Fox News host SLAMS Trump for lying at G7 summit

President Trump, who will be hosting next
year’s G7 summit here in America, says it’s certainly possible that the Russian President
Vladimir Putin will get an invitation, even if it hurts him politically. President Trump says the Russians were removed
from the group because President Putin outsmarted President Obama. That is not true. The decision to remove Russia from the group
was unanimous. The reason: Putin invaded and annexed Crimea. In the conflict that continues in eastern
Ukraine, Russian forces support separatists, who killed more than 10,000 people. During that conflict, a Russian weapon shot
a civilian airliner from the sky, killing hundreds. Then in 2016 and 2018, the Russians interfered
int eh Americans elections, and according to the American intelligence agencies, they’re
interfering today. France’s president Macron today cited THAT
as the reason that Putin cannot be readmitted. This is Fox News’ Shep Smith hitting back
at Trump’s baseless claim that President Obama had Russia removed from the then-G8
because he was outsmarted. He said this came during a press conference
where the president, per usual, used his time to attack Americans while defending the Russian
president— Really it was President Obama– I’m not blaming
him but a lot of bad things happened with President Putin and President Obama. One of the things that happened was, as you
know, what happened with a very big area a very big and important area in the Middle
East where the red line was drawn and then President Obama decided that he was not going
to do anything about it. You can’t draw red lines in the sand, you
just can’t do it. And the other was in the Ukraine having to
do with a certain section of the Ukraine, that you know very well where it was sort
of taken away from President Obama; not taken away from President Trump but taken away from
President Obama. President Obama was not happy that this happened
because it was embarrassing to him, right? It was very embarrassing to him and he wanted
Russia to be out of what was called the G8. And that was his determination, he was out
smarted by Putin. He was out smarted, President Putin out smarted
President Obama. It should be noted, off the bat, that no,
Obama didn’t have Russia removed from the G8 to settle some personal score after being
outsmarted by Putin. Russia was unanimously removed from the group
because it invaded a sovereign country and then annexed it as part of their own, before
ultimately committing a cyberattack on OUR country and interfering in our election. Both examples of dangerously undemocratic
behavior, and the so-called leader of the free world took that opportunity to bash… Obama. Because of course. But honestly, while it might seem obvious
that Vladimir Putin, and not Barack Obama, was responsible for Russia’s invasion of
Crimea, that’s how blinded Trump is by his loyalty to the Russian autocrat. And what’s worse is that Trump sees no irony
whatsoever in the fact that Obama took action AGAINST Russia, imposing sanctions, expelling
35 diplomats from the US and closing two Russian diplomatic compounds in Maryland, agreeing
to kick Russia out of the then-G8, and even himself warning Putin against meddling…
all while Trump’s national security adviser Mike Flynn discussed LIFTING sanctions on
Russia, while Trump moved to RETURN the Maryland compounds to the Russians, while Trump advocated
for Russia’s READMISSION to the G7, while Trump sided with Putin OVER our own intelligence
agencies regarding Russian meddling. The hypocrisy is just incredible, that Trump
thinks the fact that Putin committing illegal acts during Obama’s tenure puts Obama fully
at fault, while completely ignoring the fact that Trump removed any and all punishment
for what happened. If Trump had just a shred of allegiance to
this country and the ideals it’s supposed to represent, rather than his own re-election
bid and those helping him secure it, he JUST might be able to acknowledge the hypocrisy
here. And yet that shows just how indebted Trump
is to Putin, because he’s not up there representing the values of the United States, he’s not
defending democracy, he’s fulfilling his half of what’s turned out to be a transactional
relationship with Vladimir Putin. The Kremlin meddled in the US election on
behalf of Trump, and in return, Trump’s given Putin free reign to do anything he wants
without losing his support. And when I say anything, I mean the Russian
government literally launched a missile at an airplane with civilians on it, killing
298 people on board. And yet still not a single sharp word from
the president of the United States, but rather an open invitation to not only gain readmission
into the G7, but to come as Trump’s guest if he isn’t able to curry the votes. The extent to which Trump has demeaned himself
in service of this Russian autocrat cannot be overstated. The fact that Trump doesn’t think that Putin
deserves to shoulder any of the blame – when he unequivocally deserves 100 percent of the
blame – should scare anyone, because a) it gives him tacit approval to do it again,
b) serves as a signal to other autocrats around the world that there won’t be any consequences
for election interference or undemocratic behavior, at least not from the United States,
and c) it undermines everything we’ve stood for for more than two centuries. The fact that Trump is so blatantly beholden
to some dictator on the other side of the world that he’ll upend centuries of tradition
as the world’s moral compass puts our entire democracy at risk. You’d think that the political party that
identifies as the “patriots” in America might have a thing or two to say about that. And yet their silence is proof that their
grandstanding about protecting our liberty, about respecting the flag, about defending
our way of life was all just some shallow cover for their real goal, which is to remain
in power. And that’s it. Of course, they aren’t fooling anyone. After losing 40 seats in the biggest route
in modern US history during midterms, after becoming a laughing stock on an international
stage at the G7, after even Trump’s own favorite network is calling him out for his
glaring loyalty to Vladimir Putin over the United States, it seems that Trump and his
party are finally suffering the consequences of catering to the Kremlin first.

