Dogumentary TV producing the best
breed documentaries I think German Shepherds a great dog
because of their massive amounts of versatility
they’re extremely versatile dog in the aspect that they can do all kinds of
work for people and they also could make a great home pet and you know they’re
used from everything from range of a seeing-eye dog which is you know an
extreme sound temperament a dog to a working dog for police or military or a
sport or competition dog and everything in between
my name is Chris Taylor a breeder of German Shepherd dogs I have been out of
my own personal kennel for the last 15 years with Vaughn Taylor HOF kennels I
my family has a history of breeding as well my mother’s side she comes from
Germany and been kind of raised and grown up around the German Shepherd dog
my entire life my job every day 80 100 plus hours a week as training and
working with within my kennel and which is German Shepherds I train all breeds
of dogs but probably because of my background with the German Shepherd my
involvement within the breed I’m very well known a trained German Shepherds so
the mass majority of the breeds of the dogs we work with are from the German
Shepherd breed the German Shepherd was obviously created and by Max von Stefan
it’s was the founder of the breed and obviously at the time of the inception
of the breed the the diet was raw food or even sometimes cooked food but we
didn’t have kibbles back then so any of the dogs were typically fed you know
direct raw food diets and while it wasn’t really well known at the time you
know what they were doing nutritionally so much and they were onto something by
staying that way but at that time even our diets didn’t have quite the
preservatives other steroids of the MSG’s or any of the other you know
things we have put into our our foods today that they did then so the diet’s
subsequently were were predominantly healthier you know you have a lot of the
goat farmers sheep farmers it’s Shepherd for Shepherd dogs and that as a
fantastic protein source had fantastic green tripe source and a lot of the the
farmers you know fed that directly to the dogs and and chickens as well as
extremely common least less expensive for the farmers that they feed their
dogs as well so it’s pretty natural for them to have that I feel feeding all
dogs so raw diet is a good idea it’s there as to what their natural Anatomy
is designed to digest and we haven’t even through our eugenics of selective
breeding we haven’t done much to alter the digestive system in the anatomy very
little I would say if anything at all in most breeds but the the dog’s genetics
and natural Anatomy is designed to eat a raw diet I think the biggest benefit to
feeding a raw diet to a German Shepherd dog or working dog in general is the
amount of energy they’re able to produce from that diet and the usefulness of all
the calories that are within that diet there’s not a lot of empty calories in
Morada actually there’s very little to no empty calories in a raw diet versus a
kibble has a tremendous amount of empty calories I always use the analogy of
kibbles or kind of like a fast-food restaurant
diet and a raw diet is kind of something you would have a nutritionist develop
for you at a gym where you don’t have a lot of waste in your diet Maddox
advocacy for raw food is just that I don’t really like to see how much the
dogs are affected by eating so many preservatives and an unnatural diet and
the reality is for dogs even the top of the end kibbles are just different
grades of fast foods in my opinion it’s kind of like comparing the difference
between McDonald’s and in and out there’s still not really a healthy food
they’re not natural for the dogs and there’s tons of empty calories and lots
of preservatives they’re not good for us they’re not good for anything else
every doctor any human would go to would tell you to avoid preservatives and eat
more fresh foods and it’s kind of odd to me that many
vets don’t recommend fresh foods for dogs yeah I made the switch from kibble
to raw primarily as a health concern I had dogs that were having some some
issues with the feeding you were seeing it in the coach for seeing dry skins
they’re seeing a lot of allergies and I started looking in the specifically what
allergies where and what was really causing them and once you got past like
the flea and tick allergies and things that can come environmentally different
grasses pollens things like that it came down to food and I started thinking okay
dogs are allergic to chicken or dogs are allergic to potatoes or certain starches
and things of that nature and more and more I came to realize that it wasn’t
the actual chicken that the dogs are allergic to is the preservatives that
the chickens were that was used to preserve the chicken in the kibble and
and when they changed the context of the food by baking it and they used all the
preservatives to keep especially the meat products then I realized it wasn’t
