German Shepherd Dog Running In 4K Slow Motion ( Alsatian Shepherd Dog )

Welcome back to Warped perception. Sorry we haven’t posted any videos in a while. I’ve been really really sick. Stomach flu versus the flu. Norovirus: you don’t want it. We picked the windiest day. today over the year to film. Today I’m going to be showing you something. That I’ve been wondering about for a long
time. I just haven’t filmed it yet. We got April the German Shepherd right here. I’m going to do something really simple. I’m just going to film her running. She runs really fast. So I’m just going to film her running. In 4K slow motion. And the first thing that we are going to do. You know how to brush a dog?. Yes. She’s excited she knows something’s going
to happen today. Hup hup. And I think she’s too fast. I don’t think this golf cart is fast enough. but we’re going to try it first. To see if we can get something good. If not we’re going to use the truck. And let’s get this going. Now I’m going to
jump on the golf cart. And I’m going to go full speed. And then I’m going to have her just release
her. And April’s going to get really excited. Are you ready April?. Go go go go. 4K slow mo 1300 FPS. Alright so it looks like it got a little bit
too late in the day. So we couldn’t do the second part of this. In the truck. Will do that at another time. I decided to have her attack Fabian. In slow motion. Yeah but he said he doesn’t want to do it. I guess I’ll do it. Okay. Look at April’s already ready look at her. Ready ready. Zits. zitzen. Just fass fass. That’s what you’re going to tell her. April loves this. That’s it for this episode. If you want to see more. Well this wasn’t really a full episode. but if you want to see more of April. Just let me know. Tell us what you think in the comments below. Don’t forget to like share and subscribe. And that’s about it. Until next time. Adios. You ready April come on.

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