Garden Pond UPDATE – Why Are Koi So EXPENSIVE?

what’s up fish tank people dustinsfishtanks bringing it do you live on a Sunday baby how’s
everybody doing I hope you’re doing well so today I want to bring you guys a
little bit of garden pond action super stoked to be sitting here in front of my
garden pond and I’m gonna bring you an update on it we’re gonna give you update
on the garden pond I’m also gonna give you types of koi and why koi are so
expensive and then I’ve also got Sunday it’s species Sunday it’s all about the
cream it’s all about the Krenim I do have a type of pond Krenim to show you
but first I want to show you guys where I spend the majority of my time in the
summer I’m sitting here this is my chill spot this is a I don’t know hundred
dollars well stranded home whatever and this actually overlooks my pond so I
want to give you guys some advice and anybody that is trying to build a garden
pond or do anything with the garden pond is build it close to your house okay you
once your pond close to your house I’m gonna quickly flip the camera around so
you guys can see just like how this setup is here so I sit here and then my
feet are here and there’s the pot so this is what I’m looking at it’s pretty
pretty like you know pretty good way to go I actually have this right out here
so I sit here like this and I watch my garden pot so I would advise anyone that
is building a garden pond let me plug the mic in real quick
anybody that’s building a garden pond to totally get it close to your house and
there’s a couple of reasons that you want to do that reason number one is
predators when it’s close to your house you don’t have to worry as much about
animals getting around your pond you know I have a dog my dog is worthless a
tutorial Trillian shepherd but there is a scent
of a dog that goes around there and just in general natural predators blue herons
I’ve had I’ve had blue herons nearby I’ve had raccoons but they’re not as
likely to come around when there’s a lot of stuff going on near your house so you
want to make sure that your garden pond is close to your house that’s the first
reason predators worry about predators I’ve got links around here at videos
where I’ve caught stuff trying to get into my pond or wherever
reason number two reason number two is this it’s easier to work up uh yesterday
I’m sitting there chilling and we’re gonna go out there in a second and I was
doing a water change it’s right here like it’s right next to my house if I
could just pull the hose the hose goes right into the pond it’s no big deal at
all so I totally am all about having it close to the house for easy maintenance
easy water changes if I see something that I want to adjust or mess with I
just go out there and I grab it you know I got a weed I want to pull out wherever
and I’m gonna show some of those that I’ve been weeding in a second it’s not a
big deal like it’s close to my house I don’t have to walk out there to it and
then number three its fur just pure enjoyment I mean it’s really close by
like my kids I’ll show this in a second but my kids actually have like a little
like very nested they’ve made they made a little bridge across it I don’t
exactly want them you know like out playing in my pond at the same time like
they’re young kids and they get to enjoy part of the pond my one daughter my
daughter NOLA she likes it’s right over here
the whole time like she’s literally just like sits right over on that spot that
little log right there and just chills and that’s not there’s nothing better
than that is like you know teaching your kids to enjoy and appreciate nature at
an early age so they sit there and they do that so it’s great I mean the
family’s involved even the ball and chain my wife she’s she’s I caught her
chilling out by the pond feeding the fish forever so it’s fantastic I do
recommend that you keep everything like near your house it’s just the
recommended way to go I want to discuss the pond here because in the initial
setup of this pond I’m gonna stand up second here with my coffee cup was done
in pole freakin sunlight so I’m actually gonna grab the camera and the coffee and
show you the setup it’s delicious it’s delicious coffee hang on all right let’s wit this around here so
the pond was set up as I swapped this you’ve got going on the pond was
initially set up in full sunlight and you can see how close it is to the house
the only minor drawback if you will is that I cannot feed my fish from inside
the porch we redid our house you’ll notice there’s it’s done in thirds this
is a design rule for both your aquariums and your well your life there’s one two
three panels they’re all uniform you know the rule of thirds is in full
effect and then right here I actually don’t have a way to feed the koi that
would be something that I would like to ultimately do but I wanted to give you
guys a tour out here so this is where my daughter sits and kills that stick is
actually used as a ferry bridge there they put it across there I took it off
for the pose so my kids literally sit here and just chill like they sit across
and they like they have a little ferry bridge and they chill and they just love
it every now and then a flower something
will come across there but I’ll walk through here and show you guys this is
my band to heal my leg it’s a really sweet plant
I just bought so it was originally done in full sunlight we’ll start at the top
and then we’ll feed them all right well here perfect example alright so the Sun
is out in full force and it hits the pond and pool go now in your fish tanks
or whatever this would be a problem the only way you can really combat that is
with Auton it’s helmet on plants but the plants provide shade the plants provide
natural nitrate absorption and the pond is actually in year two of what we have
going on so I’m in year two of this and you can see the plant growth is
ridiculous right here the hibiscus is actually awesome and this was actually a
late bloomer here so this took a minute but notice this can I get a like does
