Epic Journey across the Philippines – 36 episodes – Documentary

Hey man could you open the door a
moment? Morning! How is it going man? Really bad, man. Yeah, that’s what I thought. It was just a little bit of
sleep really nice and I hear something what time is it? I know what time it is it’s Philippine Time! Ladies and gentlemen we will be landing shortly please return to your seat put your seat in the upright
position fasten your seat belt. Good morning mate we’re going to the volcano I only forget the name again.. what was the name of the volcano
again? Pinatubu. So, we’re going there with the
taxi now, then there’s a four-wheel pickup waiting for us to bring us the last way and then we have to walk for
about one hour. We’re going all the way up to
the volcano named Pinatubu, yeah, I forget
it all the time, sorry about it. I’m really excited about this because this is really a new
experience for me. Look at all the sand, it’s actually ash from the
volcano that just erupted 20 years ago, and we’re going all the way up, it should be a beautiful
beautiful lake there, we will swim and snorkel a
little bit around, so let’s go up there and we’ll
show you later. We’re climbing now more and more
up the volcano, and you can really see how
incredible, beautiful this view
is. This volcano erupted last time
20 years ago, it last for about 2 weeks the
eruption, but the big bang came on the
16th of June 1991. And on the way you can see how
devastating and big the eruption
was. All the big rocks lying
everywhere. And here you still have people
who live really in the middle of
nowhere. It’s hot out here, really hot. It’s all ashes coming out of the
volcano. The eruption is so incredible,
powerful, yeah? If you’re here you die.. Yeah, that’s for sure.. You die They had ashes snow in Manila. A lot of sh*t was coming out. You can see that the river is
coming down here, the water is very very clear. It’s coming all the way from the
lake, from crater upstairs and it’s
unbelievable hot here, unbelievably hot. But it looks very very nice, you
can see, in the last 18 years when the
volcano last time erupted, that the vegetation grows so
good here. A little bit of water from the
tourist with the plastic bag and
the sporting shoes? Thanks man. Here we go, mate! As you can see, we just arrived
on top of the volcano, and you can see there’s the
lake, and it’s just incredible, incredible beautiful! See the colour, see all the
ashes around in the mountain? Ah the last eruption must have
been very very big. This is what we came for, you can feel it’s cool up here, have a lot of wind, and we’re
gonna swim in the lake
downstairs there. I hope the water is not too
cold. Let’s goo!! Can I change on camera? Costs you 100 pesos! Ok, I pay it! You ready? Yup! Go! It’s ok. There are no volcano sharks
around here? It tastes a little salty
actually. Yeah? A little, like Swavel, how you
call that? Swavel, like a match? I have no idea what a Swavel
is.. ah, a match! Ok ok! Anything to be seen? Yeah, sand and ash! What about the volcano shark? I passed the shark already,
yeah! But he said that he didn’t like
Dutch meat, so I said well I’m pretty lucky, I said there’s some Swiss over
there, yeah? To be honest, I thought it was a
little bit more touristy. At least.. everywhere were I
came, even In Venezuela, as far in the jungle you could
go, there would be a little wooden
or bamboo booth or a little thing where you can
buy a Coke or a bottle of water here it’s just nothing, really nothing, yeah? So, if you really wanna be on a
lonely planet, you should come here, to the Philippines. Get a little bit of that Dutch
color out of you! Hey, listen, this is real milk
color! We’re famous for milk! No, you’re cheese-heads, not
milk-heads! You don’t call me cheese-head
for nothing! Hello! And, we’re back! From the volcano, it was incredible, it was much much fun, and maybe, because we didn’t have a boat
ticket, maybe we have to do it again. Go over say hello to them Yeah, and if they don’t say
anything back to me, what then? Well, you just say hello. Give their handshake. They are not going to kill you
for that. They don’t speak any English,
yeah? No. How do you say hello? In Tagalog? como esta? Como esta. Oh, same as Spanish. Como esta? Can we look down too? Yeah. I can look down? No problem? Oh look, I can look down. You see how they put the laundry
there? Next to you? It’s the way to do it but it’s
really primitive Yeah? Yeah, if you don’t have anything
else.. Wow. Come look inside. Welcome. You see this? Yeah. What are they? From rats? Ah, Wild cat. Wild cats, Yeah? Oh, okay. And
they catch them with this? Yeah, the trap. And what do they do? Do they eat
them? Yeah, they eat them. Como esta? Shy, really shy. That’s the grandmother, yeah? I
understand. And when the volcano erupted the
last time 18 years ago, they had the problem? The people
living here? They went out
quickly? Yes. Some died. Some died, yeah. It’s a sad
story but It’s happened. So they never go to town these
people here? No. Just live out here from what
they can hunt . Yeah. That’s the kitchen, yeah? Yeah, sure, that’s the kitchen. They cook food here. Oh, yeah, that’s the fire. Well, it’s still a very natural
life, yeah? Sure! I wonder what they are
thinking.. They probably go: These stupid
f****** tourists. No, they are waving to you so I
don’t think so, yeah? I just think they hope they can
show us their home and get a
nice tip, and everybody is happy, yeah? Hey, we walk a little bit around
there and we go back up? Okay. That’s special, yeah? Yeah, that’s pretty special. We can walk a little bit there
and then we go back up? Okay. Could you live like that,
Patrick? For some time I could. Some time.. I don’t know if I could do my
whole life like that. This is too primitive, yeah, too
much. I mean, it would be different
the same thing but near the sea, then maybe
yes. You know, you can at least go
fishing. Yeah, but this is in the middle
of nowhere. There’s another few houses over
here. Very simple games, yeah? Yeah, sure. Not like our kids. No. And I think they made it
themselves so.. They look happy with it, that’s
important. Yeah. Better than have a toy and next
week you want a new one, because you are bored of it. Yeah. Here they don’t really have a
choice . Ma carino (English: How cute!). You get for you, okay? Thank
you. They buy rice. Good. How much rice you can buy With
100 pesos? 4 kilos. Oh, they can eat for some time. They eat twice a day. Do they grow something here? They plant sweet potatoes and
corn. Sweet potatoes and corn. Okay, bye bye. Royal Amsterdam Hotel. But it looks very royal. Yeah. Unbelievable. Like old style but new, yeah? Yeah, it’s 2004 , it says up
there. Okay guys, but you have to help
me out later, it’s my last 20 Baht (he means
Pesos..), my bank account is
really empty. Thank you. Bye-bye. She is not with you? No. How can I do this? I have no
money anymore. I’m not lying. No, you got already 20 from my
friend. Look, I tell you exactly what I
want to tell about these
children here, in a very nice way, but for all
the next coming visitors and
tourists to the Philippines, you can learn from it straight
away, don’t make the same
mistakes like we do now. Okay, it’s our first time, we
have to learn. This road is a real mess. Yeah. You see, I like the Jeepneys,
Really funny, funny vehicles. It’s so quiet in our hotel. Well, it’s so quiet because you
are in the inside. But on the outside, where we are
staying sometimes you wake up, at 8 you wake up because some
motorbike is going like… They even got McDonald’s over
there. Over there. 24 hours.. Here everything is 24 hours:
bars, restaurants .. Everything. The one in the hotel isn’t 24
hours. It’s not 24 hours? It opens at 10 in the morning.. Really? So late? Okay, you can have a big pasta,
what was it? Spaghetti with
sauce, yeah? Free of charge. I said, listen,
I’m Dutch, spaghetti in the
morning.. It kills me, I’m a little bit sick already.
