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Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” First, let’s make the custard mixture. Beat the egg thoroughly. Make sure the chopsticks scrape the bottom of the bowl to avoid creating unwanted foam. Add the sugar. And stir to dissolve. Then, add the milk and the vanilla extract. Combine all the ingredients evenly. You can also use soy milk instead of the regular milk. Place 2 and a half centimeter thick slices of baguette in a tray and pour the custard mixture over them. Make sure both sides are completely soaked with the custard mixture. Let the bread sit for 3 to 5 minutes. This is Kuromitsu, sugar syrup made from kurozato also known as black sugar. It is rich in flavor and often used in wagashi, traditional Japanese desserts. And now, with tongs, squeeze each baguette and then flip it over. The squeezing will help it absorb the custard mixture quickly. Then, let the bread sit for about 5 more minutes. Now, let’s make the French Toast. Heat the pan on low heat and add the unsalted butter. When the butter is completely melted, place the baguette slices into the pan. A tip to presenting a beautifully browned surface is to toast the top side first. Cover and cook on low heat until the bottom is deliciously browned. Now, flip them over. Mmmmmm. This looks so delicious! As for the other side, cook on low heat without replacing the lid. When both sides are golden brown, arrange the French toast onto a plate. The strawberry looks great as a garnish but orange or kiwi fruit can also be used. Spoon the ice cream next to the french toast. Sprinkle on the kinako, roasted soybean flour. Finally, drizzle on the kuromitsu syrup. Jaaaan! We recommend soaking the bread with the custard mixture for no more than 10 minutes to give the inside a gooey texture. If soaked too long, the inside becomes soggy. The combination of the crispy outside and the gooey inside makes the French toast very delicious. Good luck in the kitchen!

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