anyone enjoy this it does it does help me and support me you know it’s a pretty
pretty wicked pond plan if I do say so myself I’m not exactly sure on the
scientific name but it did survive the winter though and you can see there’s
plenty more budding to go on this one two three one two three one two
three I mean it’s got every bit of I don’t know fifty more buds to come maybe
so yeah so I’m pretty pumped about that this is for excuse me this is Paris that
almost all of horn work that’s a parrot feather I highly recommend this now
critics would say Dustin why are you recommending an invasive plant look this
plant right here does a great job of oxygenating the pond and it just it
looks cool I’ve got a smaller variety and I’ve got a larger variety don’t ask
me how I have two different variety so I have enjoyed the way this is filled in I
actually don’t even have the bio-balls this was a fun aquascape over for
whatever and it came with them set a bio ball to actually took those out and
three over there cuz they were all clogged up or whatever so this is
running here and then I’ve got this point out you know what this is anybody
knows this is I love the mill cuz it’s totally looking awesome but I’ve got the
regular these are Hardy lilies this year I decided not to put in any what’s it
called Billie’s any new tropical lilies because they had to come out I’m going
to talk about the koi in just a second but you can see that they’re totally
chilling there and totally loving and I do want to talk about this right here
this is a red stem Thalia anybody that’s been at the aquatic experience has seen
me do these this is one of my favorite plants because this plant will get about
11 feet tall it’s actually short but the problem was that was being choked out by
this plant right here so I actually removed this so this was a giant plant
that was sitting down in here like this and it was sitting down in there like
that actually had to remove that out so I wanted to show that and then I’ve also
got this is the horse tail rush right here totally loving the horse tail rush
it is actually getting choked out so what I did is I removed that but it’s
still bent over right here which I don’t like but I’m sure it will come back and
I’d love to know your opinion on horse tail rush it’s people have said that it
can actually puncture a pond liner I highly doubt that but if anyone wants to
give me their feedback on it so my goal is to have the red stem Thalia you can
see where the red stem Talia gets its name
and have it grow up high out of there so that’s the goal I’ve also got some one
of these called these are the umbrella poms these you’re not actually doing as
well as I would like this is a Krenim that I am going to talk about here this
is trying to rules everything around me this is a spider dilly I believe it’s
acronym Americana and if anybody knows exactly what this is please let me know
and I’ve got some creme Thai on them so krenov Americana from America then I’ve
got the crown town and this is the aquarium plant that I do have on sale
right now buy one get one free but you notice the similarities in these
plants though the Krenim right here and then this one down here is going quite
well it’s got the bulb you can see the bulb down in there so I’m really
enjoying the way this came out of nowhere for me so I’m really loving this
Lily just popping off get a better look without my ugly feet in it but there’s
the lily right there so I am totally loving these plants right here and this
just came back like this wasn’t even that like expected like I don’t even
think it bloomed last year come to think of it so there’s the Krenim for you but
it’s Sunday it’s species Sunday I do want to talk about Cory because the koi
are I’m learning a lot with the koi and one of the things that I actually am
learning with the koi is that you do get what you pay for you do what you pay for
with fish you get what you pay for live bears you do to pay for with koi take a
sip of my coffee here and we’ll bring the koi out for you
so you can see this is this is a setup right here like that whole deal you guys
liking this alright this is uh just one for me I like doing these live in the
sunday so here’s something Cory we’re gonna throw them a little bit of
food and I love it because my kids come out here and they feed them they go boys
come on out so there you go so there’s the koi boys are loving it you guys
liking this you are enjoying this please give me a like please give me a share
because help me out lets me know my digital world loves me so i’m about to
roll and tell you guys about the koi so i got to get them all out and i got to
get my smiley face coffee going okay so here’s the deal with the koi the koi are
very interesting to me because they’re the most expensive fish I’ve ever
purchased in my entire life so the koi are insane and I basically bought all of
these koi almost all of them together there’s a few exceptions but I want to
talk about the reason that koi are so expensive the reason that we are so
expensive is this the breeding of them is absolutely insane and it’s done think
of it like dogs they both act like dogs they come over here they bag or whatever
but it’s also the way that they are bred for certain traits notice this white
fish right here the all-white fish that fish I paid I want to say like 30 40
bucks for whatever notice the fish behind him here with the red dot that
red dot means honcho okay tacho in Japanese means red dye why is this
important the red dot and a red dot on a white fish comes from Japan what’s the
symbol what’s the flag of Japan Japan is the Land of the Rising Sun so a fish
with all white body and a red dot on his head is of like high value that’s called
a honcho okay that fish right there the white one who which is one of my
favorite fish by the way actually lost his red dot okay so he had he had a red
dot just like this one over here and similar to the one like they’re all
a different variety he has entirely lost his red back so why did that happen well
when they breed them they might have and I’m spitballing these numbers here but