They said just go there and
there and there for breakfast. They sent me out of the hotel
and told me where to go to. That’s funny. Yeah, that’s really funny. You want to go back to the shop? Yeah. So, what’s your bar’s name? Palito’s Sports Bar. Palito’s. It’s just on the other
side of the road? This side of the road. Yeah, see you later. We come to your bar, sure. Una grappa. Grappa, yeah! I got some Italian food,
piadina, the best spaghetti
bolognese in town. Ah, okay! Swiss Italian Kitchen , Swiss
Italian French. So, you got the fondue as well? Of course I got it! Really? really, wow! That’s a jeepney, right? Yeah, yeah. So, what is a jeepney? A jeepney? Actually it’s more
like a taxi bus, but It’s the most cheapest way
to travel around here. I think it’s like a Saengtheuw,
what they call a Saengtheuw in
Thailand. Yeah. It doesn’t look like a
Saengtheuw, they are very very
long. Actually, I like them. It’s pretty cheap, right? Yeah, really cheap. The taxi was much more
expensive, they really ripped
us off yesterday. Yeah, but that’s why it was
expensive. Yeah, because it was a rip off,
okay. We don’t know the country. No, no, no. That’s why we got to learn it,
yeah? Yeah, we just started. But, I think it’s a pretty cheap
country once you know how to
travel and how to move yourself around. I think so. But you can make it
expensive if you want , with your food, with the hotels. They made it expensive for us
already a little bit. Yeah.. But we got to learn. Tonight we are in Angeles town
and this is the bar of our
friend Palito. We’re gonna look around, come
on. Hello man. Hello, look who’s coming. How are you? Good evening! So, the reason why I came here
was because I could not live in Switzerland anymore. When I
was 50 years old I had a bad
sickness, it became polyarthritis. So,
when they found it out what I
had they said: no, you’re not allowed to work
anymore, it’s impossible, you
should not work. And so I had a pension. I lived
two years in Switzerland after I separated from my wife.
And then a very good friend told
me: why do you live there in
Switzerland? you can’t do
anything with what you got there from the
government, right? From the IV (disability
insurance). You should come to
the Philippines because here you can do
something with the little money
you got. In Switzerland actually I was a
working poor, I had my pension, but it was not enough for
living, so they had to give me
welfare money also, but I don’t like to get welfare
money, you know. The IV is something else, I
worked for it, but, give to the
government.. they have to help me.. so I
thought.. okay let’s try. I came down here and I found
out: Oh, well, it’s a nice
country, it’s nice for the temperature,
it’s very good for my sickness, I have not so much pain. Thank you, bye-bye. We go to Manila! Tell him to hold my bag. You know, this is the bus that
we are going to Manila. they said there’s air
conditioning, movies, it’s
cheap, 130 pesos. I think we are going to be okay. Post office. It looks good here! Clean, big
roads. Swiss cow. Before I called it a
Dutch cow again, yeah? Importing cows in our country
and they say it’s a Swiss cow. It’s unbelievable! Welcome to Manila! The city of
11 million people! You can see, it’s very busy in
the nighttime. There’s all kinds of high
building, a lot of lights. We are just at the sea, and it’s
very nice, But we still have to see around
the rest of the town. So, we will. I think tomorrow. No, it’s not a casino, it’s a
hotel. Wyatt’s. But maybe it has a casino
inside. Yeah, maybe they have a casino
inside. Welcome to Manila Beach! Is it
great or not? What do you expect in the sea in
front of a city of 11 million
people? And maybe here the streets are
clean, but maybe over there
they’re not too clean. Welcome to Manila! The city that
is alive at day and at night. Here we are standing in Manila
at the Pasig river that comes
from this side, from the sea, all the way it
goes up into the land, and you can see kids in the
water there collecting trash
just to make a living out of it. Here in the Philippines over 90%
of the people is Catholic and they got the big cathedrals
here, Like in Manila. I’m sitting now at the wall of
the Spanish Old City from
Manila, and this is really the most
oldest part of the city, and you can see, they make a
whole golf course here. It’s
very nice. Today we are walking at the
Great Wall of China! Okay, I will go inside. Just one
moment. It really stinks inside there! Where are you from? From Holland. Do you know
Holland? Yes! You know that. It’s a great place! Do you want to meet our friends? Yeah! Let’s go! Come here! Hello, don’t be scared! Don’t
run away! Do you have a lot of fun, here
in the Philippines? Yes. Do you have a good life? Yes. We love your country, it’s very
beautiful. It’s very good! Where do you come from? I come from Holland! You know
the Netherlands? Switzerland! He is the number one man in
class? Yeah. No, no! Three men, eight girls? And one gay! You can see how free this
country really is! They want to know what’s your
name. Oh, my name is Kevin.. Mikey .. You? Patrick. Nice to meet you!. Nice to meet you! Nice to meet two! Nice to meet three! In my country now there’s a lot
of snow. Yeah, you think snow is very
nice, but believe me, it isn’t.
It is not nice! It’s Dangerous! No, it’s not dangerous, it’s
cold! Dangerous also, your car always
like eeeee… Why are you wearing black pants
and everybody is wearing green? Because blacks are uniform, and
green is our PE uniform. That is different because that
is T-shirt and this is uniform. Oh, that’s why! But it says
Manila High School! Yes, Manila High School! He went to high school before!
Only, in Switzerland they have
mountains, and on top of the mountains to
make the high school! That’s why
he’s very high! Ah, okay! Do you want to learn talk some
Tagalog? Yeah, but we going to learn
later. Okay. But you can teach us one word.
Something important. Selamat! Thank you! We know that already. How are you? Que pasa? Ah, que pasa? How are you? Kamusta ka! Kamusta ka! And how do you say I don’t have
any money? Wala akong anumang pera. Oh, yeah, I have to remember
that one! We are here in Makati, one of
the better places of Manila. Actually this is the richest
place of Manila full with
shopping malls, and you can see high buildings,
skyline and nice parks. Do you want one of yourself? Yeah, one of myself. Welcome to Makati! You can see friendly people
everywhere here! And they want to make a picture,
of course! This looks a little bit like..
