive things like advertising your
channel that that’s what I’ve dealio but I know that the administrators can do
things like ban people from the the channel we don’t really want to do that
unless they’re really nasty sort of people which we’ve had before
oh look puppy raids is here hello how are you let’s think I’m not a hundred
percent sure but I believe I may have visited your channel really recently
spoon welcome to the stream if you do play granny chapter two now that the new
release game she’s scared already I can see it the fear on her face this is
awesome so any tips would be helpful and what
are you up to – this weekend puppy raids can I ask the questions I always ask
stinky oh then I can she’s too busy concentrating on the game boys curious
to know where you’re from and what time it is there but you don’t have to answer
that if extreme personal yeah we’re both good well actually no I should say I’m
right stink pants not so good she already has
the fear in a you can chat well Troy is already hot because I read somewhere
that grandpa was a bit death I know it’s too scary happen to second
no two-minute silence for granny’s haunted ghost IRAP
now random is suggesting again if you like you can do the practice mode where
there’s no granny or grandpa but I don’t know if that’s more exciting more or not
to do it that way see how you go first alright you gotta have these jump scares
in there we like saying you get scared yeah of course like I don’t know dad
say lolz grandpa and granny had divorce that’s why they’re mad in killing
people’s oh say puppy raids so think does play the game and they’re saying
doing Grandpere alone is super easy so if you’re just doing grandpa you should
be okay cuz he’s deaf like you stink pants I’m looking at you you run away
and hide where do I do so I guess yeah the the tip that would
be after is what’s the best thing to try and find first and where is it and where
do you put it when I where I’d like to put stink pants ass down place I run
away sting pantses gameplay sometimes look at a guy you’re running around like
a mad woman just like granny yeah it’s a don’t seem to be a little
bit different from granting of there’s certainly more involved and from what
random was saying it’s a lot bigger house no they need to clean that toilet
they all right so we’ve got puppy helping us to say yeah you got to drop
something by the red couch and hide he will fall asleep something it will fall
asleep something and you can get the key from his key thing around his neck when
he sleeps yeah when he falls asleep he can actually get the key from around his
neck say wait from there I don’t know if she’s space to wait for him to sleep or
what the plan is and random says when I was playing the game granny and Grandpa
bedroom has a vent to see the shower I saw now that makes sense you’ll fall
asleep sometimes the grandfather is clock part clock clock part could have
an item say if you’ve got that I’m not too sure but I’m not writing things down
for you I’m like in the first granny you got to drop everything in the one place
the next stream CAC we have not had a CAC stream in awhile that’s very true
came on that night to be honest I’m a little bit burnt out by CAC just because
we had the clan games and then the war so I’ve actually opted out of war at the
moment we kind of had enough I’ve been playing it a little bit less just to try
and recharge but we might have to do another clash of clans stream soon
having said that they we’ve had lots and lots of requests not just the games that
were suggested in the last stream that I’ve had a lot of comments saying try
this game try that game so granny does does the dishes and plays the piano if
you ever saw that no we’ve never seen that and yes puppy raids we pretty much
only play one regularly which is clash of clans so
every other game you see is play is basically for the first time live we’ve
never seen the game before we’ve never played it before when it comes to clash
of clans they we’ve been playing that for years and let’s face it he’s a
legend stinky well who’s the Titan too busy
concentrating where if you have a look at the channel puppy raids you’ll be
able to see where we are in the game master plans if you need help and advice
for that even if we’re playing another game reserving your playing you’re doing
all right you’re doing well yeah clash of clans is a very addictive great game
I don’t think there is grand power in the first game that’s true XOXO I’d only
had granny in it new town all nine congratulations there random skipped my
traps on town all that that’s probably not a bad thing you’re not that
important we have played that p eb g m– a ball already XOXO we actually got
requested to play that again yes a a lot of people suggest that but we have done
a stream of it just as a side note there we kind of gave up halfway through it
and went back to clash of clans but now that you’ve played a little bit of
ecology you probably could do pbbt we may have to do a second installment
there’s a lot of games that we’ve been suggested to play recently boom I’m
pretty sure they did it yes we did I don’t rush so don’t like PE BG Holly
go yeah we struggled with that game quite a bit but it was the first
first-person shooter game that we’d played and since then we did call it GT
mobile that’s a little harder to play these games on the phone rather than a
Playstation I reckon just because you don’t even have the controller but
Stinky’s doing really well it but I haven’t look at our guy in the water can
you can get an item and you just pass the water can I guess I love the accent
by the way thank you for that it’s funny how when when it you from
your own country you don’t like your own accent so much I try every now and again
I’ll try and put on a different accent but it’s never that good but if you want
to hear when I can try it no one liked my Jamaican accent in the last one on
Wednesday night eleven us Americans stayed silent for two minutes they can
remember oh well that’s that’s good we do that too not not for the 911 meant
for when bad things happen to hear me through the minute silence we just had
one for the I heard there’s a monster in the water believe it or not and it’s
only because I was contacting people in the comment section that I saw all of
these stuff I hadn’t actually watched it it was just people were talking about it
but random is saying go to the water tonight I’m running to the water says
puppy raids oh that’s two of them saying get into
the water sounds like they did say yes we are Australian always stink pants
doesn’t have an Australian accent they’re probably can you do an
Australian accent not even close puppy did you try getting over it
getting neighbor’ood now I’m lost with that one I’m not sure if you meant the
water or what’s going on again they’re saying I go into the water anymore
no puppy they’re giving advice here puppy raves are saying behind the boat
if you go into the water there’s an item and all random says yeah the water has a
lifestyle I made haha so now we don’t know if your guys
getting over with Benny fodder for it I’m not sure what a Benny fun it is but
yes they’re both of the people that actually have played this game and
telling you to do it I just want to scare you four things ah well no pop
your aides are saying you you die in water I wanted to see if you fell for you eh trust me either for putting on
this game will you open the keyboard cases random electricity more obstacle
for you the crafts obstacle everything keyboard getting over it is freaking
hard it is about climbing Mountain ah okay so it’s a another game suggestion
hang on just I’ve got a little list here but it is getting longer and longer jeez I’m really worried about swearing
at the start they are stinking aha I’m gonna listen to that stream and I’m not
sure how to edit it but I’m gonna try we feel really bad about that stink yeah
you stink all right so put that down as well
you should still do it for the views so there you go they’re saying still going
in the water cuz at least you’ll get the views from what nothing wrong with that
do you gaming videos get copyright – no because now I’m no expert on the SEC
side but from what I’ve seen because we actually do commentary I believe if you
just do a walk through with no commentary and I think even if you’re
just using the copyright free YouTube music you can get a copyright strike for
that but because we do the commentary it’s still considered as original
content so so far we’ve been good and thankfully YouTube has worked pretty
hard on their there are copyright claims because that was a huge issue but they
are making it harder for false copyright claims which is a good thing some of the
channels that we’ve interacted with for a long time have told us that they
received false copyright claims before so hopefully all of that spins sorted
now ok I’d say check on grandpa see if he’s asleep says pop your aids padlock
keys for the main door and the container in the boat floor so you can use that to
things I guess you can escape from the boat by the way I’m pretty sure you can
says puppy raids on Friday I went to my town festival I went on a couple of
racket rides I always picked and I felt the hydrated cane I can completely
understand that I don’t like rides at all whereas stinky
doesn’t mind how come you dropped it run away from grandpa
if you pick up a weapon man you can I think get this okay so fair enough
this sometime there’s someone that copyright at all the Minecraft videos
with the background music yeah I heard that as well and I did hear that YouTube
is suing false copyright is which is good but to be honest I think they
should just ban them because there’s some people that are really notorious
for doing that they do it deliberately they do it without any sort of concern
of how that affects the channel and it’s a breach of their own terms and service
so I think it’s a good thing if they just say if you get caught doing that
repeatedly we’re gonna get rid of your channel and I know there’s been some
huge channels to do that now puppy raid says don’t close the door just go under
the bed or just stay in there he can’t hear
grannie gonna hit you with a bat Missy drop stuff in the kitchen if there is a
kitchen so this is why I said before remember to drop everything in the one
spot I don’t know if you’ve been doing that probably not because stink pants
never listen Sweeney they stink now see she didn’t listen to me he can walk
behind grandpa it’s rare if he if you turns to you can walk fine grandpa it’s
rare if you turns to get you so I guess you can walk by padlock keys for the
main door and the container in the boat floor you really have to remind me to check
that stream to make sure in this way just thinking I’m saved
good it’s well good for that stinking any one person did but I’m pretty sure
it was loud oh that’s gonna haunt me for the entire stream like grandpa’s gonna
want you I’m not sure how I’m gonna delete that out but we’ll do it somehow
behind you I’m gonna know what the behind yous kanya are you able to do a
little bit of commentary just because I do want to check that other devices to
see if you can what the levels are like can you do that for like 10 seconds I
don’t know yeah you can you’ll be alright
ah puppy raids puppy raids keeps joking with us right keep saying to do things
or scaring you deliberately you’re gonna have to take the advice they’re there
with a grain of salt and thanks again for advertising there xox al I must
admit I’m very bad at doing that I get I get youtube theory on it
oh yeah so back to the their copyright certainly makes sense they’ve got to
make a few changes the one thing that we’re having the big biggest problem
with is we can’t add n screams anymore to any of our live streams because we
keep getting the same message saying that it’s got to be recorded in a 16:9
aspect ratio and because we’ve got a newer phone it doesn’t record in that
say I’ve tried to contact them they they haven’t responded at all I can stop now