100 thoughts on “Fox News host SLAMS Trump for lying at G7 summit

  • Fox is playing the Long Game. When Trump gets Dumped, they'll slide right back in Hating Russia, just like good, old conservatives. They gotta Hate somebody!

  • Alright I like you but the statement about the Russian government shooting down an airliner is missleading for whoever might not be too well read on the subject.
    It was russian arms yes, provided by the russian government, certainly. However operated by Ukrainian proxy fighters most likely.
    A Russian general didn't simply walk into his office one day and said "yeah let's shoot that plane down, that will show those pesky ukrainians". It was more likely that some ukrainian separatist saw a bleep on his radar, thought to himself "Imma shoot myslf down some Ukrainian fighters" and realized an hour later how baddly he had fucked up.

    I love your editing by the way, the close ups are well timed!

  • "You know that verry big area in the middle east where a red line was drawn"..
    "And that part of Ukraine.. You know that part"

    He doesnt know what he's talking about.. 🙂

  • I think Smith, from FOX NEWS, is the only person there telling the truth. Good for you, be honest to your self and to this nation. You are a person with integrity, nor like the president.

  • I wonder how Shep will address Trump's twitter slam. With class and grace as a professional journalist that he always does, I'm sure. Trump hates the truth and everyone who doesn't side with him is a Democrat and fake news.

  • The problem is clear. Trump and his gang just figure that his sick Base, Republicans, and these sorry idiots at his rallies represent 100% of Americans in ignorance and stupidity. That Base should chant "Throw me under the Bus!" "I love being entertained and lied to!"

  • Any time someone on Fox "News" tries to show some journalistic integrity, Trump (and all the right-wing sheep) cries about "loyalty". That exposes Fox as a propaganda channel, not a news network.

  • I hope trump does invite Putin. Watching trump kiss Putin's ass and fawning over him like a school girl will be a great help to the democrats in an election year. But all trump sees is another chance to try and get Dump Tower Moscow approved.

  • Dear Americans, if you want to elect a total idiot to run your country that is fine by me, but please keep him all for yourself, don't bother the rest of the world with your own ignorance.

  • I agree with Trump. And USA do everything that we acussed Russia of doing. Illegally invaded countries. Have missionaries other countries disrupting the country states duties. And interfering with other countries elections. Including Russia that's why Putin for Clinton back but we don't hear about that

  • It is unpresidential and deplorable that this "President" should spend so much time ridiculing his predecessor. Citizens of the United States voted (twice )in Obama. Show some leadership Trump. Instead of bashing Mr.Obama, act like a President for a change.

  • The lies of Fox are endless. Russia DID NOT invade Ukraine or Crimea, nor did they interfere with the charade of US elections. All baseless, unfounded allegations without any "evidence" apart from US assertions. However, the US interfered in the Ukraine elections, as it does habitually in nearly every other country around the globe.

  • Im tired. Instead of "president trump", jusy say "The Dumb Ass Person", ok? Im feed up with "so much stupidity, such a great ignorance"…

  • Trump is the one who would try to have a country removed for petty reasons. Isn't it funny how Trump tries to put his own personality short-comings onto Obama.

    Obama was the absolute opposite of Trump, being intelligent, even-tempered, knowledgeable and mature. He worked for the people, not corporate and personal profit and showed what was great about America rather than the worst.

  • Yyyeeeaaahhh. Putin isn’t holding something over trump’s head. Trump is just standing on the world stage lying, speaking gibberish, and siding with a hostile nation over America because Obama was outsmarted….says the stable genius.

  • Bald vomit circled everyone around the finger, which is shown by the comments of the morons talking about "good Russia".

  • Shep delivering the facts as always since he started on FOX since KATRINA – which was when FOX started. Love you SHEP.

  • Trump is so upset that Obama is so much more educated, smarter than him. Trump is just a little CUNT, a traitor, a human garbage.

  • Hey Platinum Blonde just shows who the better person is “ Obama May not be president but he will always be more popular then Trump the crook , and that wall won’t last long very long either someone will come along and blow it up you watch, trump
    Is just off people cause people are changing their votes lololololo you can say good bye cause he won’t Be getting in unless he cheats like before people are turning on him left and right so he’s pulling all stops until he has nothing els to pull out he’ll be in jail one way or the other lolololololo loser


  • The orange Russia Asset and his morbid histories….he knows that he has to side with Putin because he needs Russia's propaganda and the Russian oligarchs' money funneled through the traitor NAR (National Rifle Association) to help him to get re-elected.

  • WOW!! What is wrong with this lunatic? It just makes you wonder what goes on in his mind, his mind is not right I wish someone would make him get checked out by doctors cuz he's got something seriously wrong.

  • To all believers of the 2nd amendment someone sold you out to Russia ,,now what will you do about ,,Hey Wayne time to rally the troops,,The Russians are Coming.

  • Brian,I really like the way you conduct your Channel, you don't slam either side you just tell it like it is keep up the great work you are really doing this country good. I've been watching you for about a month and now you have a fan we will continue to watch your Channel thank you.