Hollywood Or Bel-Air or places
like that. I’ve never been there but.. In fact here, right behind, it’s
called Bel-Air too. Yeah, because it looks green and
beautiful.. Banana Republic! Hey, what about this park? Do you like it? Do you like this park? Oh, beautiful, it’s like a
desert in the middle of town. Yeah, very ugly, it’s
disgusting! Not nice at all! You can’t call it a jungle, you
can’t call it a forest, you can’t call it a park. It’s far from being a garden. I have no idea what it is. You cannot fool a tourist , even
not a Sunday tourist! Really really crazy traffic! But actually, for a big city
like this, I think it’s still
okay. I think from time to time in
Bangkok what I have seen, it was
much much more worse. But it’s also the time of the
day. Everybody comes back from
work. So of course it’s going to be
very very busy. Oh, yeah, poor poor.. Poor, yeah, poor poor. Okay, you drive slowly here so I
can.. It’s okay, not too much poor! Come on, this is not poor at
all.. It’s far from poor! This is a poor road.. Poor Road, Poor Road.. Policeman. Poor Policeman. Poor Policeman! That’s why they’re corrupt like
hell! Corrupt! Still not poor. No, still not the poor. Normal buildings. It’s just a big market here. Big market. Poor! U-turn! Divisoria. Still it’s an interesting
Market, very busy. Very busy people. Yeah. All the time, 24 hours! 24 hours? Wow! No sleep. Divisoria please, very very low
price, all products. I can see.. People still have freedom, yeah? Okay, poor. But if you have some
business, you can just bring it,
put it up, you don’t have to pay for
anything, nobody is going to check if you
sell copies or whatever, still freedom! You go to f****** Holland in the
market, they check for everything, you
have to pay 60 Euros only to
stand there, and everybody’s going to
complain that maybe children
make my products! Chinatown. Yeah. Warehouse. Straight? Yeah, go straight. We are in the south of Manila
and this is Taal volcano. Here you can find over 40
craters and this whole area is
one big lake and it’s magnificent! We are now on the way to our
boat trip today to the volcano, and you can see there’s still
lot of people with boats who
want to take us, they are following us with
motorbikes, with everything, And
they won’t give up that easily. Funny. Yeah, it’s funny, very funny! When we reaching the restaurant,
sir, do you want to go to the
Taal first or just to have a lunch? Oh, we can have a lunch. Yeah. Up there you can see the Taal
volcano, we are going up with a
little boat, it will be very nice, I have
some rice to feed the fish,
something for protect us, for swimming, if we need it, so,
let’s go! Here we are, on the lake, on the
boat all the way to the Taal
volcano. As you can see, I completely
wet, we all are, we had to stop filming because
the water was coming in and in
and in, and you can see, this whole area
is full, full with volcanoes, I thought it will be really
great up there. The water is very very rough,
maybe because we have some wind,
but the lake is so… It’s incredible, it’s beautiful! Wow, that was really rough! I’m completely wet, I fell down,
I hurt my hand, nobody told us
it would be that rough! People trying to sell me all
kinds of stuff already. I just need to calm down for
just a moment. Okay. I come back to you later, okay?
Just a moment.. It’s okay, I’m used to quite a
lot but that.. unbelievable
this! They didn’t tell us, yeah? All
the cameras.. We didn’t cover up anything in
plastic, but we should have. Later you buy a raincoat! And also water! Later you buy a raincoat, sir! Okay, let us calm down first!
Thank you! And how is life here, is it
okay? You have no problem with the
volcanoes erupting? Good, good, good! Now I understand why they have
the boats like a catamaran, or else you won’t survive on the
way, really! Oh, the next part: horse riding! Did you like the trip? You are
wet or not? I’m wet sir! I think so! It isn’t cold, so that’s good! We don’t get sick, but they
should tell me to leave all my
stuff in the car, man, it was really bad.. Register first. Oh, I find some Germany, but
most of the people who come up
here are.. Korean , China, I found a
Canadian, don’t see any Dutch.
Do you have Dutch people? Sometimes.. What about Swiss? Not too much.. What about Swiss people? Not too much. So, this is a new place.. Out of the beaten tracks.. Dutch and Swiss.. Dutch and Swiss! enjoy! Thank you very much. They say horse riding, but
they’re riding it for me. Okay, for all the tourists who
come here, yeah, If you come on
this island, be careful for the people who
want to sell you everything and
anything, yeah, It’s a big chaos up here before
you go up to the volcano.. So, I warned you! But still we have a good time! Now I feel really like a
tourist, and personally I don’t
like it! I’m very happy we don’t walk up
here. Yeah, you are? Yeah, actually I do. You relax too.. He wants to hit the horse all
the time, and it makes the horse
in panic and scared and I’m on the horse and I don’t
like that. Come on, let the horse just
walk, we got all day, we have no rush, no hurry. Well, it is dusty up here but
not like Pinatubo. Noo..Not a quarter like
Pinatubo! What a trip, what a trip! This is a real adventure! Look at this area, It’s
completely.. It’s beautiful, It’s beautiful,
incredible! You get the whole lake, the
craters, dust everywhere from the lava
before, from the eruption. Sitting on a horse, not a really
easy horse, kicking backwards
sometimes.. Yeah, this is not like a holiday
in Holland or Swiss! No! Hello! How are you? I’m fine, very very fine! It is really incredible, man! Thank you my friend! Look at the view, it’s
beautiful, it’s beautiful! I cannot say anything else about
the place, but it’s incredible
people really live up here, they don’t have any hospital,
nothing! It’s all on the other
side! Smoke comes out here, look,
look, of course there is smoke,
smoke is coming out here, smoke is coming out over there,
smoke is coming out everywhere! This is Taal volcano in the
Philippines, yeah! So, what do you think about this
trip, Gerben? (Jerby’s name..) I think if you want to do
something with your life you should come over here and
see Taal volcano! That’s what I
think! Hello! How are you? Wow, what a trip! Unbelievable!