you can tweet gang puppy raids I don’t mind confusing the heck out of stinky to
hack into granny house the front door was just plain with locks but in
Grandpa’s house his front door is barred up an electric that’s right
what kind of fun if you got puppy raids cuz yeah we got the the new failed I
think it depends on what kind of fun you get that Alice is the one that’s still
the same size as the old one but it’s got a bigger screen which I guess is why
it’s not in the right aspect ratio now YouTube’s algorithm is like Bermuda
Triangle you are not wrong well I guess puppy puppy raids has got a similar
phone to the one we’ve got if I’m not mistaken the s10 it’s got a larger
screen which means you can’t add any screams to it and yeah I think they do I love so you get scared based thinking
I’d say grandpa’s getting serious too true this is another one that’s just
gonna heads in the game isn’t it because granny granny didn’t have that no is the
eyes one that had that yeah we have excess puppy raids so I don’t know when
YouTube’s gonna change that but not being our would add any screens isn’t
actually good because it affects your click-through rate which affects the
Holga rhythm you can’t sort of advertise yourself at the end of a video you say
and we haven’t uploaded a normal video for a while so I don’t know what’s going
to happen when we do because we sometimes record on the XS as well but
because you’re putting it through a movie editor may be different I don’t
know okay so you got a concussion says puppy raids you just like my friend at
school who got lit up and don’t get into some windows you might glitch out the
game well she did that at the start already didn’t you stink oh nice vampire
is bad don’t be like grandpa don’t be like stink pants I
people she’s a grumpy scared little thing that deliberately turns off again
to make p-type mad I’m mad but not mad like crazy like steamed pants she’s mad
crazy I’m just thinking we get no response from it
I paid off the blinds close the blinds and turn the lights in the house if
there are lights off the middle of the day for us it’s not gonna make a huge
amount of difference and she already said she doesn’t want the Hat
which is a good reason to do it probably will call him the boy you got lit up
keep checking on the red couch just in case Grampy tired because when you sleep
you don’t know where Easter I haven’t found the red couch yet well when you do
you might be taking a nap yeah there you go that’s the red is it 9 that’s not a
couch that’s bed I think at least you found something do you know roughly
where you are are you not too sure no idea I’d say puppy rage is saying it’s
the room next to the piano downstairs you got that ring next day yeah I don’t
know what you picked up then have you been dropping everything in the one
place like your space day I’m run away running and random is
saying the handwheel is for the basement you be okay what was that thing on the
side there it’s so I don’t know why they whenever there’s anything colorful there
makes me curious I’m curious with the colors okay so now puppy aids is saying
go to the corner and move the panel in the corner of the room you’ll fall into
shower oh and run away and Randy’s also saying you can get rid of the metal
gates so you got a few things you can do they like being scared everyone likes
the fear in the stink you’re hiding again you like hiding day
that’s why I was confused by the first granny like if you just stay hidden what
do you end up doing you just stay hidden then you can’t get out of the house and
then nothing happens say no I don’t want to get out what did I do
puppy raids are saying it was upstairs that was the red couch well maybe you
didn’t see the red couch already and XA the time here now is 2 p.m. so wow we
did start like there’s Gracie you didn’t see yeah run up behind me you ran up
behind him and what time you get up there behind him say server on your
gaming skills because I didn’t even mean the title for this video I didn’t put
names this time I figured I couldn’t you’d played granny before just not the
new game you’re moved to the new granny game
but not to the old one so figured I will just say yeah
chapter Turing it now now stream delay see she’s across the house when I’m
saying to do this build battle grandpa I’m not sure what a battleground Perry’s
will find that out in a moment to you if you got a shotgun you can battle him
probably well any kind of bat right behind him and smack him on there what are you doing this thing will give
me the basement they got me with the food earlier I
already started eating a little bit here and there but not a big plate like you yeah massive plate back hang on a mine
before a behind the chat my own mic I go to the basement and put the hand wheel
in the middle stick pointing out of the wall granny and Grandpa wants to know
your location don’t tell I’m stinky it’s the floor up
near the back area near that back area so not not here if there’s like a proper
sequence to do this like he’s a better to go there would be but doesn’t matter
as long as you get the tasks done easier can you do I just want to check that
other device to make sure there’s some sound you 8:02 just comment do you some
of your commentary I don’t know what I eat what does that mean okay let’s check under here that is pretty good you what’s not that
laughs which is good it’s Augie on behind now say near up one
floor not on the boat floor yeah you’re out of this sewer you passed it
why is the stream so laggy for me not too short for the answer for that pop
your AIDS I don’t think it’s on our end it seems to be doing okay
granny born in the 1890s grandpa bought five 1633 back I was pretty old
my daughter bad now the metal gate is gone did you see that say I am fair
enough for saying that I’ve never played it before I’ve just seen a ton of game
this game on YouTube so it’s a mean really recent oh this RP gaming no
problem welcome to the stream say late everyone else that’s in it how are you
what are you up to you this weekend am I allowed to ask the questions about
what time it is is it there and where I I just did now again if you play this
game RP gaming now we’re very thankful I did it so it’s not switched off though
is it oh ok but the electricity still on yeah
so you gonna turn the electricity off at some point so any tips that you have is
most grateful and I thank you both for the the subs greatly appreciated if you
leave the comments on one of our videos that will remind me to go check your
channel sorry but we just don’t do it from the stream itself I love putting the fear in you say I
played granny did all the innings so we’ve got another expert in here up a
gaming might get some advice that’s not going to try and trick us like the other
people have been so any tips you’ve got forests would be good
yeah we’re getting I hang on now better do this in order I pleaded like the
stream guys thanks again for that axe a you need to knock the painting off in
the third floor beside a room and yeah we are getting close to 2k now did you
know that stink pants for subscribers it’s been slow we’ve been sort of at
least originally going once we hit the thousand subscriber mark we slowed down
quite a bit deliberately but now we think we kind of
need to pick up more subscribers just because of users starting to get a
little bit disproportionate I don’t know if it looks good or bad to have a ton of
views and not many subscribers or to have a ton of subscribers and not many
views generally on the channels that we visit the small ones you’ll see not many
views lots of subscribers and we seem to be the opposite of that so it’s hard to
find a balance I guess is what I’m trying to say there now random says you
made cutting pliers to turn it off say granny died 1921 grandpa died 1845
that’s why they’re alive they’re dead zombies so it’s not only just granny and
Grandpa they’re zombies as well no we didn’t practice when when we do these
games our P gaming there’s only one game that we play
regularly which is clash of clans so every other game that you see is play
we’ve haven’t really researched it we play it live for the first time so this
is why we kind of rely on anyone that knows how to play the game to give us
tips along the way plus it helps anyone that’s watches a stream if they watch
the live chat they’ll be able to get great
tips from that as well so I don’t know if it’s a good or bad but it’s just what
we’ve kind of fallen into we didn’t originally plan to the funny thing is we
had no intention when we set up the channel to do live streaming or gaming
other than clash of clans but it just sort of evolved that way because right
now I guess we’re looking for watch time more than anything else isn’t it you’ve
got the thousand subs everyone else’s she’s scared maybe T reactions so a
piece saying you know the clock downstairs you can open open it what
happened just hiding you know like hiding now and then yeah look random we
discussed that as well that eejits said horror games give you more views and
what’s time we see me is based on what we’ve seen in the analytics that’s true
too we were surprised how fast the the first granny game got to a thousand
views it really didn’t take that long at all and then with the more recent ones
which was I guess Walking Dead wasn’t that much of a horror game stink didn’t
think it was that scary but that yes you gotta keep playing but that one’s also
picked up more views and say the games either side of it so the the problem is
I’ve got to convince stink pants to play these very games
she keeps saying to me it’s not gonna be a horror game is it and then I gotta say
no it’s a fun friendly one like I did know her before this stream started so
the corner of that room say no there isn’t any background music came this
time we thought we’d leave the game sounds on just because with the first
granny one when we had the game sounds on it wasn’t that loud so I just checked
it on another device and it’s not that loud we can’t hear them at all where we
are but I’d check the other device in it it’s
not too loud so we thought we’d give it a shot without an actual soundtrack but
if you guys want us to change that I do have it up and ready so we can certainly
put it on at any time what is this for I don’t have a chance to actually read
it I don’t know maybe someone from the stream saw that and I’d be able to tell
you I’d rather watch you more than anyone else oh thank you for that RP
gaming but do you mind if I ask why I have a suspicion we’ve been told in
other streams before and certainly when I’ve had a look at other streams a lot
of them seem to be in a different language not English not all of them
listen huge gamers that are from America and so on that these streams but we try
to keep it entertaining and at least while the chat doesn’t go really quickly
because we’re just not that big it makes it much easier to talk to you guys as
well as a place to just ignoring you and playing the game which hopefully you’ll
never do we’d like not to do that say the item
stink pants is holding is the door line you been in other streams yeah it has
been in other streams but more often than not you don’t see that if I put
something in the chat it just goes so fast no one sees it anyway
I do I hope I can pronounce this correctly dude so keys hyper is here
very scary game you got that right yeah well we didn’t either do you mind if I
call it just call you’re hyper because I don’t know how to pronounce that first
part so just say that for now we also didn’t know that there is a chapter –
thank you – random YT videos up later he was the one that told me about it
earlier in the week say we it’s only just been released like this week it was
released so if you’ve got any tips then let us know
the suspect typing might not seem as they did in the way that it was around
okay either way don’t talk oh yeah either they don’t
talk or make it entertaining so we tried to look I try to be funny but I’m just
