Finding a Furever Puppy | Puppy Days

city of Los Angeles, over 200 shelter dogs are
euthanized every month. Over 40% of them are pit bulls. It’s a huge problem. But newlyweds Matt and
Adrienne are determined to be part of the solution. We talked about these animals
that have been given up, or have been strays. We want to bring one
of those that doesn’t have love into our house. Oh, somebody’s
wagging their tail. Hi! NARRATOR: They’re on a mission
to rescue a pit bull puppy and give it a loving home. First pick would
always be a pit bull, because I know that
those are the animals that tend to not get rescued. That’s the dog that everybody
passes by the wayside. Pit bulls have
bad reputations, but there’s no bad dogs,
there’s only bad owners. Come here. Hi. Are you guys looking
to adopt today? We are. [music playing] All right, you
guys, so this is Sage. Hi, Sagey! She had five puppies. NARRATOR: These puppies
almost didn’t make it. They were about to be put
down, when the shelter rescued them at just three weeks old. Can I see the girl? Her name is Dallas. Dallas. NARRATOR: Saving the
life of a puppy like this is exactly what Matt and
Adrienne want to be a part of. God, you’re so flipping cute! Right? Sagey, I’m going to let
them hold your puppy, OK? I know. I know, Mama. If you could hold under her
hind legs so she feels secure. Hi! Oh my god. You are the cutest thing ever. You think? Are you our puppy? Aww. NARRATOR: The pup
is now eight weeks old, weaned and ready
to leave the litter. She’s the perfect age to
join a new human family. We found our puppy! Yeah. We filled out the home
study questionnaire, and hopefully she’ll come
home and live with us. NARRATOR: If their
application is approved, Matt and Adrienne’s new
puppy could be home with them in a matter of days. We’ll be her forever
family, and she’ll be our forever puppy. She’s our first puppy
as a married couple. That’s a big deal.

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