This is a day I won’t forget for
a very long time! All the way up, first the boat
trip, incredible, yeah, a little
dangerous actually, but
incredible! Then all the way up to the
volcano , incredible view,
beautiful time, and then the horseback riding
back all the way, the road, all
the dust, and look at you guys! Look at you guys! You got a free
shower! What about our boat driver? Yeah, our boat driver he is high
speed man, I don’t know how I
should call him, the Schumacher on the water,
yeah, I mean, come on! And I was behind him so I’m
still a little bit okay, but
look at your brother! Maybe you should take a shot of
your cameraman! Yeah! This is the camera man, here we
go! Unbelievable! So wet! You should be a little bit
closer, show your face .. You guys have been swimming or
what? You guys have been
swimming or what? Unbelievable! Swimming would make me less wet! Yeah, I think so! But guys, did
you like the trip? We loved it, man! Really good! Really beautiful! So .. Crazy mother f****** driver.. So, for all the people back
home.. Look at him, look at him! Yeah, man, bye bye! It’s cool or what? Three of us. It’s f****** small! Wow! Different than I expected! Let’s go to Puerto Galera! Yeah! A new adventure again! 230 each! We got to go! I think real backpackers don’t
walk with a bag like this! Oh yeah, no, but I don’t drink
beer in the morning! It’s good breakfast beer! Yeah, what about this guy, he
wants me to buy beer at 11 in
the morning! Gate number 3. Waiting for
boarding, sir, I wait to pick up
at gate number 3. It’s like you’re going into
another country! Kind of, yeah! Yeah maybe it is another
country! So, we had to buy 3 tickets! The boat ticket, the
environmental ticket, and the
port usage ticket! Good, yeah! (Italian)Did they take your
lighter as well? No. (Italian)They took my lighter! (Italian)Just like that? (Italian)They told me I couldn’t
take it! (Italian)They don’t know either.
They didn’t even check me! I took everything cold, yeah? No
microwave s***! Let’s go! (Italian) Did we miss the boat? No, not yet boarding! Did you ever see somebody
backpacking with one hand is the bag and the other is a
cappuccino? What kind of backpacker am I? New generation! 21st century! We are on Mindoro Island and
today we are taking a snorkel
trip, do some island hopping, I hope
you can hear me because the
engine is very very loud. This morning I woke up with a
big, big diarrhea, but it didn’t stop me from
going! I really want to see the
place! Look at the rocks, the blue
water, the white beaches, the
mountains over there! Usually it snows maybe one or
two days a year, and that’s
about it. Amazing, incredible really! This
is snorkeling, I never see
something like this before! It depends on if you want to
fish, yeah? If you just want to come on the
boat and see me fishing then you
should not pay. Or maybe give me something for
just going, just a little bit. Its 6 o’clock in the morning and
we are going tuna fishing. You can see that it’s raining
quite a lot, but there’s not too
many wind on the sea, so the fishermen said it would
be fine. So let’s try to get
some fish! It’s time for some breakfast on
board, we bring some bread, some
cheese, some jam, some fruit
juice. The guys are doing their best to
get the boat out. It’s not that easy because the
waves are coming in. This is actually an old kind of
style of fishing, you don’t use any fishing rods,
you only have a line, you get some fake bait in the
end, I think a couple of hooks with
some feathers on it, and the
fish will see.. ..it looks going through the
water with the
feathers like this and it looks
like another fish. And if we are a little bit lucky
they will bite on it. Still got nothing! So, bad luck with the tuna,
right? Yeah, really bad luck. Try some smaller fish. So, a lot of fish here. Oh, a lot of fish! They bite and bite and just eat
your bait off or you get stuck
like now, already, you get stuck. But the place is very beautiful. Underwater you got all kinds of
corals and fish and really
really big shells, and it’s more like a bay, coming
from open sea over there, and there you got the town of
Puerto Galera. It’s just one big bay with
beautiful small hills and
mountains full with coconut trees and
other trees. You see that one? No! A fish? Yeah, the tuna. Well, if you think we can try. Try again! Yeah, and if we not do, then we
go to Puerto Galera , okay? Yeah, I lose my hook. It’s all right It’s not our lucky day for
fishing. Mirko fishing in the lagoon. You get something Mirko? No, Ah, you got a fish! Oh, really
good! At least something! Yeah, it’s nice, yeah? The colors are not that nice,
but the fish is nice! Your brother is a murderer, you
know that? Yeah! Come on, he just killed a fish! Hey, we were sport fishing, not
killing fish! So, you have barbecue tonight? Well, at least they got
something! Yeah, you got something, you
killed something! First he brings me fishing, and
then when I kill the fish then I’m
even the guilty party! Yeah, but listen, I didn’t say
you should kill the fish! Yeah, I didn’t plan to kill the
fish! I worried too much I come too
late! On our way to Puerto Galera! We go get some money because
this town doesn’t have any ATM. So, The story goes like this we were coming from Batangas,
and we went to the Island of
Mondoro and we come to this little town
named Sabang and they just have don’t ATMs
out there. Not one! Not one ATM! There is one, but it doesn’t
work with our ATM cards. So, what you going to do? Now we have to drive 53
kilometers go to another town just to get
some money and make it back. We rented our own jeepney, our
own private car actually this is like a local
taxi normally it’s full, full with
people, but now we got a private
one. It’s 1000 Pesos each and
gasoline, but we have to! We really have to! We have no
other choice! It’s really, really strange
actually in this country. But now we know! And now we are stopping .. Something is wrong with our car? You just said our trip started
and now it stopped already! Now it stopped already! Yeah, we understand! As long as
they fix it. I don’t want to have an accident
somewhere. They are still working? Yeah. They just said they got it and
now they still don’t move. Oh, very nice, very nice! I’m angry.. Did you get the money? No! Let’s go! Did you get it? Done, everything! Come on, let’s
go! Now we are standing at the
Puerto Galera waterfalls and you can see the water is
coming down all the way from the
jungle. Hey, what’s your name? Click. Plate? Click. Yeah. Nice to meet you man! Very good
driver yeah! Now many parts of this road are
very good actually, but some parts are really like
this. That’s really a big dirt road. you can really look at the edge You can look down, all the way
down. And believe me, you don’t want
to go with the jeepney in there. You can see we are in the
Jeepney and we are on the way to Calaban and it’s full with
people I’m in the back and it’s quite
dangerous. If this door opens then I’m
gone. So, we are going to Roxas today and then we are on our way to
Boracay. They still want to put people
in, but it’s really full. They are probably going to go on
top. Well, as long as it’s not me.. At least we could take care of
the bags.. Yeah.. Actually it’s probably more
comfortable upstairs.. I think so! We are in Calapan sitting in a
mini bus now and now we are going on the way
to the town Roxas where we will take the boat
straight away to Boracay? No, tonight we stay in Roxas. Tonight we stay in Roxas, but
the boat goes straight away to
Boracay.. Tomorrow. So, this is what we are going to
do. It’s now unbelievably hot! We
have about 14 people in this
minivan or more? 15 people! It’s a lot! So,
there’s a little bit of air
conditioning inside but we like the jeepney, it’s
open, you sit more comfortable. Look at his legs, look at
Mikey’s legs.. It’s just terrible! This guy doesn’t have the legs
you guys have! But we’re gonna make…How
hours is this trip? 3 I think. 3 hours? Three to four.. 3 to 4 hours. So.. It’s not going to be funny! It’s not going to be funny at
all! That’s what we are doing now. Up to Roxas! See you later. Yeah, very nice! Mikey! Perfect water! Not too cold, not too hot!