chicken it wasn’t beef it wasn’t duck it wasn’t Buffalo it wasn’t any of those
the actual proteins it was the preservatives that kept the
proteins and that was what was causing all the allergies and the issues to the
dogs and you’d see it obviously if you’re allergic to something anybody’s
that’s drink and I know has lactose intolerance even in a slight you know
amount you drink a cup of warm milk before you go to bed that’s cuz ER
intolerance to Dino those of the lactose and even puts you to sleep or drops your
energy level and and that was very much the case when it came to working with
dogs and he saw they didn’t have the energy level that they did and as soon
as I started developing a raw diet for them and you know
investigating it more and I came from the strong athletics background where
nutrition is a very important factor and I literally just kind of incorporated
that and then started investigating you know how dogs digest and using a little
bit of my biology background and and noticing the difference in effects of as
I started to evolve in my raw diet and to develop what we use today that it
started making tremendous strides at you know I stopped having any of the
allergic reactions to the dogs the stools were smaller they didn’t smell
the dog’s energy level was through the roof
I didn’t have the teeth issues it as you’ve probably seen the videos later
the dogs teeth are very very clean we don’t brush the dog’s teeth ever
we don’t ever formally clean their teeth they eat the raw food the bones and the
raw food help keep the teeth clean and and it’s a it’s just we’ve basically
eliminated so many health issues from it that it’s a it’s been just a humongous
advantage I’m not saying it’s the only thing but definitely huge our formula
that we make with our company’s wild instincts raw is more of a complete diet
formula we find that there’s there’s still a necessity for some of the other
ingredients that we were able to put in beyond like a barf diet or a pray model
only diet so we have added some other ingredients into ours that we feel
create more benefit for the dog as well obviously we stay with you know we have
certain proteins that which include bone and an organ meat and we do get the
majority of our dogs vegetation and digestive enzymes which I feel is
probably the most important thing going today within a dog’s diet is having a
balanced digestive enzymes it helps keep the any other pancreas healthy and the
rest of the digestive system healthy and capable of processing and digesting all
these nutrients and so we include several key ingredients beyond the
proteins beyond the bone beyond the regular organ meat like a liver kidney
heart long those types of things the green tripe I think is probably the most
a necessity most necessary ingredient we have and the reason again like I said it
was primarily the digestive enzymes that are that I’ve are coming out of that
green tribe that we get it’s not found any really anywhere else
obviously we add some probiotics and prebiotics and that as well those are
important we use typically use a goalkeeper and for for us outside of
that like I said the green tribe is probably what makes a giant separation
in that and how we utilize it makes a big separation between our raw
and and many are most others then our vegetation mix what that we use in there
is able to be processed without the green tripe in the digestive enzymes in
the green tripe and how its how its processed by us the vegetation is
basically useless you know when I see vegetables and and fruits and
ingredients the mass majority of that is just extract because they’re not capable
of digesting it because the dogs within that diet they don’t have included a
digestive enzymes so and the raw food business kind of it grew and it was
inception that has I started creating my own kennel and right away I started
seeing and kind of the downfalls of feeding kipples and different variations
of kibbles that I was trying at the time and and I got introduced to the idea of
raw feeding diet by my friend and mentor Tom Paine and he originally discussed it
with me and in that it triggered something in me and then it became an
obsession for probably about the last fourteen years the raw food diet is
optimum for the training rigors that our dogs go through because it just helps
them you know can’t maintain the energy to to push farther and harder and they
don’t lose time due to any allergies or reactions or dietary insufficiencies
that you would have on a junk food diet or a kibble diet or anything like that
you know any athlete if they were on a a junk food diet and would wear a fast
food diet would would definitely have starting having the detrimental effects
with that and it’s basically you know keeping their nutrition in a very strong
level helps them with their muscular system their skeletal system they’re
getting appropriate amounts of calcium so they’re all getting very strong bones
especially with the exercise that we do as high-impact exercises that definitely