  • If obama got a dollar Everytime this racist bastard said his name ..Obama would be the richest man In The world

  • Trump says things like "certain area" and "you know what I'm talking about" because he doesn't remember or know what areas or locations he's talking about.

  • Jeez that guys sounds like a 10 y.o. Trying to explain something he clearly doesn’t understand himself…. how have the American people not gotten rid of this guy

  • Under the standards of any other decade in American history, Trump's comments could be considered treasonous so what the hell happened?

  • It’s frightening that our President doesn’t know the history or geography (a large area). Or is he counting on some ignorant Trumpsters to believe what he says without fact check?

  • President Trump: "I'm not blaming him…" ( with his typical hand gestures and that insufferable smirk/smile)
    Me:"LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIAAAAAR!" (with a different set of hand gestures and no smile)

  • I'd be willing to bet that every single one of those people that were there listening to Trump, knew that he was making up his own reality. 😂😂🤯

  • His comments are so beyond ridiculous. Imagine, a sitting president attacking a former president on a world stage and praise a lying thug ex-KGB agent. This should be considered treasonous behavior!

  • This is not merely hypocrisy on Trumps' part, THIS IS A CLOWN WHO IS COMPROMISED BY RUSSIA. Everyone knows this and yet everyone turns a blind eye. HE OWES RUSSIA MONEY FOOL !!!

  • Yep, but because of your screwed up electoral system republicans will continue to get away with it, and now the Supreme Court will back them up

  • Since when US Presidency is designated Grade 4 Mental Capacity & Emotionally agitated Individual to be in charged The Nuclear Code. Houston We've a Problems Worse Than ISIS !

  • We really didn’t hear this much about Russia while Obama was in office. 🍊 man always telling on himself. I wish 🍊 man would just move to Russia since he loves Putin so much. You know 🍊 man think he’s German. But no he’s a germ 🦠 man.

  • He's such a jealous child …he will never be as good as Obama …Putin owns the United States…….the love affair is intense…..scary shit indeed …..

  • He is so stupid..
    That was a world leaders decision…because putin killed 10,000 people and people on an airline …wow..he is so evil and putin puppet!!

  • Putin knew Obama wasn't no flunky and he had smart people behind him not like Trump who will trade his country for money 😎

  • Can hardly wait for the day they name the street in front of the Trump building in New York Obama Ave. This should happen all over the world. President Tantrums would take a fit and then a stroke. 😏😏😏

  • Now that Fox News has turned on Trump , now if can get some bace to see him for what he is….. We can get back to not being the laughingstock of the world and don't even give Trump a shot in 2020!

  • How long before the GOP has finally had enough? How long before the GOP cut him out like a cancer or dispel him like a leper? It appears that even Fox “news” is starting to see the implosion. I think the dogs are going to be released on him by his own party.

  • LIES: 😒DRUMPF is LYING at a level that no one in American politics has done before. Day#1 (January 2016) LIE: Crowd Size – Brought to you by Sean Spicer! 😕
    DRUMPF (his actual real name 🤫) will LIE when it's completely unnecessary. Like when Donald around Xmas 2018 lied to the American soldiers in Iraq about their pay checks. Why lie about that?! 😯 He lied to the Press Corp just days before the midterm elections 2018 and got caught straight up on camera😒 lying about trying to give an extra 10% tax cut to the "middle class" and the press asked, how will you do that when Congress has already gone home until after the elections? 🤪 Oops.
    That sh*t is indefensible!😠
    NOW: Lying about pornstars, hookers & prostitutes; Pfft I can let that Stormy & Playboy model sh*t slide. 😉😄
    #JohnBaron 🤥
    #JohnMiller 🤥
    DRUMPF his actual real name 🤫
    ALL 3 of these names belong to the same person that is also known as Individual-1.
    #FactNews 😏
    Donald will tell the world on camera that his daddy was born in Germany & recently he did just that in order to get another LIE out of HIS mouth. 🤥🤦🏽‍♂️ Papa DRUMPF was born in the USA 🇺🇸. 😒 LIES unnecessarily daily! (G7 Climate Change MISSED Meeting)
    Another LIE Caught! 🤥🤭🤣
    Anyway, Don The Con is doing the lying to a point where lives and money markets around the world are constantly being affected in negative ways.🙁

  • OMG….All I have to say is this is like a SNL Skit we are watching EVERYDAY…..

    1. Where are the REAL GOP Leaders ????? Ohhhhh wait, they are stuck in a corner somewhere with their tails between their legs. This is a Catastrophe of epic proportions they are sitting back ALLOWING this BUFFOON to RUIN our Government!!

    2. This BUFFOON is soooooo freaking JEALOUS OF OBAMA IS NOT F U NNY….Get Obama out of your damn head!!

    3. You idiot Trumpterds should be worried this BUFFOON is in the bed with the enemy. McCain is rolling over laughing at just how STUPID his fellow GOP Leaders have become…..Lawd, Please help the UNITED States of America. We are seriously in trouble🙏🙏😨😨😱😱

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