Clean! This is Roxas! A really nice place, really
quiet, almost no tourists around actually if you go just next to
the resort here there is a beach a really long beach, the sand is
like a little bit dark color It’s really soft, the sea is
clear but a lot of stones and
rocks in the sea it’s not really for the tourists
to come over here. And that’s why this place is
still paradise! Rest, nobody around, a beautiful
pool, for me alone, I love it! The air conditioning in the
minibus was s***! It was really really.. actually it was not an old
minivan, but the aircon was very
old. And small, very small.. but the country is so beautiful
that those four hours we travelled just passed away
like nothing. That’s the kind of life we like
to do! Yep. Hey, you’ve been born for
working or what? Or for something else? We are working! Yes we are, of course we are! People don’t see that as
working! You need to enjoy when you are
working! Well, that was Confucius first
law: You must enjoy your work, and
you will never work in the whole
life of yours! Yeah, that’s Taoism! Yeah! Many people forgot about that! Yeah But we don’t! In the background here you can
see Mindoro Island We are just leaving the bay It’s very beautiful the sea full
with mountains rice fields, palm trees, And we are now on our way to
Boracay. We are on the boat I think for
about 3 to 4 hours and the place should be very
beautiful up there white sand beaches, beautiful
water. See the water there! Yeah, nice colors, really nice
colors. Blue! Yeah! This is Panay Island and this is
Caticlan And now officially we are in the
Visayas! Look, that’s how you create
jobs, yeah? First: that’s number one, that’s
number two, and number three! Now we are on the way to Boracay and we just passed the whole
checks, everything, now we are in the last boat, a
small boat. You see, life jackets. I’m just going to take a picture
for the holiday! Boracay! Blue sea, coral reefs,
and white beaches! We’ll see! Kambing (goat in Tagalog)! Kambing in the sea! This is Boracay Island in the
Philippines! And, you can see this place is
really, really Paradise! You got the white sand beaches,
you got the really nice blue
clear sea the palm trees on the beach,
everything is perfect up here! Of course it’s a real holiday
destination, so you find a lot of hotels
here, restaurants, all kinds of watersports to do like jet skiing, sailing, of
course a lot of diving, and snorkeling up here. And today they say the water
should be so clear you can look underwater for more
than 30 or 40 m deep! That’s really cool! On this side you can see Panay
Island, it’s the next Island we are
going to go after! And this place is really
amazing! It’s hot hot hot everyday! If you want to get a real big
sunburn you should come over here! Amazing! Beautiful! You really need your sunglasses
up here! The sun is so strong! And the water is very good
temperature! It’s not too hot, not cold,
it’s a little cool actually! On top it’s hot, under it’s
cool! Really refreshing! Really salty
water! I think later on today we do
some snorkeling! It should be beautiful today! Boracay on the Philippines is
the place to be for any kind holiday you like! If you want to have a relaxed
holiday on the beach, or you want to have an active
holiday, you can do all kinds of water
sports activities, and of course if you like
nightlife there’s all kinds of bars, clubs
and discos around. So for everybody something here! So, are you enjoying? Well, I enjoy a lot! What about you? I love it! Tango! I swam a little bit outside and I always thought that the
water was the same depth and actually I was not touching
anymore! No. It just looked like it was just
here. It’s getting much deeper over
here. Just a couple of meters over
there slowly… You go under… Hello! This is your TV buddy and friend
Jerby on his round trip in the
Philippines! Hey man, you’ve been living
three years in Thailand and you’re not even able to walk
up a f****** palm tree! It’s slippery, you know? You need a German shepherd on
the top! Okay, your monkey skills are
really bad! You’re filming everything you hope I fall down, or not?! Okay! Hold on, I’m still not relaxed! It almost looks like you’re
relaxed! This was really sh****! You and your shots! Maybe we have to find another
coconut tree! Okay! That looks a little bit… Like it’s supposed to! I try to smile! They even have white monkeys
over here! That’s it! It looks more easy than it
really is! Actually it isn’t that easy to
climb a coconut tree! I really respect those monkeys! I’m tired, already! I have no
condition at all, man! Really nice up here! We are now 5 minutes away from
White Beach, the beach we showed you before and they say there was a little
road, it’s on the map, going to the other side of the
island It’s really funny, just like the island is very small and in
10 minutes you walk from this
side to the other side. So we took the road and look
what we found, yeah? It’s like in the middle of
nowhere. People still living here, 5
minutes walk from the big, huge
5-star hotels from the beautiful sea, and all
the hotels and restaurants. Look at this! That’s actually amazing! You think this is what they
meant? I think so. Yeah, we are on the way to kite
surfing Beach. Look, we got our special tour
guide. Hello my friends! Is this the way to the beach? Patrick, can you film the way to
the beach? I’m coming from the jungle but it’s going more in the
jungle. Can we go here, yeah? Oh, thank you guys, thank you! Did you see this? Did you see
this? Well, I’ve seen a lot before,
yeah but… this is new for me! I guess most of the people that
stay in white Beach don’t even know about places
like this on the same island and just 5
minutes away! Some people never leave their
hotel! Look, Patrick, we passed through
the village but this is the
official road.. Ha, ok! Nice! Yeah, very nice! It really looks like the one
that we saw on the map! Some original bungalows up here! People are friendly here! There we are! You see! The other
part of the island! This part should be more rough
because the wind is always coming from this area. It’s really for kitesurfing and
other water sports so, let’s have a look! Actually, the temperature is
better! On the other side you
really die! It’s so hot! Here it feels more
cool! Yeah, kite surfers are
here! This is the kitesurfing area of
Boracay! And you can see the sea is more
rough. There’s a lot of wind coming
from this side. Actually it’s much better than
the other side of the island for
the temperature. You see on this side, on the
mountain, they make already a lot of big
apartments, complexes and
hotels. It’s not that nice. It’s my opinion, but that’s how
it is. Nobody’s looking… It’s only when I’m happy, yeah! Hello! Can you do that? Can you show us how you play? Oh, sure! Oh, that’s very good! Look at that, look at that! I remember back home, in the
past, my parents do like this! It’s the same, yeah! With a little stick, yeah! Look, and they don’t have too
much, yeah?! But they enjoy! They have a good
time! And they have a good view, yeah! In Holland there is almost no
space anymore for free playing, free on the
street. Kids are not interested in it
anymore yeah? They stay in front of the TV or
a video game. Even if they want to, they can’t
in Europe. You got special play areas, you
have to stay there. When you walk only out of the
house it’s really like.. Look left,
look right, look left and s*** like this! Listen, Steve Irwin died already
so now I have to do it! Jerby in the wild! Look how easy it is in this
place to find something really
nice. I just walked in the sea, just
for a couple of minutes, not
that far, and it’s full, full, full with
seastars! Yesterday we saw a really big
blue seastar as well but these are very nice and the
still.. He tries to get away … Look at
all the feet.. You see that? Really nice!