when they breed them they might have like I don’t know call it a hundred fish
and thirty of the fish might actually have the all-white body with the red dot
but then of those thirty fish maybe fifteen it will actually stay because
that fish is only a year old and he’s he’s actually one my favorite he comes
out he’s like one of the first to eat all the time he’s one of my favorites he
has completely lost the red dot on his head okay so you don’t know that when
you first buy the fish until they get two years old okay
that’s what’s called a Tosa that big fish back there that fish was was would
retail for about five hundred bucks I got it from a man art at Asheville shout
out to the Carolina water escapes my dude Art’s pretty much the guy I’ve
bought most of these fish from that fish was about three hundred bucks okay why
was that fish $300 I’ll tell you why that fish was three hundred ollars that
features three hundred bucks because he’s going to keep looking like that
that fish is always going to look like that I mean with with very little
exceptions actually that fish as far as like coy judges are concerned and you
can click the links around here I do have a video on champion koi where a guy
goes into way better detail than me that fish is actually skinny and doesn’t have
white the body that you would like to see on a koi I want to give you some
another examples of why poor are so expensive
up until I purchased that fish this fish delegate Kevin that fish up and until I
purchased that fish this fish over here with the red and the white heading that
way was the most expensive fish I ever purchased I bought that fish for a
hundred bucks I later found out the guy gets it from China now China is not as
good at breeding quite as Japan is now I have never been over there I would like
to go over there and see for myself just how great the Japanese are breeding koi
there’s certainly no question that they’re good at it but that fish is
actually from China I’m gonna get him over here and I want to compare him to a
another Kohaku that is a Kohaku type they say that the hobby the koi hobby
begins and ends with Kohaku oh here they come
great boys by liking this up and close and personal with the koi so that fish
right that fish I was just talking about this one right here is a Kohaku
but he is a Chinese Kohaku versus this this big one out here and that one there
there I’m gonna call brothers they’re from the
same fish farm in Japan that is us from Sakai fish farms now I’m not a super koi
expert but see that fish the this is the third biggest fish way out there that
fish right there that fish is ace from Sakai as a Sakai
Kohaku from Japan now when I bought that fish and his brother the one that looks
a lot like him it’s a little bit slightly smaller I’ll try to get him
peeled out here let’s see here the one that’s coming to do this the other one
right there there’s there’s two that are orange and white there’s the red more
reddish one then there’s the more orange one that guy right there
him and his brother that one right there are from the Sakai fish farm now when I
bought both of those fish they were only 25 bucks okay they were $25 they were a
little smaller than the little gold ones which I’m gonna talk about in a second
now when I bought him they were smaller that fish was basically the same size so
just like in greeting dogs or in fish or whatever you get what you pay for
okay now I paid a hundred bucks and I actually think I got taken to the
cleaners on that one now look I still love that fish but notice that little
red dot on there not as good okay it shouldn’t have that red dot that little
nose I still love him but that red dot should not be there this one right here
is I don’t want to say a champion but he that’s that’s a really really nice
Kohaku great color pattern pull like totally love it so that’s a fantastic
fish but that fish was actually way smaller than the other one that I got
from the Chinese breeder or whatever so I think that’s important to know so
that’s part of the reason that they’re so expensive the other thing is that you
gotta understand folks these fish are bred for specific traits like this is a
the yellow ones there as a Hogan that’s what it’s called that all gone right
there I think ogon means golden Japanese and that’s actually Yamaguchi Hogan a
Yamaguchi is the type of bird excuse me the yama yama goofy is a type of flower
for bird I forget which it is and I’m messing it up in Japan but anyway it’s
that yellow but they’re bred specifically for that okay so you have
tons and tons and tons of those that are bred for that exact
variety and it’s just it’s hard to get them and you don’t know what you’re
gonna get until you get the bigger fish so that is what I’m talking about with
the koi and then every variety is different this is another one I got from
an American breeder right here it’s also a Sante their excuse yeah excuse me the
Sante and it’s got not that much larger like it’s that big orange one right
there which by the way is my wife’s favorite
so I can’t get rid of it it hasn’t gotten any bigger compared to the one
that’s immediately in front of it that’s gotten a ton bigger so I hope that’s a
little bit of Education for you all in the koi in the cream with the Krenim
also to people say you can’t keep five plants with the koi I have a whole
ridiculous amount of lod an actress growing like mad in the very center of
this pond to hope you can see that so that is what’s up anybody like this
anybody learn anything look at the Krenim right there loving it yeah I’m
having a good time alright folks and there is your species Sunday do me a
favor if you like what I’m doing is hit the subscribe button I think it’s around
over there tell your friends I’m enjoying the live videos and everybody
have an awesome fabulous 4th of July holiday weekend in the United States and
Canada and you guys had a holiday yesterday make it an awesome one a
relaxing one and tank on light up you

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