Evan’s dog died…

cinquecento, Cinquecento Cinquecento means 500 this is the Fiat 500 it’s like a little coupe car 1972 baby. We brought it all the way from Italy. So first guys…ayoo, First of ayoo good morning Logang what’s poppin. I smell the pollution oh, I’m inhaling the pollution Vegan perfect vegan pollution we’re fine Hi, I feel like now It’s a good time to say if you’re not a part of the Logang make sure you subscribe. We’re the most lit Channel family friendly on YouTube. We have Cinquecentos. Who’s doing this bro. We’re MAVERICKS. Everyday! Ahh, Andy. ANDY ANDY. ANDYY I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON. Andy x5 Yo, this thing is so tiny. Yo, this thing came in a small package. haha, Mama Mia. Maybe the most tense moment ever. EPIC MUSIC FOR JUMPING OVER A CAR AGAIN EPIC MUSIC FOR JUMPING OVER A CAR THE MOST EPIC MUSIC EVER IN THE WORLD FOR JUMPING OVER A CAR!!! ayyyyyy. haha. AYY, I’m unleashing the beast EPIC MUSIC FOR KONG RUNNING OUT THE FRONT DOOR MOST EPICCCCCCCC So guys, maybe yesterday we almost lost Kong. He’s just so tiny and so explores to be such a fun good-natured dog, huh? I think the electric-fence guy is coming today, so he doesn’t run away for good. That’s right Kong, the whole Logang loves you. Yeah, we need you buddy See, this is, this is, Look KONG THE DOG INSTEAD OF GABE THE DOG RUNNING IN THE 90’S EPIC MUSIC In front of us. Just dips. I don’t get it And it’s a full on sprint too, ya know, he gets to the line And then he just go’s. GABE THE DOG Any ways yeah lots of good stuff going on today. As usual the merch is selling. Everybody wants to be a maverick. My boy Evan actually, you’re getting a new car today, huh? Gonna get my new car.! Did you get a cinquecento. BMW. Oh? sassy So Evan is getting a BMW. We got a Mercedes We got a bus we got a Jeep we had a cinquecento we got a Spanish girl we got a really dumb dog We got a really dumb owner of the dog. We got a dwarf We got a Italian guy and we got Frank FRANK’S WEIRD SONG What’s that supposed to mean Come back with that new shiny car you make me proud boy. You know I will. It’s the boy. What up George? I like that wood thing Yo, I didn’t tell you guys But we got a giant statue to put in front of our gym in the back. Everything about this house is lit, bro! What are you doing Frank?……….. No Frank. *Frank is a weird dude falling over* That’s my statue… Why can’t you just let people go about their days (Logan didn’t let him finish) because I’m a Vlogger bro, it’s not what I do not now not ever Wait a minute Why didn’t you tell me you were a vlogger. Now you know. You’ve been hiding that for me this whole time All right boys up in the Cinquecento Wow why would this not work? What’s wrong dude you look great? Yeah? Hop in oh absolutely oh * FRANK SCREAMS IN PAIN* Back up a little more I’m coming in Look, this chair needs to go back No don’t move everyone calm down Frank: Respect!! Yo, come on, let me in This is getting ridiculous bro. I just wanna get PUMPED!!! We have the Yeti, but we’re choosing the cinquecento You ate too much prosciutto last night Judy: You guys look ridiculous Get your f*cking shoe out of my frame frank Hello, yes, Italia. Okay. Thank you. No worries, baby We take it right away very quick Sportivamente, whatever man cinquecento!!, Cinquecento!!! You’ve never seen some s*it like this Brenden: I refuse to go on the highway in this.
Logan:Why not? Brenden: We’re in a f*ucking box We are going on the freeway here we go we’re gonna freeway here we come, baby Okay goes hard. Yo, that was like that was like a zombie apocalypse oh You have no idea. This is all good numbers strong What….. pull over… what…what
Evan: Arya died Logan: Stop the car Evan: Ayra… Your dog died..
what I thought, she was getting surgery Bro, are you serious right now?
What did they say happened? Evan: They said she looked pale after she got out of the surgery, she could barely start breathing and her heart stopped beating. Are you f*cking with me now Evan or is this for real? This is sad bro. Oh man Evan, I don’t like to see you cry I Love you, bro, we love you and we all love you Evan. Love you, bro Yo, I’m gonna take this is a life lesson How quick how quick things can change Everything is so good literally hilarious two minutes ago 60 seconds later, my friend is in shambles That’s what Arya would want us to do in the name of *thumps chest* Arya SAD MUSIC FOR ARYA You got a new car That’s cool You have a new BMW, so I’m just like what’s just happening right now. I have like Can you tell me what happened? Vitals were fine all throughout the surgery Everything is fine the anesthesia was perfect and then after surgery they went to give her x-rays they See how the surgery went then they came back and also and she Was pale so then they just said she went into cardiac arrest and died Cause of death they don’t know.
Death was never discussed in this they don’t say oh She has this much chance of living….
Logan: whoa whoa you called me Even right now like you could be messing with me. Yeah like that’s what it feels like it. Just doesn’t make any sense Oh, she’s having a surgery on her leg.
Evan: yeah This is f*ucked up This is cool, though We got we got quite the squad of vehicles here oh Yeah, bro Cool bus, the Yeti, chief with Andy’s tent on top Evan’s brand new BMW And a cinquecento Buchi quano and Frank so yeah it all looks good and stuff. It’s just the vibes I know I look really serious and sad I I don’t Like seeing Evan sad, that’s what makes me like uneasy about this situation He’s my best friend, and it always sucks when you see people that you know or love in pain Whether emotional or physical so this is like like you guys know I try to keep the vlogs fun and exciting but sometimes they do get real And my goal with you is to share my life with you, so you guys can live it with me And that’s what we’ve done. We’ve built this family like I feel like a legitimately. Hopefully you feel the same way It’s like I owe things to you and just like give me your time watch my vlogs and there’s a trade-off my life Has become very real to you guys. That’s why we call ourselves the Logang Okay logang that is the vlog I want to say a couple things before we sign off first off I’m sorry for your loss Genuinely this guy spent a lot of time with Arya. He cared for her so stay strong I’m with you the whole logang’s with you. We got your back.
Two this makes me thankful for what I have The little rascal over there. I love you, bro. He doesn’t even know that his sister’s gone That’s sad Yeah, it’s gonna feel weird, it’s gonna feel weird for the next few days probably more for him than me…
Why you so quiet? Bro, you’re making me Evan: I don’t know what to say Is there anything you want to say? Have you learned anything if you have you taken away anything you’re just kinda like absorbing Evan: It just feels weird, but make sure you don’t take anything for granted That’s what I was saying like
Evan: I dropped this dog off like death was literally the last thing on my mind She’s just like jumpy little fun dog Okay.
Hi buddy So yeah guys like you saw today life can change in an instant So so live in the moment live, passionately and do what you want to do man, cuz it’s way too short Unfortunately it is just a fact of life and another fact of life is Literally right now you can get your merch on loganpaul.com/shop or link in description Be a maverick bro! No no no we gotta get the mood light-hearted, it’s good. We gotta be funny guy That’s what we do logang that you’re in the logang And if you’re not subscribe we do the strongest and most better best family And you do ever we will be back tomorrow my boys gonna attack the world with fervor and ferocity The entrance you can get a vintage on the I know give me a minute, man I might need a bit more peace of mind. I’m alright on a rickshaw. Oh Indoors a pigsty in my mind and I Will

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