not so sure I pull it off I stink pants is giving me a dirty look like I’m not
funny at all and what about you stinky you can’t remem II can’t spend the whole
game hiding up he’s saying there’s a box in the corner you can move and random
also says that boxes I was talking about take it down yeah you got you got near
the Box to the right push to the side and again she actually shook that time
oh my goodness I’ve never seen a reaction from stinky with that one this
is great I love it I can’t believe the fear of doing that that’s awesome that’s
what no no no you can’t do that all right hang on say guys I won’t be able
to look at the chat for a little bit just to keep it entertaining for you
it’s your old peanuts gonna be having a go at this well they I really probably
do need to check the chat I need a crowbar well that doesn’t
alright hang on let me just read the chat to see what I need to do say just
bear with me you got me in the box well I tried that but I need a crowbar
probably the wrong box your voice is awesome dis weird my phone
acting cuckoo the screen is Lading that’s weird and the painting across the
room has electricity locked power box there’s like a professional vocalist I’m
going to get back to the voice stuff in a moment of effing chat
lolz hey Ustream anyways say this is three basically YouTube not saying that
well I actually did that accidentally at the very start of the stream so
apologies for that oops also know don’t swear if you can
fun friendly eyes he’s just mucking around with me the crowbars in the
kitchen so I can do that but where’s the kitchen because I have no idea where
anything is at the moment what’s in here Oh stairs so first of all I need some
sort of tip from where I am now as to what I should be doing or I can just
keep there’s nothing in here it looks like oh is that a switch that’s a switch
what did I switch it the wrong way now it looks like it’s already been switched
is that another switch I think I saw stink do that before so
should I be going upstairs or downstairs at this point where we’re downstairs
okay so should I be here or higher up oh and I’ve got to tell you my sense of
direction is not great in games so you have downstairs beacon kick going down
it looks like should I go down these stairs is that the plan
man you’re saying upstairs higher all right I’m going higher I’m gonna find
upstairs all these loops all these rooms have nothing in them there’s nothing in
that one what’s over here in all right oh gee that’s confute no that
just brought me around the same way you’re back stinkies on it now
downstairs but nothing much there’s no point to do that okay say you got a head
upstairs I know I couldn’t find where upstairs was so here’s the thing about
I’m just gonna go back to my voice for the is that the man looking thing in the
left-hand corner to let you know the grandpas around
no that’s yes we standing you can crouch as well by press that button
so did I ever tell you stink pants at one of my best friends that was it was
actually on a TV show at one point lucky kids show
so he said actor sort of not not doing it now in his younger days he was in a
long-running TV show so main character well with a dog like there was a German
Shepherd dog in him and all these other characters what you
talking about me talking no I can’t remember the name of the TV show but he
didn’t say to me you have a great voice for radio so a great voice by Sidhu so I
don’t have a great voice for acting and he said that’s why I said radio but the
the thing there is I would have thought that my because I’m from the country in
Australia we speak a little bit more slowly and I can certainly speak faster
if it’s like doing sales work or whatever and sometimes if I get excited
but I just wanted listening back to some of the streams and videos I think I
sound like really slow like there might be something wrong with me you just
think there’s something wrong with me anyway I just think pants uh-huh say
grandpa where you have a lot of views on all your vids can you give any advice
yes I can say this is the number one and I’m not saying this to get more views
off you RP gaming but we’ve uploaded a few YouTube help videos I think there’s
only five of them now the first one or two we’re really early on so they’re
probably not that good quality but at least some of the things that we’re
saying you know are very helpful and basically we’ve been when we do post
those it’s because that’s what we’ve learnt this is what’s helped to grow our
channel now the one that you really should the the one that you should
really pay attention to is called fifteen steps to better engage this goes
into great length about how to use your comment section
to grow your channel because unless you’re doing something like the
live-streaming that we’re doing now this one allows us to get to know you like
you can probably tell already we’re trying to get to know you during this
dream we’re trying to engage with you and make online friends that sort of
thing and what we’ve found is that that works really really well now if you
don’t do it that doesn’t matter because I know there’s restrictions on streaming
particularly from mobile phone and maybe some people are a little bit nervous and
the way where you do it is not that easy for people to do because you need
basically two people to do it so yes we do have a twitch xaxa we plan on doing
simultaneous streams once we get monetized because there is a way you can
do it be after pay for that service which I’m not sort of willing to do
unless we start making money off youtube so that’s sort of start making money
first look at the the other revenue sources like patreon merchandising that
sort of thing and then at that point we’ll be looking at doing more streams
from twitch but if you look at the description I believe that it’s got the
twitch link in that as well now back to advising our Pia gaming with the comment
section if you go to the effort of leaving genuine comments on people’s
channels you would have noticed that I did that for you on yours and really try
your best to engage with people that way get you don’t necessarily have to have a
conversation going like a back-and-forth but if you show look you’re genuinely
coming to someone’s channel when you’re genuinely watching their videos you
provided there’s nothing wrong with providing constructive criticism and
people really appreciate that because we get a lot
comments people just saying great video well done etc etc it’s not they’re not
really genuine comments they’re not really helping us improve whereas
sometimes I will go to a channel and say look perhaps on the next video rotate
the recording of your device say that it fills the whole screen they really love
that sort of thing because you put it in a polite way that would be the number
one golden rule and if you have a look at the YouTube help videos that we put
up you will see methods for doing that now I was half tempted to do a short
video saying how to get a big channel to respond dear because I’ve actually had
that happen where I’ve left comments on channels that have hundreds of thousands
or even millions of subscribers and they’ve actually replied to me because
it is a bit of an art form to do that I guess maybe I have an advantage in that
when it came to my academic career a lot of it was based around writing so I have
to drop this that’s the problem have you found a spot where you’re
dropping everything or you just kept it go so I can’t tell like where to where I
should drop that you just pick a spot and then it’s like that’s where I drop
everything remember in granny you did it in the
kitchen so it doesn’t matter where you drop everything excuse me a copy just
song as you keep dropping it in the one spot okay so can you close the book oh
nice one under the bed I can’t believe my heart starts pumping when you do that
oh this is good advice random says grandpa usually spawns in the bathroom
across the room there’s a painting knock it down
you need cutting pliers to turn off the electric gate gasoline for the boat so
should I upload a bit of this game speed through through fear
at this game I think I understand what you’re saying there look you can upload
whatever you like we’re always happy to check out you know tutorials and advice
and things like that I’m not sure if I can convince Tinky to
play this game again I have to not tell her what she was doing to get her to
play it the first time around so now doing helpful video certainly does it’s
helpful as well like random does that he’s got really helpful videos on his
channel most of its above my head because I’m just not that tech savvy but
he certainly provides really quality you know step by step kind of instructions
so those things are always good well I want to watch the stream first
yeah there’s no hurry we’d prefer you to stay in the stream anyway so random says
get a security key then go to the camera room to view the cameras so where’s the
security key and then she’ll focus on that and what’s these and then exercise
mantras like says YouTube’s banter is like help people grow and they will help
you great yes that’s very true actually there is a bit of an addendum to that
they you you do have to be a bit wary of the channels that are purely looking for
support and that’s it and there’s a lot of them and what you’ll find over time
is you’ll get disingenuous comments you’ll get a lot of spam we do unlock
spam cleanse but we also let them know that they’re spamming and if they do it
excuse me if they do it too many times we end up giving up on the channel
because it’s just a waste of time so do you play minecraft no that was another
game that was suggested to us recently now I attend the damn
find the game’s on the fire and you definitely have to pay for it on the
phone someone was telling me you didn’t but every time I’ve tried to download it
it’s like 10 or 11 dollars to play that game might be different on a Playstation
right am I so that’s certainly in the list we’ll put it that way so the
cameras will show you where grandpa is so yeah you want to get this security
key so then you can go to the security camera so DNA where the security keys
see the kitchen says RP gaming okay Kane’s leaving us already
I’m gonna go sorry for going so late I stayed till the stream ends but my phone
is acting weird see you in the next dream the LG ID for life he is he’s our
deal jr. love you have a nice weekend you too
Kate and thank you for stopping by as always and hopefully we’ll see you again
shortly now random says the item is in the kit in the kitchen is gasoline Oh
so you can go up to both top and open it and I think there will be a crowbar so
hang on we’re trying to find out where the security key is right I believe that
was the plan to try and find this security key so then you can go to the
security camera room so then you can see we’re grandparents because we like
keeping tabs on Gramps I think there would be you can go up to both top and I
read that one already so hopefully those tips will help me everyone if you’ve got
more questions happy to answer those as well but yeah engaging with people is
pretty much the most important thing that you can do another one that I would
suggest a lot of people don’t particularly when they’re trying to grow
their channel but this goes both ways I’ll have to admit say take it with a
grain of salt we tend to get stronger support because we often a lot of it
have to do with clash of clans really when I first started trying to promote
the channel I was promoting it to other clash of clans players and from like
most people that are in the stream probably play clash of clans so that’s
how we first started getting a little bit I don’t to call it a fanbase this is
why we call them day oldies because that bed is like your home isn’t it stinky nope oh there he goes welcome run up
behind him he can walk fine in my say Oh sometimes it’s scary because Grand Park
and open the door and I say the keys on grandpa you’re talking about their
daughter did their key to the security door is the one that’s on grandpa so you
