German Shepherds are sniffing a lot/Owczarki Niemiecki sporo węszą

If you will want to buy a German Shepherd Or adopt one of them Then remember These dogs are sniffing a very lot The nose almost all the time close to the ground And when they’ll feel a very new smell So, through the smell dog’s get knowing the world He feels something new, he needs to check it Mark it Now this pistil is yours? Again some smell Must check Nothing interesting, let’s go further For German Shepherds this is genetic. This is it, German Shepherds has genetically conditioned of sniffing everywhere They’re also very inquisitive It was raining a lot today This is why is so many water in the river There was almost no water here What Major? Nothing new The same places, the same smells sometimes you’ll find something new So it’s nothing special for German Shepherd That almost all time nose is close to the ground And sniffing everywhere Always & everywhere That’s their genes So thanks for watching of this short documentary film about German Shepherds & see you next time Later

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