Really nice! I just picked them up one by one
by one.. Feel how they move in your
hand… Yeah! It’s funny, yeah? This is wildlife! This is so cool! Shall we put them back? Put them back in the water?! You follow me? Yep! Last one! Hello my friend! Is that cool or what?! This is the highest part of
Boracay Island. On this side you can see Bulabog
Beach. That was the beach where we saw
the kite surfers yesterday. On the other side is White Sand
Beach. It’s the beach where we are
staying on. On this part you can see Panay
Island. It’s the next island we are
going to go to. Our next destination. And on this side is Carabao
Island. Really, really beautiful the
sea! Look at the colors! Look at
the blue… A little bit of green in it,
look at the white beaches, even
on this side! It’s incredible! It’s really
incredible! This part of the island is very
very small! It’s a little bit bigger on that
side. Even have some golf courses
around. It’s really really nice! And of course this is the most
beautiful part to make a very
very nice view picture! That’s what I’m going to do! Really cool! Okay, I’ll go make some picture
of the animals. Can you take a picture of me? Yeah, sure, sure, sure! We are gonna go to some other
part of the area a little bit north I think it is we are going to do some free
diving with a Romanian guy named
Don. we just met him yesterday on the
beach, He’s okay, he’s a cool
guy. Very nice guy, and he does free
diving Up to 30 m, so that’s
quite impressive. Ah, we’ll see! We meet with him
about 15 minutes from now so Let’s go and see him! They are really expensive For what? For eating? For eating! Come on! Yeah, yeah in Thailand they eat
them! Yeah, but what don’t they eat in
Thailand man, come on! They eat everything there! Unbelievable! This morning we left Boracay
after a couple of days staying
there, it’s very very nice, and this
morning we took the boat back to Panay
Island, there we took the bus, we just pass in the country now,
a couple of hours, should be
about 6 to go to the south to the city
of Iloilo and from there we want to take
the boat to Negros Island. The country is very nice, it’s
very green, actually more wild than the
island we see before, Mindoro but people living here are quite
primitive but I think they’re not really
poor. Everywhere you see fruits,
vegetables, rice, chicken, cows,
buffaloes, there’s a lot of cock fighting
going on as well, fighting
chickens. And if you look at the schools,
the children are playing, quite
happy. I think it’s a nice life on this
island! I like it! Actually the road is pretty
bumpy! Yeah the road is really bumpy! This is a bus trip, it goes all
time… You go up and down, up and down! It’s really hard to make a
video! Yeah, I tried to sleep, but … I did, I did for a little while, actually I have no idea how long
I slept, but… I was a little bit sick in the
last two days, and last night I didn’t sleep
that well, so I needed a little bit of
rest. But I’m okay now. We are on our way to Iloilo in
the south of Panay Island. It’s a really nice place, a lot
of rice fields around, jungle it’s beautiful out here as well. Listen, this is what I like! Rice fields, coconut trees, we
just passed through some town, all the people are looking at us
like we are the tourist
attractions, not them! But everything looks so nice! Hey my sir, peanuts? Oh, no thank you! No thank you! Want to buy some peanuts? Not really. No, I’m full as well! Very exciting! I like it, I like
it! See, but first we have to finish
this bumpy bus drive, yeah! We are in Iloilo and we are
going to Guimaras! Island. Island. You want to do it? You
want to do it for one time? Come on, let him do it for one
time! Go you f*****. We are here in Iloilo
which is the capital city of
Panay Island, and we are going to go to
Guimaras Island. And there you should have really
nice nice beaches, so we’ll have
a look! I hope it’s more beautiful water
over there than here … At least you didn’t take your
slippers this time! I took my slippers, I’m walking
on them! Come on, man! But I have a plastic bag, but
it’s just with orange! This looks like a tourist boat. Life suit? No, later. Come on man, it’s orange! I just had a big breakfast! Your life suit! Life suit? It’s the same color, yeah?! Put
it on, yeah. Jacket! Oh, they want us to have another
one! We are Swiss and he’s from
Holland. Hey sir! Hello? Sir, this factory, what is this? This is a Sugar… Sugar? Sugar, yes. They have sugar on the island
here? No, The other island, Negros. Ah, okay! But it’s still in production
this factory or not? Not operation! Not operation, it’s finished. Ah, okay. Look, in this country everything
is possible! We are sitting down, we are
getting gasoline, your brother still has a
cigarette on, nothing is a
problem! No smoking! Nobody gives a s***! Just be funny about it, yeah! (Italian) Let’s go! (Italian) Every once in a while
check that I’m still here! Hey curly man! Yeah, what’s up? What the f***! I’m hanging outside, at least I
can see everything very well! It’s fantastic up here! Tango! The jungle is really beautiful! Yeah, beautiful jungle,
beautiful nature! This thing is very bumpy! Yeah, it is very bumpy, that’s
why I’m hanging outside or else I hurt my head all the
time! Just wait here, I go. What happened? (Italian) Don’t move! I lose my cap! I can’t run on slippers man! They say Guimaras is the mango
island of the Philippines and look how many many mango
trees there are here! It’s completely full with it! Hey! How are you? Do you have a
good time? Well, yeah! Yeah, me too! It’s actually a little bit
narrow, but It’s still okay! Yeah, I feel like a sardine
in… You know that? Yeah, in a can. In a sardine box! Yeah, in a sardine box! Yeah, well, that’s the
Philippines! What can you do? Well, nothing! Guimaras island in the
Philippines is the place to go! It’s full with volcanic rocks,
caves, blue sea, clear water, corals everywhere! People who live in the middle of
nothing! This is really one of the places
you should have seen if you come on holiday in the
Philippines! All over the way up here, the
water is so clear! (Italian) What a place! Actually you should see it up
here because it’s more… Yeah I think we are going to go
on … a little walk. I’m not a hundred percent sure,
but I think that all these rocks
are volcanic. From a long time ago. And we just came from the sea,
it’s really nice and clear water and there’s a cave inside here and you can see… You cannot see, you can hear it
and you can smell it as well, it’s full with small bats! We are here now at a breeding
station for sea turtles and it’s a caring and feeding
station. What they do is, they take out
the eggs, they breed out the
eggs, the little turtles come out and
they put them back. I have actually no clue if it’s
true. It’s not so easy to walk on
slippers on the bamboo. But you survived, right? Yeah, of course I survived! Look, the point is we booked a
little boat trip to see some
beaches to see some islands and they
bring us to this sea turtle
breeding farm but, after they showed us some
turtles, they dropped us on the
island and we have no clue what we are
going to do here! One thing is here one hundred
percent sure: enough ron on this
little Island there’s enough ron. Everywhere
there’s signs with bottles of
ron. Well not much to do, so.. Hello, how are you? Hello! Misty? Your name Misty? Look, the camera Misty, this is
Misty, and Misty lives on this
island. Misty, do you like it on this
