Facts About Rottweilers!

hi everybody and welcome back to relax
my dog now today at me and Milo here are going to be talking about Rottweilers and some
facts about them so if you’d like to learn some more about them and
definitely do it stay tuned for this week’s video now before we do get
started let me know down below in the comments what breed would you like me to
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you guys are might be interested in or have it yourself okay so you have six
facts in total so let’s jump straight in so what violins were actually known to
be around during Roman times and they were actually used to herd cattle
they’re ever used to much a sort of a Border Collie and what they used to herd
sheep this is what what wireless would do back in the day and as well as moving
the cattle they would also get out to guard the cattle as well which i think
is really interesting the fact that even back then dogs were still used to herd
now the second fact is they’re actually named after a town called rot why all I
assume because it’s got rock piler it was called a rot while which again is
quite interesting I don’t really know the particular history of for a while
and worried about it it’s but the quantity research I will put on screen
now where a bass rock pile is not in Germany they were actually known as the
butcher’s dog because they used to herd cattle and they’ll also pull along carts
whenever the butchers want to take their produce to market
Rottweilers will be used to like pull up the carts are ready to go to market
which again is pretty interesting obviously they are a very very strong
dog so they definitely used to the butchers advantage now factor than
before is that in the early 1800s they actually almost became extinct this is
because railroads were built and roads were paved so there wasn’t really much
of a need for a dog to prolong anything because they had all that means to do
theirs plus it was easy for human to pour along because there have paved the
way smooth roads didn’t need somebody there or a dog that could easily pull it
along for them number five is another amazing fact for
a watt Wyler and that is that they were actually used as a rescue dog after at
9/11 now they actually served alongside at German Shepherds and
drawers of when searching during 911 which i think is such an amazing thing
and I’m the last fact it’s all about celebrities and that is the Bruno Mars
Leonardo DiCaprio and also Will Smith all owned Rottweilers if you want to
live life as a top-notch celebrity obviously a Rottweiler is the dog to get
amazing it’s for this week’s video thank you all so so much for watching don’t
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