got a seam take a map in his little red couch and then you can grab his key and
then you can see where he is at all times in the security around got that
stick getting frightened opening your cupboard door no it was bad why was he
so yeah I don’t think he can open and if you’re hiding the cupboard II might not
be able to do that you can play carry he can’t hear I don’t know if you can play
piano in the game I stink pants beside that broom there are two boxes crouch
and knock the boxes down for an item which room you’re talking about why
didn’t you just came from isn’t it like right next to it your new room you got
it beside that so I’m not sure I have to know I think
he was talking about somewhere where you would we just where oh hi right toddy
how are you I believe you’re new to the the streams welcome to the stream how’s
your weekend going so far you up to anything special and I’m always gonna
ask you don’t have to answer this but where are you from and what time is it
there if it’s too personal don’t worry without answering it if you do play
granny chapter 2 which is only recent we love getting advice from you as well so
make sure you don’t pay for getting over it I don’t want you to spend money for
me you can borrow from someone else well to be honest is that Benny what were you
talking about minecraft gaming at the moment probably cuz of PewDiePie seems
like everyone’s doing minecraft again and as long as people don’t mind us
watching it as a noobs we will do it one day but there is a huge list of games
that people want us to play and yes yeah well it’s not granny it’s actually
granny chapter 2 so is the game that was released about four days ago I’d say
only recently released set the moment stink pants is playing with grandpa not
granny because she’s – she started playing with both granny and Grandpa
before is that the couch that’s a bed but he’s there
I used someone’s Apple ID to get us bit we do have an Apple ID and it still says
we got a pain so I don’t know what the story is with Minecraft on that one but
I looked at it more than once and it keeps saying it’s ten or eleven dollars
for that and given that we tend to only play these games once I’m not so sure
that’s a great investment I’ve also what happens in the
future so that was well I used someone’s and I did that already so right you are
a fan of granny oh you do you like the horror games and let’s say if you like
seeing stink pants get scared too cuz we love it
ah say the Apple ID I used already had minecraft BOTS so that’s how I got
around it randoms really good at getting around stuff did you know that he’s a
little protector online I hope anyway then you have protect us from all sorts
of things fortnight’s another one so there’s fortnight’s the the one game
that we know it’s popular we know everyone plays it I’ve heard that it’s
better to play it on a PC than on a it’s apparently harder on a mobile phone and
it’s the one game that just doesn’t really attract meaning that much and
stink pants is are the same that don’t mind the shooting aspect of it but the
building aspect of it I think we’d really struggle with so I downloaded
that ages ago but still haven’t played it maybe one day we’ll see how it goes
we might have to get through all of the popular games at some point but it’s a
big because we’re only streaming once a week at the moment there’s a lot of
games we’ve got to get through because we also get requests to say will you
play this game with me which we’ve had before like randoms played a couple of
games live with us the call of duty one we added three people in the chat
playing with this life so we get a lot of requests like that every software and
app can be found on the internet for free this is true I don’t know if you
get into trouble for downloading the pirated versions I’m a little bit afraid
to do that and random says he hates for tonight I
must admit it’s just not that attractive to me there’s another one that doesn’t
like for tonight and because he’s a PA g PE BG player and
we maybe we might have to do PE B G again we’ve been requested that multiple
times to play even though we’ve played it but we gave up halfway through so
maybe you should do a complete stream of speedy Beijing that will be for the car
or the boat I don’t know if there’s a car in this one but it’s definitely
you’re right see you’d probably use it for that so yeah I’d say just about
everyone on the streams probably played for tonight as well
I suspect they’ve all played for tonight they’ve all played minecraft roblox is
another huge game got your life surprisingly no one’s mentioned but
that’s very popular as well I see that all the time on small channels but the
thing is for tonight just gets me mad so we do I really want to play first-person
shooter with stink and the only one that we can do that with split screen at the
moment is call of duty black ops 3 which is very old so I don’t know if it’s
going to be popular but I love first-person shooter just not on the
mobile it’s much better with a controller on a Playstation so maybe one
day we will look at we’ll have to test one day just on twitch because it
doesn’t really matter when we do twitch we don’t have an audience there I think
we’ve got like one subscriber if they call it that or maybe two we certainly
don’t have many so we can sort of muck around on that one more than we can on
YouTube YouTube we have to take seriously so which type of games do we
normally stream we don’t is behind my shit you this very view in
the language that’s another species the worst language stream we’ve had my
family friendly or Emma oh you’re at the bite not let the board I went there
before but I can’t put this on the boat and anyway so I still carry because it’s
funny I’d say where was I say ten to your question xaxa we don’t have any
particular games that we play they’re pretty much all suggested to us and
ideally we want to have a great variety you say that you don’t get think that we
just play for example the horror games or just play first-person shooter
because the reality is they’re just games that are suggested to us like
Annie screaming that’s funny say the more variety I guess the better it just
attracts a wider audience really I guess well hopefully it does anyway but you
know song is we’re not boring in that we can actually attract people but that’s
the other thing can you attract them to your streams like six years ago yeah
remember app Tod what am i up T I’d say the boat keys in the security room stink
pants for yeah she did sting pants she gets super frightened that’s to swear
words in this particular straight mine was worse than yours late isn’t it can I
blame you and say you were the cause of it cutting off the stream the way you
did yeah I should have more control on that and say the various rooms stink
pants or hey how about my ball legends we’ve already played that as well say
we’ve done a live stream of what we are Kane’s back what would you do if insects
we’re a hundred times be given you I actually read a book about that years
ago about grasshoppers be given human being so it was a scary book to read
what would I do run away like stink pants runs away in granny’s house
that’s what I do you’ll be fine now he’s already gone I’m supposed to be gone now
he’s faced the steak I Bagni from the streams run behind him I’ll pay every
match the items of randomized in ah say does it change around every time you die
things change around they fights or if I’m game over I have to start from
scratch – but things I think you also change I say they’re not in the same
spot each time maybe we’ll make it tough Max Payne I have heard of I believe I’ve
heard of that game the thing that’s like a really old game that might have been
revamped we have to look into that one as well
yes and I’ve also heard of the nuns but not mr. Mitas so I am writing these down
but as you can see when you keep talking about games it just adds to the the list
they’re just getting bigger and bigger I know this list already probably has
about 30 games on it and I was still hoping to see
particularly the ones that have asked to play with us to be inner stream so I can
organize the time because I know that they’re quite loyal supporters as well
they’ve been been with this for a while not when you die when you start a game
from day one yeah say the way D what are you on de fire was that a gun they want
the gun gotta be awesome Wow are you any kitchen meal yeah well then drop
everything in the kitchen so now it’s the same as granny you dropped
everything in the kitchen there so that’s one so I guess love it love it
but now dead love it when you get scared this is what we do for you so grandpa
has no Walker play the Slender ena series it’s gonna scare stink pants even
more so so dad if I thought slender Eno is in granny
it’s like Karina is like branch I know did you just ice on an eye that’s the
old one say is it a new game where it’s part of these it’s kind of you know in
the same universe play slender inna slam dureena slender inna Grandpere is John week I haven’t seen
John wick yet they’re strongly too worried he or three and I am any John
weeks there I will have to watch that like Keanu Reeves think he’s a good
actor apparently he’s a really nice guy – he’s one of them very well in
Hollywood that’s a genuinely nice person according to what I’m seeing online
anyway that’s it there’s another kill scene fun fun funny
freak Lala Kane scaring there is slender inna Easter eggs and granny slender inna
Easter eggs yeah we did back because up you’re tall
yeah because of Cain and random tricking you isn’t it so we found the woman in
the book room what he called a secret room that was slender ain’t no no no the
one that got crucified I think that’s the daughter of the Grammy and cylinder
Rena is like grandchild something so you got it so they kind of connection
between those people and the granny I don’t know how long I have to wait at
your Grandpa’s go on sometimes it’s so hard to know run behind him then you’ll
know by locro X’s here how are you today good to see you welcome to the stream
what are you up to this weekend has your day been so far we’re always curious and
if if you’ve played this new game granny in chapter 2 man we’re always happy for
some advice with this say in the Attic well want me to tell you in that hang on
there’s an Easter grandpa was enjoying the whole same law when the monster came
out of the water granny had popcorn and Grandpa is eating KFC
he loves chicken you’re chicken aren’t you stink pants I’m playing that so you
are playing a granny – any tips you got for us will be greatly appreciated us
xaxa is off by steam pants and pedo do I have to complete a CSS Lyman it was fun
to join thanks for laughs no problem our study comes first people I’m not too
sure it might be CSS I’m it’s not too sure but study comes first listening to
a couple of silly people doing their stream comes last last he can watch it
later no problem that’s true I’d say arcane hat see this is why I
said – I shouldn’t take food because they can eme came here me shoving
something in my mouth before our computer science say computer scientists
ah xaxa might be another protector of ours in the future we made all the
protection we can get what with the hacking in the people harassing us
protect me from grip that’s what happens when you start getting views outside of
people you’ve actually know you know you’ve made it when yet video is made
about you that are really nasty you get online stalkers and harasses we’ve had
all of that so far we’ve got them in the stream right now their names are Kane
and ablator random my player YT stalkers don’t be stupid
Peter do you think he can hack QR code scanners I wouldn’t be able to hack my
way out of a bathroom I’ve gotta get stink pants type in the
door for me on that bed at technology she’s better than I am
and I know how to do a few things but we neither of us should be on your level
say no I don’t even use QR codes have you ever used them Steve oh yeah right I
