Gourmet Dinner for a German Shepherd Dog

This here is a turkey heart, the heart of a turkey. Do you want to try? Go eat! You like this? Go eat. We have another one in here. There is another turkey heart. Oooh, that’s good. Go eat! What else do we have? Big pieces here, do we wanna try this? This i have to cut in pieces, that’s too big. We have here turkey liver pieces. Wow, those are good? You can see them wobble … Look at him! Woohoo … This here we have to cut into smaller pieces I don’t want you to choke on it Leave it, no, back, leave it! Don’t touch, leave it. I do need a knife for that Here is one. Let’s see, hold on. Looks like a hard piece Look at this I need a place where i can cut it. Let’s cut this here That’s tough meat Those pieces you can eat. Here. He is not a fan of this, it looks like. Here are more pieces, go eat! I think those are liver kidneys I meant turkey kidneys Must be a specialty Let’s see, if a Yorkie eats it? for a Yorkie this is too dead no? See what Dexi is eating? Yeah I see. It’s a turkey kidney it’s turkey liver. Have you ever seen how turkey liver looks like? No That’s how a liver looks like Its very squishy That’s how a liver looks like From a turkey or from a pig or a human, looks the same oh, and this is a turkey heart. Have you ever seen a heart from a turkey? I have never seen a heart from a turkey. And Dexi can eat it, it’s for Dexi to eat , right? He doesn’t know he can eat it, he never ate it before. He is not sure. Can you go back a step, because i have to cut this one in half? See that’s how it looks like inside the heart Can i see inside the heart? Look how it’s pumping It pumps? It pumps. Oh. I am going to cut this too. See here. You wanna look again inside the heart? He likes it too much. There is inside where the hole is, see? Here, eat your liver!

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