island? Yeah? Good, good! Hello! We look around, okay? Thank you! See you later! See, they are building a new
house here? Quite serious construction
actually! What do you want? I mean, every
year they got a typhoon so.. They got to build a new house
every year! Wild chickens! They are not wild! Yeah, wild, they’re walking in
the … in the wild! In the wild of the village! Listen, we call ladies in
Holland as well wild chickens I mean, they’re walking
everywhere! Where are you going my friend? Oh, we just have a look around
sir, is that okay? Thank you, thank you! You are from the boat? Yeah, we come from the boat! How local you can go! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! How are you? Look how this man is getting his
water! Look, look, look at that! Hello, good day! Hello! Okay, I think the village is
over. Yeah. Thank you for have a look
around! Good afternoon! I hear something. Some wild chicken! You can see the wild chicken! Don’t make too much noise, maybe
you scare them. I think not many people come up
here. I have no idea why they dropped
us here. Anyway I will organize you two
holiday in that house over
there. I can do that! Wow! It’s really deep! Don’t fall in
there! Hello! I’m going to get some water out
of the jungle! A really deep
jungle this time! You see this? You see this? I’ve never done that before. I think my grandfather did
before but … It comes up, up, up! That’s freshwater man! Wow, it looks like fresh water. Smells? It looks clear. Even in the jungle they got
electricity! Actually there’s nothing going
on, you can just put your hands
in there
and everything will be fine. You would love to see that! Yeah, your brother would love to
see that! Do you think they pay for
electricity here? Well, they got meters. Don’t
have a meter for nothing! I think they pay something here. Yeah, they should.. They have counters, so.. Good! What is it? You want to try it? Coconut
wine. Coconut wine. Yeah! It’s good! You drink a whole glass. After we are drunk! Of course, and the funny thing
is they don’t know exactly how many
alcohol is inside. Well, it’s not that strong. Ah, but you make it yourself,
you don’t know, you don’t know exactly. Do you care? No, of course not, that’s the
good part of it! Thank you! Thank you! Kevin, did you like the place? Well, yeah, it was not what I
expected but I liked it very
much actually. I was really surprised how
friendly the people were, really really friendly, hospitality was really high,
friendly people, really primitive, but I think
they have a happy life up here. and like you said to me before who cares what goes around in
the rest of the world if you live in a place like
this. Oh f***! Stop filming! Jump off! Yeah, everything comes along, even the Motorbikes! Go Iloilo! This morning we arrived at the
town named Bais. It’s on the island Negros. Between Negros and Cebu is a
small part of sea that is famous for whale
watching. Around here you can see whales,
dolphins, whale sharks, and even killer whales have been
spotted before. The water is really not deep
here. It’s very very clear so we hope
we are lucky to see something
very nice. They said actually next month,
the month April, would be the
good season. But they gave us a good chance
see something today. Let’s hope
so. Oh, look they are jumping! Come on, give us a jump! Oh, many! A couple of 10! Oh, look at that! That’s beautiful! Wow! I know they can speed up really
… really fast, but so fast? Could be in that area as well. They are all around here. See there! Yeah! They are everywhere! You got that? Not sure. We just have a little break with
whale watching we saw… incredible, a lot of
dolphins! But we are now in the mangroves
and… these are real mangroves! You can hear the insects, it’s
full with reptiles, birds, maybe other species I don’t even
know about. What happened? What happened? Well, we were in
the bus From Bais to Dumaguete and half on the way… It was
very busy in the bus already and half on the way… Somewhere
over there a bridge has
collapsed and we cannot go with the bus
anymore, so we had to take a
tricycle and this very friendly man with
his wife and his baby arranged in the big chaos of
tricycle drivers a tricycle for us and now we are
in the tricycle the six of us five adults and one baby. Plus the driver! Oh, yeah, plus the driver! I
forgot it so it’s 7 people on one
tricycle! Let’s see what happens! Yeah! As long as we get there! Well, we are from Europe, so no
Dallas with us! Yeah! Where are you from sir? Actually I’m from here and I’m
counselor. Okay! But when did it happen? Why did
the bridge collapse? Two days! 2 days ago. Oh, okay! And why? Because they are repairing the
old bridge … Yeah! But then the bridge they are
making like a … the temporary bridge collapsed
because… Ah, the temporary bridge! Okay! The trucks! It was too heavy for
the bridge! Yeah, that can happen. Yeah! They are making the routing
here, but it will take you a
long way. Yeah, I believe that. It’s our neighbor. Oh, yeah, it’s your neighbor! Yeah, it was a nice guy! Very
nice! And there is the bridge! It looks like a big mess! Yeah, it really looks like a big
mess! Look at all the tricycles… Because that bridge… The budget of the bridge is
finished. Yeah! No money anymore for the bridge! I wonder what happened with the
truck! That passed over when it
collapsed! Well, they’re working on it. It’s going to take some time! Yeah, I think it’s not going to
be quick! No! Probably even less safe. Hello James! Hello! It’s a mess. Yeah, that’s a big mess! Your brother is still in the
mess? Stuck! He’s stuck, yeah! You will just pay 60 pesos. Ok! And the bags we put on top? Yeah, yeah! But you want to secure those… Yeah, I got a lock here and this
I take. This is about the first jeepney
we find on Negros Island and look at it! It’s full! I’m
sweating like a pig! This is not funny anymore! And still not full enough! No! You got more people on! Yeah! And you don’t see the people on
the top! On the roof! They are there? Yeah, there’s people on the
as well! So, this jeepney driver is
really spending business here! Yeah! He wants to make some extra
money! All the people hanging outside! Oh, come on, come on man! I cannot do the film though! How many people in total you
think? I don’t know, just inside… 35 There’s 20 inside… ah, no plus 23, 24 24 inside, and outside 10 more? 5 hanging outside plus on the
roof! So, about 35 people, maybe 40
people in one Jeepney! And it’s not a big one! It’s not a big jeepney, no. Hey mate! All right! We are on the way to two big
lakes high up in the mountains. Two big crater lakes. This is what you call a driver,
yeah! Non-stop all the way, on the
mountain. I really hurt everywhere! The
muscles. Me too a little bit but we’ll
survive it! Yeah, it was cool, really cool! I liked it, I liked it a lot! Unbelievable! And here you can see really how
the nature before was on this
whole island. Quiet! Yeah, really quiet! Really
green, a lot of big trees! A lot of plants, some nice
lakes! In this area we find three
lakes, this is one of the
smallest lakes. The other two are up, later I’m
going to tell a little bit about
those lakes. And this mountain here should be
a volcano as well. You see, it’s not active so they are not sure if it ever
will erupt or not. But you can see in the whole
area big, big rocks volcanic rocks, lava everywhere
around. In this green, green area. It
makes it very special! This is Balinsasayao lake and
it’s a volcanic crater beautiful lake in this crater and we are going down soon, very