wouldn’t even know how I know you put your device up to it and that’s about it
I don’t know what happens what that’s showing how backwards I am isn’t it did
you get the key from grandpa says crow eggs yeah not yet find him when he’s
sleeping just dip he’s like this by but then he’s not sleeping
yeah we have not do you know where the cow cheese yet though can you wait you
can make your way to lick it if you dropped it again not in the kitchen
what did I say about dropping everything in the one spot that you don’t listen to
me you get in the kitchen so if you didn’t you got to check on that couch I
guess semi-regularly because getting this K you is seems to be really
important you know cuz then you can go to this if you found the security room
that’s the other thing do you know where that is stinky no say one gotta find
where he’s read cow cheese so you can check it and then – gotta find the
security room and then that’ll make it a lot easier yeah it looks like say do you
think it’s possible be right back stink pants I’m gonna wash
no worries well hopefully we’ll see you in a little bit crisis the Wi-Fi is bad
we have that problem sometimes the null by youtuber made a video dedicated DAC
we could scanners I don’t know how these hacker channels get away with it I’ve
checked them out a few times just because I’d love to be a little-little
okay oh you got a weapon key that’s yet probably handy I have to troll this key
away first what’s that K for and if you pick the
spot where you’re gonna drop everything and drop another one you need the
security cases COEX you really got to work out where Z’s
red couch that’s funny say the bookshelf secret room has the shotguns the weapon
keys for that will here see me under the bed oh no see you walk past you’re okay
grandpa’s can see he’s deaf and blind the weapon keys for that this creepy
granny and Grandpa chasing you at the same time no I think I only choose only
grandpa yeah stink pants I’m do it but she didn’t do both at the start but she
leaped out you can get the shotgun with the weapon key so you know we had the
shotgun ease and you already know where the weapon keys – key and I know
well then get the shaadi we love the shaadi what would that do well any can
shit grant bar with it but he’s not gonna dick yeah he’s not gonna be dead
well how do you know unless you try I still unsuccessful shot him with the
electric gun and what happened with that I don’t know they must have died already
busy well they cried just said you can shoot Grand power this stun gun – yeah
I’ve might slowing down or something you know you might end up having a situation
where you can do things more at ease because grandpa slows down kids being
shot yeah try and killing with Peter I was talking to a friend and he said
there’s gonna be a huge update for CAA in December yeah I heard that as well
but the Town Hall 13 will be late kind of looking forward to it cuz to be
honest on mak’st again already say I except for the Builder base which I
don’t like playing the Builder base like that is think you have to do it at the
moment so doing the update on the main town hall keeps me interested plus if I
can save hits people in the clan are catching up to me now they’re all we’ve
got a leap of town all 12 including sting pants and yeah they’re slowly
catching up to me and I want to get ahead of them again just to show that
I’ve been playing for longer like I’m a legend that I’m not really I’d say five
me to five new town all levels what’ll go up to town all 18 that’s insane
if you already opened the security room go up to the ladder be sure you have the
pliers and the shotgun be can only carry one thing at a time
be sure you have the pliers and the shotgun
stun gun are you sure about that came I wouldn’t have thought that do that many
town halls at once that’s a lot to take go all the way up to town or 17 be
interesting if they do we looking forward to that to be honest
and hanging gangs think I keep reading out the advice to you don’t know if
you’re taking your bait nothing ah can grab the pliers you know
where the pliers are no I just have to go to the shotgun thing first you go to
the shot one okay do the shotgun thing first but then you gotta find that red
couch where where grantees takes these little Maps I don’t care so you made the
pliers for the box thing but go for the shotgun first because you made both
anyway that’s what he’s been up your time hiding was grande para the mirror
you’re just hiding for the so I ran upstairs and hiding
out of the corner of your eye you Soren didn’t yell yep Craig citron that’s the
one thing stink pants is good at running and hiding is it hang on let me think
where did I get that oh I have to go downstairs and then there’s a okay I
have to crouch now to that room I don’t know where he is
should I go up ah this is why we made the security K in the security cameras
so you know exactly where he is isn’t it stinky okay you’re doing well
you do it while hiding under beds and running away from Gramps you got these
guys since Comex he’s got confidence in you he doesn’t have any confidence what
so but you’ve got it you can be this you’re a legend at the scary games
that’s why we keep making you play them yeah you got the shotty and these
shelves in there as well well grandpa’s gonna be easy this is it grandpa it’s
either now but you can’t really kill him right
can you what happens when you shoot grandpa that’s a very good question what
right crazy our being so we’re not gonna get an answer from him yet oh yes sorry
I don’t know if it’s a he or a hair I’m just on that night if you can no not
even sure if you can hear me but if you want me to check out channel girls don’t
forget to leave a comment on the video there you go and even you hear is I
think grandpa gets knocked out for like a minute there yo doesn’t like me
well like you see enough time to get away from him no not out meaning I can
hang on yay does that mean that she can get the cave she knocks him out that’s a
great see then if we do that we don’t have to wait for him to take a nap
because I’m so like and it looks like you’ve only got two shells by the way
yeah you better be an accurate shot bad and just waiting for an answer on that
random can we get the key off him the harder difficult the harder difficulty
the less time grandparents knocked out okay I don’t think she’s on a hard
difficulty level at the moment however I can she get the key from around his neck
while he’s knocked out what do you have to wait for him to take a nap
this will be the thing cuz then I’ll mate yeah you can you can get it from
him so now for the first time ever in this
game steam pants as well here you go you get
on grandpa hunting but it’s going grandpa hunting from that mood is just
mmm grandpa hunting that’s what we’re after you can get the key from around his neck
song I said shoot him quick nap see that there is the forecast very small but if
he is forecast is so small I can’t like aim and then shoot him in time and he
right already kill me fun if you know you know how you seem walk past when
you’re hiding under the bed like you do on yeah so often well then just walk up
behind him and she see what I’m saying like okay when when you see him do that
you walk up behind him shoot him at that point I do you have to collect it again
oh yeah but you’re doing alright you know where stuff is isn’t it
so they grabbed that chuck out white cream to walk past ran up behind him and
shooting then you can get that security cave sound like a good plan I think that
might be the way to go good old stop cheese up as fast what
happened then oh my god hey mega grandpa grandpa he’s sneaky zani
are these these old people move so fast they’re faster than me when they run
around guys is crow X you can do this our P’s back they know they’ve got full
confidence in you you can shoot grandpa from behind you
yet I want to shoot him from in front d IV go say random says thank going near
the bathroom when you spawn because that’s where he spawns and I was
watching the old screen all right you’re doing well getting
there you’ll get there you know what you’re doing
no you grab the grab the thing for the shotgun when you grab the shotgun you
did that just before you know I’m crack says he’s sweating just like Gary
doesn’t know she’s sweating Treyarch’s stinky get all distinct okay can you pick that
up where you come I can but what’s the point we need cut shotgun first to put
it in yes and then you might have more than two rounds right yeah get that
shotgun ah Derek and we can like I haven’t said anything really offensive I
just got mad at you and swore do you think that’s enough they you’ll add some
concessions when you livestream you know people are gonna make mistakes just they
make a really big ones like you like I do it wasn’t that big ah a piece needs
to sleep well thank you for staying as long as you did RP will you really
appreciate that and also for the tips we got lots of tips from RP gaming so you
have a good night and sweet dreams hopefully you’ll have sweet dreams after
watching us play granny anyway I just walked behind your back right have you
got the shotty no problem dick that’s funny
say I’m still not gonna sleep says correct he’s sticking or she’s sticking
around for as long as I can de to watch you that’s what it is my god nightmares
I’m still gonna watch the big stink fans might have nightmares tonight being
chased around by granny and Grandpa alright so yeah thanks again RP you
don’t want to deprive him any sleep sleeps important
you know trying to get you asleep later on that’s gonna be crazy
oh he’s still gonna watch we could convince convinced our pay the stick
around when he should be sleeping I spray if it’s Saturday night there for
you it’s not so bad Sunday day for us say it’s Sunday
evening we wouldn’t really be recommending it
you got school or work the next day okay Peter on our way but it’s okay good
thank you for that cracks I often just say he by default but I don’t want to
offend anyone so try to remember to say he or she but now I know it’s a young
fertile I don’t even know if he’s a young fella but a guy yeah I can say he
now crow X’s you your mainstay now we don’t want to disturb our PT much
getting tips from them you’re gonna rely on random and cracks
to do it instead let’s just want to see what’s going on well that’s it’s eight
away I don’t know what’s going on stinky I don’t get meat so much you’re
responsible for everything you’re only responsible for the swearing at the
start of the strain that was me getting angry with the egg anger nothing my
response is funny when she concentrates she really does concentrate on the game
kind of Tunes me out paint you stink pants hmm
that’s right can barely get any commentary out of it and in the meantime
I’m trying I just want to open the piano he says
yeah corrects nothing in there when the stream is gonna end soon
you both should play the hardest difficulty yeah good cause it’s good for
views with granny and Grandpa hardest difficulty you play nah that’s all on
you you’re you’re the granny expert I’m just gonna die straightaway it’s gonna
be boring now you know what the plan is you run up behind him and you shoot him that’s the plan sting I tried that the
first thing when I wake up so looks like there’s nothing in the
piano but we do want to shoot grandpa I can’t believe oh yeah here’s someone in
a on youtube say I want to shoot grandpa it’s a game people at the part of the
objective the first thing when I wake up spark plug for boat nightmare maid says
Kane I agree nightmare my granny and Grandpa saw them right in front of me
camping yeah man I’m a might say is kind tightly very sure they killed me five
times why he’s not doing anything whatever I shot him can you pick up
those can you pick up those shells what can you empty well you want me to answer
from the stream what they said yeah you shot the wall you’re missed grandpa and
you shot the wall so you gotta shoot him not the wall where’s your aim their tax
