Everything you Need to Know about Havanese Dogs! Behaviours, Characteristics and more!

Hi! Nicole and Albert here again with another
Relax My Dog vlog. We’re here every week answering all of your questions about man’s best friend.
So last week Caleb Aaron asked for a Havanese profile, so this week we’re going to go through
all of the characteristics and behaviours of the breed. So, if you have any questions
or suggestions for the next video, just leave it in the comment section and we’ll see what
we can do. We really hope you enjoy the video. The Havanese is one of the most happy and
playful of the toy dog breeds and it’s also very intelligent and very sturdy. They make
really great family dogs, and they love nothing more than spending time cuddling their humans.
Now, they are a breed known to suffer with separation anxiety, and they don;t do well
left on their own for long periods. So if you’re out at work for a long time then they
may not be the right breed for you. Because of this, Havanese owners have been known to
complain about their dogs venting when they get left on their own. This can include excessive
barking and destructive chewing. Havanese dogs love to learn tricks and they respond
well to any training that involves a reward of food at the end of it. However, they can
be hard to housebreak. This breed is great for allergy sufferers, because their fur doesn’t
shed much at all. However, because of the length of their coat, unless you keep it clipped
short it will require regular brushing and grooming. The Havanese was originally bred
by the Cuban aristocracy in the 1800’s as a companion dog. He earned the nickname ‘velcro
dog’ because he stick so close to his humans side. But don;t just write him off as a lap
dog, he’s very playful, energetic, easy to train and a great family pet. He gets on well
with children and other animals. So there are a couple of other facts that you might
want to know just about to come up on the screen, but we hope you enjoyed the video.
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