helps them harden up their bones and then we do a ton of conditioning work
and build a muffled content with the appropriate protein quantities and it’s
just uh it’s it’s been the right kind of diet to allow them to continue to push
every single day day in doubt temperament and emotion certainly can be
affected by a raw diet we quite often help prescribe that diet to people who
have temperament issues with their dogs again getting back to allergies are a
high issue when it comes to or a very popular issue when it comes to dogs
especially we’re here in Southern California we deal with a lot of a lot
of clients that have allergy issues and when I see a temperament issue and an
allergy issue a lot of times that is they are directly correlating and
working together and when we solve the allergy issue the dogs not feeling bad
anymore he’s feeling better he’s feeling happier he’s feeling healthier and you
start seeing a lot of that being a lot of the temperamental issues subsiding
with with the allergies a raw food diet has direct correlation to the dog’s coat
having the essential oils that are in SS necessary in the diet especially the
omega-3s and fats are directly correlated dogs coat in the health of
the dog’s coat and with the absence of allergies dog skin is healthier we don’t
have the code issues the dryness of skin the itchiness the rashes the hot spots
things like that aren’t quite as common when they’re on the raw diet
Radha also has great benefits to the dog skeletal system as well as their tendons
and their ligaments the amount of calcium that’s put into the percentages
of a good balanced raw diet is directly affecting dog’s muscular system our
skeletal system and and their tendons and ligaments dog’s teeth are benefited
greatly by our raw diet they don’t have so much of the build-up that you have
with a kibble so they stay pretty clean everything is washed out quite easily
and the bone within the raw diet helps create the little little miniature
toothbrushes basically to keep down a lot of the tartar and plaque off of them
digestion is critical when you’re talking about a raw diet I think again
getting back to green stripe and the digestive enzymes found on the green
tribe absolutely essential without the
digestive enzymes you know dogs can process bone and they can process some
proteins and the rest of the diet is is has to be obtained or the rest of the
digestive enzymes has to be obtained within the diet the pancreas can create
very small amounts of the other digestive enzymes necessary but
predominantly it’s it’s being filled back up by the diet of the dogs eating
and so the ingredient of greens ripe and the digestive enzymes found in the green
tripe is essential but again essentially the dogs they can’t create this on their
own so being a predator they’re stealing that or those digestive enzymes from
another animal that can’t create that for example other herbivores that eat
grasses or eat vegetation they have larger multiple tracks stomachs on long
digestive system and they can break down greens you know much easier than the
very short digestive tract of a dog a dog has high acidic and in a very short
digestive tract so they can you know digest and tear apart proteins without
too much of a problem but greens are or very very difficult for dogs to digest
so being able to take those greens that already pre digested from another animal
and that’s that’s just part of the physiology of dogs the big physiological
differences between a show line German Shepherd and a working line German
Shepherd or basically how they’re created to move a show line is created
to be more of a gating dog and a moving dog and a working line is typically
created to be more of a jumping dog a driving dog a striking dog so they’re
more made for sprinting and in getting more short burst distances not they
can’t go long distances but they’re going along distance is more based upon
their desire and their drives than they are based upon their physiology one of
the issues behind a lot of the show lines that I see is weakness of tendons
especially you see it in their passwords DC in their hawks and I think abroad I
can strongly benefit that by firming those up at an earlier age a lot of
times you see that and puppies have very weak passwords every week tendons and
need to tighten up their tendons and you know breeders and show enthusiasts
they’ll wait and they’ll they’ll expect that those will firm up as they mature
and they they kind of do sometimes but they can strongly benefit from a raw
diet buy and have them firming up a little bit quicker typical life
expectancy of a German Shepherd is 10 to 12 years ish you can see dogs push on a
lot farther than that and a lot of times we can argue that it depends on lines
and some what does I think it depends on genetics period and that’s just like
yeah you or I or anybody else that has that in their family they have longer