where’s text same I am taxi and clerics has great faith in
you you keep saying you got this Oh what happened I told you I shot him twice
well according to them I’ll do a deal with you because you’ve got to get the
stuff first because you know where everything is safe you get the stuff
then I’ll have a go at cheating okay the key don’t kiss me and yeah I’ll try and
get the key from his neck say get all of that organized and then we’ll see if old
prenup has the the supreme gaming skills not to see if he can diggities oh look
you’ve got to put on his funny stinky is funny so I guess we both have a little
bit of humor about as Stewie always worry about that in the streams that I’m
actually quite boring but I know why people stick I don’t know why people it’s funny and then we go to stinky and
pure funny so everybody’s fun II it’s my question did you get the crab are they
two different things it looks like well you know you got to concentrate on one
thing it is talking here we’ve got a plan we’re gonna get the shotgun and
then it’s gonna be handed over to me and I gotta try and kill grandpa shoot
grandpa and grab the key and then I’m gonna hand it straight back to stinky
after that all right I got it bee you gotta get the ammo as well right
and then you gotta teach me how to hide in that room where he walks past that’s
our best bet once you see him walk past I’ll creep up behind him like a day to
you all the time about that what inspired you guys to name your channel
Peter and stinky pants geez we get that question question a lot all right so I
think it’s now time to introduce dlg we’ve been in the stream for quite a
while so there is a story behind it but we’re not going to tell the story yet
because number one we haven’t decided how we’re going to tell that story
whether it’s through a short animation video which will cost us a fortune or
whether I’m going to hide it somewhere on a channel and I’m not going to tell
you how I do that yet because that’s something that’s been in the back of the
mind for a long time so long answer to a short question I’m not going to tell you
the answer to that just yet RP gaming because it is something that we will do
in a video at some point what I will tell you however is and here we go again
I don’t like using the term fans but we we know that we have people that
genuinely like our channel they’re not just looking for support so just for
argument’s sake we’ll call them fans well we don’t really want to call them
fans so we call them D LG’s and some of them including people that are in the
stream right now to dlg oh jeez in fact as long as we’re honored I thought as
long as we’re under 10,000 subs or something like that and you continuously
show support they’re pretty much all going to be do G a G so there’s a lot
room for a lot more so then the question becomes what is a dlg now I’ve already
given you a hint that it’s the fanbase that we have and I’ll leave it up to you
I’m assuming Kane will probably answer this because he’s the one that answers
it in every stream so if you’re a true fan of the the deal of the channel then
you’re a dlg well I think you will be RP if you enjoy our content but this is I’m
just trying to remember it takes me a while to remember people in the streams
like they have to show up a lot before I can remember so close you’ve got this you can do it I got it but then you keep talking so I
don’t have a chance to pass it on to you sorry for that she prays very
encouraging he says you a close I’d say painting you’re gonna answer
what a dlg is justice shit God he said means there he said DoD AG for
life but you got to tell him what a day LJ is best so I’ll let Kane do that
rather than me say it in the the stream just that he’s behind me run away
where is he counts taking ages to whom I wonder what T random says I don’t know
what do J means he knows what it means none of them are willing to tell telling
you guys what a day oh jeez you’re gonna invite them into the into the club if
you don’t invite them into the the dlg whatever it stands for then we’ll never
pick up new day LG’s still just waiting room everyone’s making them wait I wish
came can tell us what it means says random same here I don’t know what it
means Cain is the keeper of the DL geez he’s the one that’s got to tell
everybody so and yeah that’s a lady guy he tolde say it’s part of the story of
the channel and the the nicknames that we gave ourselves and say we have
decided to call true fans will say that just during while we’re explaining it
instead of calling the fans there the day-old Jays or if you’re
an original member which is still got the opportunist as available as what I’m
saying to be a do G a G but to even separate the old guys like random and
cane I have to call them V AG because they have been around pretty much since
the start of the channel being with us for a long time they join every single
restrain helped us out a heck of a lot they do they stink ah randoms awesome
for that says cane cane makes me laugh so yeah they’ve known us for quite a
while and we’ve interacted with them not not just in live streams but also in
private chats and on their channel on our channel all of that sort of jazz and
I spoke to Kane briefly as well maybe wouldn’t you turn off the TV I couldn’t
hear anything get the shuddhi you’ll get there you’re
almost there so that’s another thing as you’re asking
before RP gaming this is another tip that I’d say that you do try and spend
the time to get to know people like I’m doing with you and coax at the moment
because you appear new to me so it’s like the more I talk to you and engage
with you the more likely you are to support the channel channel than it does
go both ways so just bear in mind though that you know I guess once you get to a
certain level which we’re not at yet it does become harder to do we’re already
kind about the level where we support so many other channels it takes
oh no all right man you have to okay say number one you’ve got to concentrate on
that but then number two you have to tell me where to go well first you have
to press the hand to open the door and then where do I go where I’ve got a good
oh well that didn’t last very long oh dear that lasted all of about two
seconds are you kidding me yeah I always did then I just caught myself from
saying the S word he’s always not expecting that that
actually made me jump believe it or not ah now how far are we into the stream
two hours should we do it or not because we got the night chances you want to
give a gift ashati one more chance before we go nightmare my very soon
because things keep changing the place yes the first time around I couldn’t
find it big given me hound say should I take
given him quickly I got disbanded to do now hey maybe granny and Grandpa is
really gonna be fast do one more normal one of them will do
nightmare crazy again this is three times in one one the stream you
gotta go do that so get one more normal game out of the stream then we’ll go to
the crazy level okay so is he gonna be anything special when you hit 2k subs
not sure we didn’t really even celebrate a thousand subs well I started
celebrating really odd numbers like you know 16 subscribers yay 72 subscribers
yay save maybe but for the moment we’re just
doing gaming streams say I’m not so sure what I could do to celebrate if you’ve
got any ideas maybe say no hardest difficulty not yet random we’re gonna
try and get one I didn’t quite cuss on that one Kane I got very close this is a
worst stream that we’ve done when it has come to swearing and apologies at the
very start I did I thought the stream was not going which
is why I let loose on stink pants so yeah and one of them was bad and that
was me I do apologize for that reality is I probably do swear a lot in real
life I try not to but I certainly try not do it on the streams
it’s a pity it was in the start of this one night so there’s a hidden message in
that okay say do you have any air today yeah I just used the the Movie Editor on
the computer but when it comes to streaming editing is not good it tends
to muck up the the live chat for example you lose the live chat when you try to
edit on it and it also shrinks the the live stream for some reason
oh that’s a scary-looking cupboard I don’t like that too much so that’s
another thing in the future when we get monetized that’s when I’d be looking at
upgrading to proper me the energies and so on but for now we just go with what
you owe granny’s grandpa I just saw him how come
you is so slow then how do I shut the door
Oh grandpa still it he was slaughter I actually got to run
away from him from a little bit yeah bhaiyaa rias what’s the message
random always does hidden messages hard to tell what he said he puts it in other
languages as well sub to me sub to me there you go randoms just advertised
himself in a really hidden way I don’t mind if random and game do it to be
honest now you still shouldn’t mean in terms of making it really obvious but
these guys writing like for the new guys both Kanan and random at least
previously if they like you they do end up visiting your channel and letting you
know they’d sub to anyway so this is how they got to know each other I think
through our streams and I’ve seen them on each other’s channels cuz I see in
the comments they all try to race each other and I suspect randoms already
beaten me to Kane’s channel cuz yeah well cos he uploaded while I was getting
ready for this stream so I couldn’t these channels trying to get prepared
for this one so there you go well don’t dine write it out is this is the one
thing that we are trying to avoid people doing we don’t want them to encourage
people because they do that anyway in the last stream we had someone multiple
times trying to advertise their own channel and how moderators ended up
hiding their comments or something like that which is good put them in a timeout
because it’s kind of considered disrespectful to do that same if your
lady that’s another tip I’ll give you don’t say things like that in the
comment section on someone else’s channel because again if you do it on a
big channel lots of people will end up replying these st. dine advertise and I
don’t know why small channels thinks it’s okay to do it Davos small channels
because it is disrespectful to do that but we get it every day I’ll get at
least half a dozen comments or a dozen comments every single day that do that
you know tell them like it’s just can you please not do that and say I don’t
think they get it Ben anyway so what does that mean I think he knows yeah
that’s it now both of us stopping our faces stinky
already finished tankini me eight he’s got like
hypersensitive he’s got bat ears what’s something that can hear really well
that’s kind and how often they got big ears but I know how well like in here
but Cain seems to be able to catch me every time I try to put something in my
mouth oh the cool dog is here alright I’m here even though it’s around half
past 1:00 a.m. I’m sorry we’ve got you are up so late there cool dog but
welcome to the stream it’s great to see I think you may be new but I’m not – ah
no I remember actually a visited his channel not that long ago or her sorry I
don’t know if it’s a your hair and said look if you want to come get to know us
come and join the stream which they’ve actually done I remember now there you
go you need a spark plug back it up say yes
welcome call dog get to know the other people in the stream they’re all great
people randoms doing another hidden message thing that might be a little
hard for me to work out fine random hints capitals crow can how the heck are
you typing in cursive canes sorry randoms amazing the way he can do
things with computers he seems to be able to do stuff other people can’t do
at least I can’t anyway canid came with me he’s still going with them and I
don’t know how he does it either they actually told us in a stream it’s my
fault let’s stay up I just do anyway you guys live in Britain or something that’d
explain no so we live in Australia and I guess he might be in America on the east
