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Hello everyone! Welcome to Sandra Cires Art. Today I brought you a video that you’ve been requesting so so so so much that I fake my death to see how Karim, my dog, reacts Karim, a beautiful well-behaved dog. I am here to satisfy your requests, so, let’s see if Karim loves me or not. Look at him! To be honest I feel quite bad, because I feel that I’m going to stress him or maybe those are just my illusions and he won’t care that I die Let’s find out! Come here Corner. Down. This is so hard! I am not good at this! I can’t do this I think all he did was to smell me and was like “Oh, she just fell asleep” Dogs are smart that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love me, he just knows I’m not dead. I’m going to fall to the floor to make it more dramatic. -This smells!- Stop it! Karim, stop it! Karim, corner! All he wants is to abuse me It looks like I just washed my hair. Dear friends, next I’ll walk him out but I’ll faint before I go out the door because if I faint outside the house I’m afraid neighbors will worry. Yes, let’s do that. Here’s his chain and by the way, the producers were telling me that I should also stop breathing when I faint because he comes, smells me and goes back to normal. Maybe because he knows I’m breathing he feels like I’m okay and anything happened to me. I don’t know for how long I’ll breath my breath. Breath my breath, I’m already nervous. Hold my breath, let’s try. Sit! Down! Good boy! Titi, I’m feeling so bad, I have like, like I can’t breathe, my chest feels tight. Titi really doesn’t care. Titi! I’m going to go on a walk with Karim. -Titi! Help us!- -What about our walk?- -Stand up!- You’ll see how you get up. Stop it! Stop it! I can’t do it anymore! Karim, down! He gave me lots of kisses, he licked me. Dear friends, what do you think of my hairstyle? A kiss from Karim it’s like a whole bottle of gel in your hair. I have a fantastic idea, an experiment. We’re always debating about who Karim loves the most, so I’ll invite Harold and Titi to faint with me and the first one he tries to save, is the one he loves the most. One, two three… -I’ll help you!- -Oh, it’s a game!- Stop it, Karim! Karim! I can’t handle it! Stop it! We were laying on the floor there with him and he probably was like “What’s this?” Hey, he licked the three of us. Yes, but he went straight to me. No, Karim! You didn’t save me when you had to, now go away. Dear friends, as you watched he loves Harold the most, it’s obvious. And I’m in the last stop, I’m the last he licked. Karim, I’m the one who feeds you. Look Karim, give our friends a kiss, yeah them, give them a kiss. Lick them, too. Cheeky Thumbs up to this video if you want a second part! The next situation that has occurred to me it’s to pretend that I’m doing laundry and because he really really loves to eat, I’ll put his food here… well, his food is always here, but I’ll let it wide open so he can sense the smell. Well, the stench. I don’t understand why dogs food smells so much! God! Done, I’ll let it here open and I’m going to faint to see what does he prefers, to eat or to save me. I’ll hide the camera here in the closet. Titi! The drier is done! Today I’m feeling really bad, my chest feels tight. -Let me rest- Karim, I feel really bad! -I don’t believe you!- -Let’s see what this is…- Hey! I’m dying over here and you’re there. -Let’s see what’s here…- -What do I do now?- No, no, no! Karim, down! Well, at least food didn’t blind you you may see him all big but he’s the most noble in the whole universe. The next one will be much harder, it will also be with food but with something that you really really really really like, boiled eggs! I think you’ll choose the eggs, let’s go. Look what I have here, thumbs up to this video if you’re like Karim and you love boiled eggs. I can hear his paws walking. I think this time the boiled egg will get all of his attention but let’s find out. Oh, I’m feeling so bad. -A boiled egg! Delicious!- No, don’t lick me with your tongue filled with boiled egg. He’s so cheeky, he still had the boiled egg in his mouth and he was going to lick me Karim, you chose the boiled egg over me. I already knew that, it wasn’t a surprise. He’s looking out for more! You smell like eggs, buddy. He really likes boiled eggs, he loves them. I was thinking about falling into the pool. He doesn’t like water, he doesn’t like it at all. Let’s see if you’re capable of jumping in the pool to save me, I highly doubt it. Let’s find out! I’ll pretend like I’m cleaning the pool, then I’ll have a stroke and I fall. But let me take my sneakers off first. I’ll tell you right away, I highly doubt he’ll come and help me, because he really hates water. He’s super relaxed. I know he won’t come, this will be a fail. Oh, I feel so bad. I hope the neighbors don’t get scared, oh my God. -What happened?- -Oh no, not in the water!- Karim, help me! Karim, what are you doing drinking water from the pool? Karim, I’m dying and you’re drinking water, help me! He doesn’t give a d*mn. And as you can see, dear friends, I was right. I knew that he wouldn’t do a thing in the pool situation, because he HATES water. That’s all for today’s video, I hope you liked it. If you did, what it is Karim? You should give us a like, like, like. And, if you’re still here and you haven’t subscribe to the channel, what are you waiting for? Subscribe! It’s easy, free and you won’t regret it because this channel is really funny. Subscribe and you won’t ever be sad a huge kiss and I’ll see you on the next video! Mwah!

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