genetics a lot more longevity in their genetics and as others have shorter
longevity and but we have found definitely a raw diet definitely helps
expand that just through Oregon Health is probably the predominant benefactor
of a raw diet meaning they’re not having the stresses that are having that you’ll
have you know processing a lot of preservatives every day and that takes
tremendous strain on the liver in the kidneys and the heart and and we see
dogs break down from that quite early cancer is another thing you’ll see from
eating a large amount of preservatives and diet of course that’s that’s
probably the most obvious one this is a raw diet especially a more natural raw
diet doesn’t have so many preservatives in it or any preservatives in it at all
the only thing we used to preserve our food is freezing it so like the first
dog you saw coming out today was Merrick he’s been raw fed for probably the last
year a little more than a year and a half of his life he’s two and a half
year old dog now the last year and a half his life he’s been strictly raw fed
he had been on some freeze-dried raw before that and some varied kibbles and
some raw as well but he wasn’t really consistent with that before and you’ve
seen him mature really nicely he’s added a bunch of muscle part of that as a
conditioning for sure but a bilities to have the nutrition nutrients delivered
into his body and the appropriate amounts has allowed him to
that muscle his bone is and his bone density is definitely hardened out and
become much nicer and he’s always you know from the inception of starting to
get the raw diet all of his uh his tendons have firmed up very nicely and
strongly and so we see a very strong tendon
the second dog we brought out was cask the cask is turning 3 in November and
same thing he’s been raw fed since he since I obtained him at 11 months old
and he’s been exclusively raw fed again you see the tremendous coat you see the
great teeth see the excellent bone and the muscle structure and just a very
sound dogs never had you know we don’t have the skin allergies or any of those
problems sir the third dog we had out the female with our name is anna anna’s
about the same time line of raw feeding as merrick she actually had you know a
couple years of her life before wrong on some higher-end kibbles and in a various
raw formulas and freeze-dried formulas but for again for the last about year
and a half of her life she’s been strictly raw seen a great change in her
especially being it she’s been a mother a couple times over and to go right
through you know pretty large sized litters without any issues at all plenty
of milk plenty of ability to feed and always having an abundance of that and
and again bouncing right back from that the weaning process isn’t hasn’t had any
alteration whatsoever walters yeah I’ve been raw food since he was born or well
since he’s been weaned actually and he’s out of our our kennel but we’ve
definitely had him bulk up and build some bone density and some muscle
density yeah raw diet is incredibly important for a puppy in my opinion the
the their growth allows them to grow at a more natural rate or I think a large
amount of kibble you can have too many passed down steroids preservatives
growth hormones things like that using the diet that passes right on down to
the to the puppies a digestive tract and and it gets absorbed and concurrently I
see those dogs you know grow at natural rates and they’re grown in
healthy rates as he saw in the last puppy that Gabe brought out the seven
months old he’s a very nice size for the age he hasn’t grown too fast he’s not
having the issues like panelists ëitís or any the growing issues that you have
in dogs that are too large too fast and uh he’s had no skin allergies or ear
infections or anything of that sort he’s been able to be a pretty healthy dog and
it’s a and we’ve only been able to quite easily keep you know parasitic things
under control as well again German Shepherd is extremely versatile breed
and the great benefit from having a raw diet it allows them to be all that they
can be and allows them to have the energy to be that great working dog or
to put in those long hours as a service animal and and keep them going and I
think it’s for any dog that’s gonna have long hours or a high energy output it’s
it’s nutrition just as anything for anyone or any athlete whether they be
canine or human four-legged or – they need a they need the nutrition that
needs to be appropriate for them and even if your dogs on a working dog I
feel you know health and nutrition is important to every person it should be
important to everybody’s dog as well if you love your pets care for them they
are not able to make the nutritional choices for themselves you have to make
those choices for them and if you really care for them and love them you’ll give
them the message nutritional values that they can have and I believe that that
comes from a raw diet


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