coast or west coast I’d never know but there’s a difference in time I suspect
he’s in America on the coast that’s later in the day then say came he’s on
the other side and I think Britain’s the same as I’m not sure how it works but
there’s a big time difference between them and us as well it’s not the same as
American time but I’d like to say C Mon it might be the on the same day or
something but early in the morning you know if it’s 12 p.m. for us on a Sunday
it’s like 12 a.m. for them don’t quote me on that I’m no good with geography
it’s my fault say hi granny’s here granny is in the stream I
think its first home for you and you you’re actually watching a granting
stream granny say welcome to the stream how are you I always like asking where
are you and what time is it there but you don’t have to answer that if you
don’t want you made it granny here count granny’s here where’s grandpa
I’ll look it’s sparked the chat yeah they’re all laughing at the the
granny visiting where’s grandpa where’s grandpa and randoms doing crazy stuff in
game hint wait a minute capitals so since you live in Australia I’m assuming
it’s throughout nice so it’s for us it’s now always 3:30 p.m. for us on a Sunday
so I’m guessing it whatever time they’re on a Saturday for you yeah this is one
of the difficulties we have with streaming that we’re not really near
anyone else are we unless you’re from New Zealand or Fiji or something like
that your time will be close but anywhere
else in it’s a different day in a different time hmm okay say how a BRB
well Kroy can do it too well they’re mucking around with different fonts at
the moment BRB lolz what a coincidence random are you watching from a computer
gray granny’s now he said granny that looks like that’s almost in Russian
Mable then how you typing these things oh look creig’s just as good at it
these another I think crew might be another highly tech-savvy type person
that’s capable of doing pretty lazy love it when you track these guys a nap oh
that’s a mind that’s big of a time yeah yeah it usually is like even fair for
these guys I’ll say that even for the guys that join us regularly it’s really
odd times for them like you know instead that’d be for the boat no I’m just raiding the jet and doing
amazing stuff at the fonts at the moment I wouldn’t be able to do it say next
thing you know someone makes a grand power account I think maybe that’s what
granny did left and is coming back to do a grand power one who knows I’m pretty
sure it’s only on iOS I want grandpa here Android – amazing what’s it called
Chrome yeah look I have a feeling that crow might be very tech savvy which door
lock for the door that would be my assumption to lock their door oh maybe
it’s like a password stuff okay so I can’t just do this just so I’m gonna throw it you getting them
you throw it drop it wherever you need to
now look we’re tyring up a gaming out they had such a this is why we really
should try a bit harder to start at 12 o’clock rather than one and in this case
it was 1:30 today thanks to you sting pants always waiting on the stinky we
are he’s sorry guys I’m out and he’s already fallen asleep yes cuz stinky
doing the stinks Oh run away hide I thought this is the what do you call it
the red sofa thing did you find the red sofa he’s not that I didn’t couldn’t say
but yeah if it’s there then that’s good as well cuz you can get the you don’t
have to worry about the shock down so much you just got a white cream you
taking that I don’t know if they can hear so I we
speak ha ha ha and happy days back took a quick nap that’s gonna be a world
record first nap yeah can you microwave sleep like that
fall asleep straight away out for 5 10 seconds awake again I’m impressed
apparently not with a record time for in a minute that’s it I’d like to be able
to do that takes ages to fall asleep with King stink pants kicking me in the
back and the kitty cat sleeping between the legs are on the head dog she always
picks the most uncomfortable place for me to sleep you don’t get that big you
just fall asleep regardless musn’t know where he’s that
kitty cat the old rat bag running around somewhere tell you busy concentrating
for this sting say wait which party you’re out there yeah trying to find
where he’s couches are youth trying to oh yeah that’s the red couch I never
seen human race thing hmm try and get the shot in it that it be the other one
I think you just be like hey you want a world record now look grandpa is here I
have a feeling is the same person that Dad granny
even before grandpa’s here dare run away from grandpa grandpa’s in the chat that’s he’s me randoms playing with us now
he’s got granny and Grandpa in the chat oh that’s hilarious
it’s called that I can barely read these fonts it’s called extension or something
can’t say that but I’m laughing at grandpa grab bars in the chat grandma
left I have a feeling Grandma and Grandpa don’t like being caught in the
same chat let’s see you do that one random the both granny and Grandpa are
in the chat stinkies too busy concentrating she’s
what should I do with my new account call it D of G for life today he can
drop another like now I’m just saying silly things at this point yeah I
actually wondered what to do with the old accounts that we have I was planning
on doing it for another YouTube video to set it up to show people how to do
certain things with it what are you reckon but that was he
account that got hacked I don’t think it is now don’t know what that’s random
we’ll have to advise me on that if you know for sure that you’ve had something
act and then you’ve reset all of the passwords to make it a lot stronger how
safe is it in reality and I’m talking in this case YouTube you reckon
I had that I’ve had that account for years since I first started watching
YouTube so I’m hesitant to just let it go that’s always another one easy to make
that’s a baby died they’d be telling baby your password random my pinky Simon
joking by the way did I did I just see the enemy knock out the player and made
them peel melons in and had probably who can you read this
yep just did my favorite font ex granny coming the email is random random whitey
grandson what looks like a font to me and the patent suit so I’m not gonna
read that out well I’ll do whatever you want
bleep yeah it does wits in backwards Oh smooth well that account is for the
ground up our account all us is in game how how are you but I bet you that ain’t
stayed very long so we’ll see if they’ll know reply to this so now we’ll see if he’s still there cuz
I think endgame only speaks in cyber Portuguese or Spanish and then randoms
well this font is better look at the fonts that they’re using it’s crazy
sorry food this time I’m gonna sleep oh we’re losing our pay again for the
fourth or fifth tenth time this stream it is oh there you guys see the thought
I saw someone said they speak Spanish utter don’t ya there you guys say IP
speaks Spanish so you can out all these going to sleep otherwise I’d say you
know give in gamer hola but should I say this in the so I’m gonna say it anyway
in games one of those ones that just constantly spams so I think even when he
or she joins the stream they disciplines right away so not too sure what’s gonna
happen and I say at the moment yeah I want to see something cool as long as
it’s not morning because we had that my last row are we going to stream tomorrow
well I pay at the moment we only stream once a week the reason for that is it
goes back to to you asking like how do we get so many views we do spend a long
time before and after streams doing things to try and get them recognized
promoted that sort of thing so it pretty much takes a whole week just to do that
and part of the reason for that is I visited a lot of streaming channels that
have a lot more subs than we do but that ain’t get as many views and I suspect
because there probably pick up ladies their day for and then we might that’s
where we get to the nightmare level grandma why I’m just gonna dive straight
away Oh didn’t die I’ll die straight away when that happens you don’t want to
me to die straight away Oh homie you’ve lasted longer than me though
wants to see something cool there in different languages I can do that like I
mean I have 1k views and 32 subs that’s impressive if you got that already they
stream every Sunday yeah which is pretty much right we try to do it at the same
time every Sunday for us or there might be Saturday in your neck of the woods
but around this time we do try to do it a bit earlier than when we started today
but that’s very hit and miss so we generally advise like Australian Eastern
Standard Time somewhere between twelve and one o’clock or maybe a bit later on
a Sunday and then you’d have to work out what day and time that is for you right
it’s yes B D sub steadily not from my grandpappy account we picked up picked
up a grande sub overnight literally cuz I keep an eye on random and cane I know
they’ve been picking up subs recently and so put the hand wheel to the black
thing well might poo and stinky for the tenth time from Bay gaming we’ll see if
that’s true we are going to do nightmare but yeah you are once you finished on
this one nightmare mode and then we’ll end up wrapping up the stream after that
because we already passed the two-hour mark
so hopefully stink you’ll survive for a little bit if she doesn’t we’re doing
the nightmare mode Grandma and Grandpa so everybody out difficult it is now
quickly we’re gonna die inside the basement I have sent him on I’m going to
sleep 11:35 year can I cancel the bet goodbye well thank
you this staying as long as you did random and for entertaining us with you
grant I recount wet and Grandpa come in nice clothes are satisfying CLE you
welcome to the stream good to see you what are you up to this weekend you got
anything special planned can I ask the what time it is and where you are cuz
I’m just gonna do it anyway yeah oh I’m Alexander bells here I know Alexander
bell oh you’ve got the safe key awesome how are you Alexander nice to see you I
believe you might be new to the streams as well if either of you play granny
chapter 2 this is not the original one this is the one that’s just been
released this week feel free to give us tips orally we’re at the point where
we’re gonna do the nightmare mode you’re on day four right or day five right so
depending how long stinky can last on this one I’m good and yes sir I did
well okay say we might be able to get some tips from Alexandra burr as I what
happened did we sign quick enough all right stink pants say we can call a stink it
just stinks things I just ink stain gay no response yes the
safe KN then she lost it I’ve played that I killed them
well now we might we might have some experts here like full-blown experts I’m
like our cemeteries noobs so we’re having trouble just shooting grandpa
with a shotgun man anything up but I think we’ve done it successfully once
yet have we and by we I mean you is it Grandma and Grandpa I just won I
think at the moment it’s just grandpa for me yeah I don’t know how the
nightmare might is gonna go because it’s already gonna be a much more difficult
level you’re just gonna say is die fast slime says it took me ages but then you
must have played it very heavily to be able to to have done that already
because unless I’m mistaken it was literally only released about four days
ago or five days ago because I got to say when I tried to UM list it as a game
on YouTube it doesn’t even have granny in chapter 2 as an option so I have to
put it as granny and I noticed one other video that I watched he also at it least
that his granny because he couldn’t put granny to you there I couldn’t do it in
the the streaming Apple either say maybe it just hasn’t been updated yet so say
Alexandra says okay just grandpa will listen close listen carefully and most
of all listen haha what oh here we go with the my my my and is M’s here
you I am good to see ya we’re getting towards the end of the stream eh so you
