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Marlon: Hulk is the most famous dog in the world. I don’t think there’s a dog that is more famous than this dog on the planet. And I was a homeless kid on Martha’s Vineyard. Now I can return home with a famous dog. And it’s special. I think it is going to be pandemonium when this dog hits that island. Woman: It’s the biggest pit-bull in the world. Man: It’s a dream come true like almost like he’s actually here. Marlon: Dog dynasty take, go, sit. So today is a pretty special day. We’re going to go to Martha’s Vineyard, it’s where I was from. It’s where I was raised. I’ve never really, you know, brought the dog back there since, you know, this whole world fame thing has happened. My first fascination with dogs, you know, started on Martha’s Vineyard. So it’s only right to go back and pay homage to you know where it began. I’m excited. I’m excited to go to the vineyard. It’s been a while you know since I really been back definitely one of the most famous people to come from Martha’s Vineyard without a doubt. I think it is going to be, pandemonium when this dog hits that Island. I think on Martha’s Vineyard the reception is going to be crazy, it’s not hard it’s simple. Wow that hey well I think about how many sharks be swimming around in the water right now. You know this is where they filmed Jaws. So Martha’s Vineyard is actually where they shot the film, Jaws. Every time I go over there all I can think about is sharks. How many sharks are underneath the water? How would Hulk face off against a shark? Hulk would not face off against a shark. Hulk would get his ass eaten by a shark if he was in the water. What the hell would he do against a shark? Shark would swallow him whole. Dog Dynasty K9 started on Martha’s Vineyard, you know. So it started as Dog Dynasty kennels, when I was over here. Bring the dog back to where you know where we started at. Once, once the word gets out and you know, it starts to swell, it’d be, it’d be pretty hectic. Marlon: So I figured right when we pull off the boat we’re going to go over to one of the places that you know I used to call home. Giant, grassy field. This is the vineyard haven. I mean, I literally slept out here like multiple times just couldn’t get housing with the dogs. So rather than, you know, not have the dogs I’d just rather sleep outside. I mean, this is dog heaven. This is great for the dogs, you know what I mean, I’m just I’m not a dog; unfortunately. you know what I mean? So for me, it wasn’t ideal but for the dogs like they, they had a great time during the homeless periods of time. I mean you know, I always love for them. Boy you got no idea what I’ve been through to make sure you were here. What’s this baseball? Let’s play baseball, you got a baseball? Right here, see you later then I’m out. He’s going to go and pee on something. He takes a pee, he takes a pee in my old living room. No, I used to live here as a young kid. Oh, oh, attack. I don’t notice like the size or like that because I’m with him all the time. He’s real quick. Oh, now dude what you casing me? Can’t get me now I’m on the other side. My day you had to be a runner and climb fences. We’ll leave it at that. Roll up to do that. Martha’s Vineyard this time of year is crazy because what you got to understand about the vineyard is like, in the wintertime in the offseason there’s about 10,000 people on the island. And in the summer there’s about 120,000 people on the island. And we chose the busiest weekend of the summer to go so it’s going to be nuts. Lisa: Marlon wants to put Hulk in the in the Corvette and drive down Circuit Avenue, which is super busy. It’s going to be fun. We’ve done it before in different locations, but never anywhere super busy like this. Marlon: So Circuit Avenue reminds me of Venice, that’s kind of where all the bars are and all the kind of like, main tourism is like really heavy. So you know, I figured, you know, we throw Hulk in the Corvette and we take him up the one of the main streets there, with Shadow and chase the car down the street, you know,
have a little fun with it. Shadow: They’re going to be driving around on Main Street area here and on the vineyard. It’s going to be large crowds, just like a presidential motorcade. I’ll be walking along making sure nobody reaches in the vehicle. Make sure nobody does anything inappropriate. Marlon: First of all, I think I’m going to say the Hulk is the most famous dog in the world. I don’t think there’s a dog that is more famous than this dog on the planet. When you go out with him he’s more famous than most red carpet celebrities literally. Like he gets noticed everywhere, It’s chaos man. Shadow: When you’re trying to do an appearance with Marlon and the dog, we kind of have to have you know, six eyes in the back of your head. Woman: It’s the biggest pitbull in the world. Marlon: Oh my god. Oh my god. I’m his biggest fan I swear. I mean, I’ve had people crying when they see him. Lisa: You could barely move. It was just, it was insane. Marlon: We rolling down Circuit Avenue you know, ain’t nobody’s seen that one before. I got stopped in traffic for maybe like 10 seconds or 20 seconds. And inside of that 20 seconds it gives everybody the ability to catch up. So next thing you know theres. Woman: Hi puppy. Oh he’s so cute. Dog is famous. He is so sweet. I love the dog, he loves the people.
Marlon: Thank you. Man: You know, I honestly I’ve it’s always been a dream. I watch his like stories and snapchat about the Hulk. Last one I saw was him with Swae Lee and the dog in the music video. Dude I’m like I want to meet that dog it’s like such a big dog and like seeing it I’m like, oh my gosh like it’s a dream come true like on my plate its actually here its crazy. Like I’ve met the Hulk, I’ve seen the Hulk real life is real. Marlon: You know without these people I don’t have anything. So I always try to appreciate them and embrace them and want to give them lasting memories of us. So I think next we’re going to try to head over to the Red Cat for dinner. We got invited by good friend, you know, Ben DeForest and bring us into the VIP area and let us experiences this beautiful restaurants. So I think we’re going to go and do that. Marlon: Sure when I come out when I come out. Maybe I don’t know. That’s where the Obamas go too so that VIP, VIP VIP. private that’s what I’m talking about. Ben: I’ve known Marlon probably 10, 10 to 14 years something like that he grew up here. I remember the first time that I entertained getting one of his dogs, and walked to his house and knocked on the door. And there were five large dogs in there and he just had this beautiful gentle control over them. His relationship with these dogs is just stunning. It’s the first time I met Hulk here is at the Red Cat. So that’s really great. Marlon: I’m always very thankful to have family around me. I consider my crew a beautiful family. So I mean, I’m just very thankful to be able to have these moments where we can all sit down together and just, just enjoy a meal and it was an awesome experience. Perfect I hear.
Ben: Marlon if you want. Marlon: What’s that?
Ben: Red meat. Marlon: For him he got it he’ll have that for sure. Wow yes. Marlon: I’m sure he’s like dude,
I got steak. Oh man. Perfect. Lisa: As an extra treat he gave Hulk a really nice piece of steak. Marlon: You know I mean that’s, that’s one
of the top restaurants on the island so Hulk got himself nice beef down there. Thank you so much.
Waitress: Thank you. Have a goodnight yeah. Waitress: Have a great night. Marlon: Thank you very much take care. It’s pretty mind blowing to think about how far that it’s come you know. the fact that you know I was homeless kid on Martha’s vineyard. And you know now I can return home with you know a famous dog, and you know amazing things that I have in my life. So yeah it’s it’s it’s special. My, my how life has changed. Man: This is the last thing I expected to see today.

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