German Shepherd walks without commands/Owczarek Niemiecki spaceruje bez komend

Such a peaceful cool evening, a perfect for a walk, right Major? So today will be a little experiment A walk with no commands I won’t saying nothing Until I’ll have to May Major go where he wants to & we gonna see, will he go, where I will If I won’t call him But if I’ll spot other dog Or I don’t know, a motorcycle A Quad Or cyclers, then I gonna call you So just let’s go Through those vast fields Far away from people & other dogs Well Major, do what you wanna But you know within reason I not tell you nothing Let’s begin I’ll go here Such a good dog The grain harvested Does Major see right now a deer-roe? I don’t see any There’s lot of them here in the winter What Major sees, maybe the fox? Or the pheasant Something’s there Yeah I see Sparrows Major is of course inquisitive & he has to check Good dog It wasn’t a command, it was a approbation He’s checking Do I am, do I’m not hiding I can’t walk with zoom Then whole picture is shaking Of course I took a camera, not a phone I have the phone but I’m recording with the camera Better stabilization, better zoom without losses Major goes, goes & he doesn’t wanna stop I would already order him to come back But I don’t have to He’ll return by himself when he’ll wants to This pose He’s waiting me until I’ll come You look pretty In this field during sitting I’m coming to you This field is so long There’s Major He’s walking like a wolf & looking for animals I see you, wolf When this field gonna ends? The wolf went out from his hid to finding his prey Lone wolf He heard something, he saw something I hear the train What Major’s chasing? Where’s he? Is it a hare? Where Major’s hid? I see him What did you find? Is between those trees deer-roes hiding? Or other animals What you found there, Major There you are Something really interested him Run, run An active walk is a good walk This is how a walk with Major looks like, when I won’t tell him what to do I won’t call him I won’t tell him where to go He’s always following me & he disappeared again I hear him, but not see Let’s call him. MAJOR, TO ME! He runs Good doggo Good Major Let’s go further Sun already set Let’s come to home before the night We’re not far away So thanks for watching & see you next time Later

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