might not see good action with this because we’re gonna do nightmare mode
I’m just not good with this game granny and Grandpa let’s do this thing
no keep saying I’m gonna do it no no no no I’m not gonna last very long
how do you change they’re made by EBA yeah they want to practice my drive
that’s what I said everyone they same do practice mode they said extreme we’re
doing extreme you never be bored because it’s a choice
you don’t have a choice we doing this thing you not me you’re doing it after
me oh yes no yes staying Kay you got to do it after me
because number one I don’t pay attention to the game when we’re streaming I pay
attention to the odd night we’ve just lost all hope of people because I’m
doing my man-made I know that it’s gonna be so bad it’s an ad good morning slimes
watch a walkthrough just wake up I’m good usually grandpa is in his room if
not he’s coming for you because he’s seen my camera you go ahead
yeah you’ve gonna have to do it mm-hmm so grandma always up stay and the
grandpa usually in his room if not he’s coming after you oh can I just stay in
this room but I really want to go anywhere else I think I can’t open that
thing yeah I don’t know I open any doors can I just
walk around here for a bit make sure you don’t drop anything
what’s that Special K take it and go where am I going
I don’t know what make a camera so they can see you but we will where am I gonna
drop stuff not in there that’s the killing room can I switch
that what didn’t even see it I told you you don’t make noise when you
switch it on that thing is all makes a noise well I was fast it’s extreme oh so
don’t switch the switch is what you’re telling me not that one because it’s me Aaron made
in Morse you got a day to chat not doing the game well Ken said um haha
I’m next one that’s it be careful look around corner they can
pop up like snakes that popped up like a snake alright getting cocky it’s not the
best choice not not cocky very afraid Oh what’s up here can I go up there or
shouldn’t I yet what’s the plan here slime axe are you and look at this game
yes we are final moves total in almost every game accepts clash of Clan pretty
much clash of clans is the anyway where did she come from what didn’t even see
that all by the way and licks friend I said drop things off on the bed drop
things on the bed yeah why have I got a game already and then I let think I’ve
said you absolutely have to I am NOT surviving very long how are you
oh there’s another new person how are you quack thank you for joining the
stream much appreciated by signs off already
yeah hopefully we’ll see you again and how’s your day been so far
quick no I’m really don’t know what to do at this point and my hands are
shaking can you believe that I’ve actually got
shaky hands ready granny’s scaring me scary she can hear stop because I came
up here before and she appeared out of nowhere and just got me already can I do
that oh she said that that looked like granny in that picture
look at that uh-huh okay can I do anything there’s a camera in
the corner nor are away oh what’s that don’t knock things over I remember that
from granny one this makes me jump and you’ll make me do
it for two hours thank you very much I’m taken there’s a camera in the corner
look at me I’m dying so fast on nightmare level too healthy now of
course not why does it it had something embed an arrow and a bit day what does
that mean I can I don’t there well can I just hide it under there the
whole game no we’re going back upstairs again that hasn’t been working out too
well for me you two get stopped and you know there’s a camera somewhere in the
game now is the counter out on the corner how did she get me so fast you make nice
what noise throw money you can’t hear it because you didn’t put the music go on
well that’s true I’m already up to day five already yeah
there’s a camera upstairs there’s a camera guns for you everywhere
Nast everywhere why don’t I have people can do nightmare made this is this crazy
plus I don’t really know where to hide from the granny up there yet this is why
you at least sort of know your way around by now alright you’re gonna do
now man made after me I’ve only got one day left that was grandpa where did he
come from was that grandma I don’t know one of
them both of them the old book with my spine is a book with a weapon well but
you don’t have a chance to focus and click the focus is very small dot yes
what know you’re up to bat no you’re off batting
that is think all right I’ll give it what is it 220 will do one more
nightmare made but then any mystery man cuz we’re already getting close to the
two-and-a-half hour mark come on stinky you know how to do stuff yet see
Alexandra’s saying he here Alexander is probably a hair unsafe Alexandra
since she’s here for you that’s what you’re saying she’s saying she’s here
for you tonight cuz she said her say she’s here for you come on you can do it
and I’m a my let’s go stink stink a pants come on you know you probably last
longer than me say maybe if Alexander is not scared you should be okay it’s it’s
gold power like oh say go DeeDee you made it you do better than me already
you like oh who is that transpose grandpa grandma a both we’re
doing what’s happened we’re doing nightmare mode we go extreme mode it’s
called say both grandma and grandpa in a city super fast hard one doesn’t get any
harder than this didn’t have a chance to get anything I’ll say Alexander is
saying like go upstairs but white as well say we do want to head upstairs but
we want to wait for a little bit I guess just say that that can clear you know
say Grandma and Grandpa up there that’s all we can hope least
with eyes with that room thing you can see where they are night man we are on
nightmare orgy no I just saw someone walk past I saw their footsies
there you go nice hiding well Oh what happened
I thought you actually made it gopal wants to take me out just like Ana
Rommel she’s always siding with you never sides with me in there the
comments always saying leave stink pants alone isn’t it she jumped that’s right
you’d maybe one day we should do it a facecam thing to seek and see the
reactions because you jumped out of your seat on that one and I am it I’m having
shaky hands when I was playing I can’t believe this game actually scares us so
much it’s the middle of the day why did you turn the lights on stink no need for
the lights on are you doing well so I’ll keep an eye on the chat say Alexandre
says locate the nearest camera but do you even know where they are
no we don’t really know where the cameras are except for when you told us
there’s one they are fast in nightmare made only backup so please backup she
said to make in the basement where hang on
are we going upstairs or downstairs we’re going downstairs
I mean upstairs yeah but I think because upstairs maybe you got to go downstairs
first that’s not being down D oh well then I have no answer either way now see
cracks thank you for staying as long as he did we’ll finish up soon as well I
think she’s on day four already was it five I always feel bad because we tended
to leave when there’s a few people in the stream but we do want to try and
keep it sorted to two and a half hour mark we’re already getting close to the
two and a half hour mark and placed on this nightmare made it looks like we’re
not gonna get very far anyway and by we I mean you stink is what you say we do
know about the boat Alexandre but not really cleaning as to what we need to do
we shall exam three was here earlier in the stream would have been able to get
some great help from her as well isn’t it we sort of struggled three well
not struggle because we did get a lot of help from other people that joined but
it’s great getting these tips because they can make him advise us you know do
this do that and I think Alexandre seems certainly seems like she knows what’s
going on in the game and she’s got more courage than you stink girl power
no comment stinkies too busy concentrating she she gets very
frightened as who I let’s face it he’s gay
Adonai gives me the shakes give me the fear so still waiting on something from
Alexandra she said it away okay but I don’t know what you’ve got there special
thing don’t knock anything over his grin and
granny knows when you’re doing that spark plug first it’s possibly in the
vent on the third floor well you’ve survived longer than than we have period
in this game on this level is it out today what do you think about that one
yeah you look like you’re safe I wouldn’t want to move from there under
the bed careful under the bed careful can you go
under the bed say I don’t know how much of a delay there is between the the chat
and no my I just saw them oh okay so you survived don’t knock anything over in
there why cuz I think I knocked the gyre off the the table and granny just
appears out of nowhere she does now you’re running around like a crazy lady so under the bed you’re doing well
almost there that’s not almost there almost died
maybe again I got to say congratulations you’ve survived longer than in this
particular day than I have the entire stream because I’m not going anywhere
that Camrys the trick says alexandra try to avoid that camera what camera and
Cannes also booked night Dido Eddie what day on I don’t know they hadn’t had before on
me on day three the last day all right this is it that is very hard on extreme
weight I mean we couldn’t even do granny ground power and easy say I don’t know
if I should put that in the title saying extreme late at the end
maybe I should end but definitely not throughout the main place well there is
granny and saw a snake crouched under the bed and when you you’re um yeah but
I couldn’t I actually press Crouch under the bed
but then she I say you getting there we’re almost there I can’t say always
finish the game not even close this this say explain it there’s these special Oh too fast all right that looks like
that’s it say thank you for the people that recently joined the stream
hopefully we’ll get to spend more time in the next one Alexandra in particular
thank you so much for the help that you did give us we will in the stream at
this point apologies for the very start of the stream I’m really sorry I let
loose for the swear word I really thought the stream is not running at
that point and also apologize on Stinky’s bath for letting loose with
ones we’re weird as well so we try not to do that but it’s a live stream so
yeah then me in particular I really I’m gonna have to listen to this one again
to find out how bad it was because I know his layout say that anyway say
anyone para way of um yes but again my debut YouTube is
money to be honest I assume you’ve got to be a really kid
I’m worried about my sins sorry funny very careful insight is that I think the
aisle watched a video on a last night silence so hopefully we’ll see you in the next
one Alexandra Belle we’d like to get a
little bit more you’ve been very helpful in this one is there might be happy to
chat with you privately about that on the YouTube chat while that’s still
around but that’s gonna go soon as well and sorry to came for the swear words
because he was there at the start I don’t know or swear word I should say at
the start say we hope everyone has a fantastic weekend what’s left of it and
a great week oh and Alexander if you want me to check
out the channel just remember to leave a comment somewhere on a video because I
don’t do it live chat but hopefully we’ll see you again particularly with
the girl power you’ve got to have the girl power
stinky meet someone on a hand side isn’t it she’s all scared from early
game all right say why all the missing pieces yeah well that’s right they’re
getting rid of you to say I assume if you’ve got this Gordon that’s another
way you know or Instagram I guess this buried really where as this
Court anything else say that might be better
all right say thank you to all in asunder hopefully we’ll see you in the
next one you have a great weekend

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