Figgy Duff – Newfoundland and Labrador Language Lessons

A Figgy Duff is a bit of a weird thing. It’s a pudding that’s made, and put in a bag, and it’s plunked into a cooked supper. And a cooked supper being – there’s meat, there’s vegetables, there is everything in one pot and then you plunk this pudding bag right in the middle of it . And that’s how you cook the pudding. I think that Figgy Duff is pretty unique
to Newfoundland. I’ve never heard of it anywhere else. I’ve also never heard of
putting a bread pudding in a pot with salt meat and vegetables and everything
else that you’re gonna have for supper that night. Unless you’re a Viking which
case I’m sure they did that all the time. Nowadays I don’t think they do that. If you’re visiting Newfoundland you have to try a Figgy Duff. You have to try toutons, and you have to try a Figgy Duff. Absolutely. Absolutely. You have to
try a well-made Figgy Duff too, like a blueberry Figgy Duff, but yeah you
definitely have to try it.

8 thoughts on “Figgy Duff – Newfoundland and Labrador Language Lessons

  • You guys should do Newfoundland cooking videos. I mean, really, what the heck is a well-made foggy duff? You need to show us!

  • Why are these called Newfoundland and Labrador Language Lessons? They just seem like Newfoundland language lessons. Not a one is from Labrador (even though we still use some of these expressions, we know they come from the island). The people in the video even say Newfoundland this and Newfoundlanders that but no talk of Labrador or Labradorians. Either change the title or get some Labradorian Language lessons too!

  • Most definitely! Here are a few favourites:
    Flummy: Labrador flat bread cooked on top of the stove, (aka bannock in some places).
    Cracky: a mixed breed hunting dog
    Bellycater: a ridge of ice higher than the water level, formed in the fall from the build up of waves crashing on the edge of the ice
    Ugly: in this sense meaning "very" i.e. "It's some ugly good day! The sun is shining and there's no mosquitoes out"
    Big Feeling: meaning to be arrogant, full of yourself, pompous

    I could go on all day

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