Fox vs Hedgehog

ALF What’s happening? [I say in a whisper] There’s a hedgehog. Be calm He’s growling on you, Alf. You’re so fearless! ALF What are you doing? Come here! Get over here, fast. Come on. Stop hunting! Alf, you need to stop this hunt now. Friend, this is force majeure. This is a big hedgehog. Alf, he’s fizzing. Get out of there. That’s all. You win. Come on, my baby boy. Baby I can’t pull you out. Are you a hunter? Alf, you really don’t get scared? Will you live here together? Don’t you feel bad, invading hedgehog’s privacy? Yeah? Well… OK. Let’s come away 🙂 Why is he hissing? He’s hissing. He’s hissing and jumping. Oh, Mommy… He’s crazy. Alex: It’s a war hedgehog. Can hedgehogs have rabies? Aw, Mum…! Do hedgehogs have rabies actually? Alex: I don’t know. Alex: He’s trying to attack. Please, be good to him. He was scared. Mr. Hedgehog? He still fizzing yet. Mr. Hedgehog? Maybe give him some dry food? He’s shaking. And he looks unhealthy. What’s there, baby? I guess there are dogs out there somewhere. I see the gate there. Well What’s happened, dear? What’s there? Please, wait for me. Alf, wait for me.

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