Five Young Lion Brothers Mate with One Lioness

[music playing] NARRATOR: As males, the
musketeers had to leave to find their own kingdom– a kingdom with lionesses. And on the far
edge of the desert, they stumble on it much
sooner than expected. With so few adult
male lions around, several prides have been
waiting for one to arrive. When five musketeers
come along together, they have their work
cut out for them. The scent she has left behind is
a clear message for the males. She is ready to mate. It’s all that’s needed
to draw them in. The males, still
inexperienced, seem uncertain. [music playing] With a lioness confidently
taking the initiative, the young male’s
instincts take over. A first attempt reveals
their immaturity. The musketeers are young,
but as a large coalition they can provide
good protection. [music playing] After an unusually
long adolescence, their short nomadic life
comes to an abrupt end. There is no rivalry
between the brothers. They each have their
turn, again and again. Worn out and exhausted,
Tullamore and his brothers settle as young pride males. When the females start to
move off, Tullamore follows. As one of the pride males, he’s
dutifully playing his role. His interest in the females
is becoming stronger. But he’s the only one. This time, his brothers
don’t join him. While they head back to the area
where they lost their brother, Tullamore makes a decision that
will change his life forever. [music playing]

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