soon. We are going to show you
everything, we are going to take
a canoe we’ll go all over the lake, we
are going to film a little bit just to show you how beautiful
it really is! You like to go swimming? Swimming? No… I’m not sure, maybe. Maybe we go
swimming! Yeah, we got few people around
here. they say today they got about 20
tourists and we are the only European
tourists today! So, we are going to take a boat
here. Can we also go to the second
lake from here? Yeah. Okay. The boat is quite steady! Very thick wood! I think we’ll be fine. Yeah, We’ll survive it! Yeah, we will be fine! The water is not the same color
like we’ve seen before in Pinatubo or Taal volcano. But the shape of the lake is
very beautiful. It’s different! You can hear the birds, you can
hear the insects. And nothing else. Nothing else! Nothing else! This place is really far away
from civilization. The rest of the world! How many percent of this island
was still natural forest or
jungle? 3% 3%! So, this must be one of the
3%. I think so. It has to be! Look at all those trees! This big mountain on the side
here! That still should be a volcano
that never erupted. They call it like a sleeping
volcano or a dead volcano but they say, under the earth
it’s hot and probably ever even this
mountain could erupt somewhere. What a beautiful place this is! We are really completely alone! Look at this animal, is it
beautiful or not? Is it beautiful or not!? I’m not 100% sure if it can bite
me … I had it before. In Thailand I
saw them very small, but huge
like this… And this is the third one we see
already! Just going to be careful. It
feels very nice! Very strong! Hold on little fella, hold on! Here it is! This is nice! Can you see? Yeah! All his legs! He just wants to give us a
little show! Show himself how beautiful he
really is! In this area you find all kinds
of insects, reptiles, birds and look at this beautiful
butterfly! I can just put my hand here and
it will just sit there like I’m
not here! Is it beautiful or what! These are the twin lakes of
Negros Island. This is the Lake Balinsasayao. These are really volcanic lakes,
craters! It’s full with nature! And on this side you’ll find the
other lake, named Danao. It is a little smaller… It’s really an incredible place! We are on the viewpoint, and
from this point you can see both
lakes and… I keep saying it: We are…
alone, completely alone there’s nobody around here, only
us and nature! This lake we cannot go on. That’s what I understand. We just came back from the twin
lakes and you can see on this area you
have Cebu Island. That’s our next destination and
from this point you got a great,
great view! Today it’s a little bit clear,
not too many clouds in the air and see how the people are
living here! When you’re standing here on the
street where all the traffic is passing
by, you won’t feel it! But when you just walk into this
street here just 30, 40 meters from here you really get a ghetto feeling! You are like in the
neighborhood! And you are really an outsider,
even if people are friendly to
you and kids are playing, I don’t
know…you still… everybody is watching you,
people are poor you just have a feeling that you
have to watch out for yourself a little bit! Just be careful a
little bit! Really a strange feeling! Actually, when you walk in there just where we were standing
there before… Now we are going to show you a
shortcut to our hotel! Hello! Hello! You want to be on the
video? Say hello! Hello! Hey watch it. I was talking with
you on the phone, so… Yeah, I understand! This is really… Hello! Hi! Good afternoon! You must be funny! Yeah! Really funny! We are the tourist attraction
here! Don’t forget that! Look how the people live here,
just a quick look! The laundry, the… everything! In the middle of Cebu! You never know how really safe
it really is! Hi! People are very friendly! Yeah, people are quite friendly! Yeah, but maybe there’s one who
doesn’t like you, you never
know. Good afternoon! Hello! Hello, good afternoon! This is this still the street? Yeah! Okay, thank you! Okay, thank you very much! Friendly people here! Yeah, friendly people! Hello! Good afternoon! It’s a way of selling food! Yeah, everybody can hear it! You can see they build something
really nice! You see the stones, the stairs.. Yeah, it’s going to be a nice
house when it’s finished! Very beautiful house! Okay, this is a shortcut! It was funny to see… The guy told us: if you are
familiar with the shortcut this is a shortcut! Yeah! Okay, now I know where we are! Mate, I’m in love! You want to meet my new
girlfriend? Come, come! This is Angel, Angel say
something back! Not very talkative! Yeah, she’s more the quiet type. Come on, just film the shopping
mall. That’s what you see a lot in the
Philippines shopping malls, big big shopping
malls you can just get lost in. It’s very easy to get lost in
them, it’s like a labyrinth. You can find anything you need. How can you film how I eat my
sticky gum out of this paper, yeah?! Don’t film messed stuff like
that! I was filming the church! I don’t believe you! We just walked in an area of
this church here this church has a very
special… The building has a very special
architecture so we were like: come on we have
a little look we film it, and the gates were
open, so we walked in and all of a sudden this man
starts to get very angry at us that we cannot go in and.. just
stand in front and look at the
church. And then this woman comes over
and says like: look, we have really strict
rules here, you cannot just go
in and later she even told us like
before there was somebody who wanted to bomb the church
and I don’t know what. But it’s more like a really
closed community, like a sect
and… yeah, that’s what it is. we were actually not welcomed at
all only on special times we can
have a look, but then even they
will have guards who check us and… just like
that. Yeah. I was actually a little bit
surprised but now I understand the big fence around this
building! Still the building is nice! Yeah with the towers and
everything. I like it! It says enough that I’m here,
and I walk up this area I’m welcomed. Everybody is like hello! How are
you? Even on the boat on the way to
Bohol, people are next the boat in
their little boats begging, begging for money, and
there’s not so many foreigners
around and that’s what you see all the
time in this country that they will even beg for
money against their own people. They are just asking their own
people all the time for money! Every city you come, everywhere
you go. Normally I see in other
countries, okay they will try to ask the tourist
all the time to get money. But here they just ask their own
local people. It’s unbelievable! Even at 5 in the morning on the
little wooden boats with the babies, begging for
money. Smile! Ah, they go away.. no no no! It’s okay, it’s okay. Okay. Are you done making
pictures? There’s quite a good picture of
there! Look at that! It’s incredible man! These are the Chocolate Hills of
Bohol! There’s more than 1,200 hills in
this whole area and this is really amazing! See you later! According to the legend, these
hills are the teardrops of a
giant who had a girlfriend, and she
died and he had a broken heart. It is a very nice place the
Chocolate Hills, but it is so busy up here! So busy! I think on the whole island you
won’t find almost any tourists maybe on the beach somewhere but here, in this part of the
Chocolate Hills… Actually it’s funny too! I will take picture first, it’s
okay? Sure! Sure! Thank you! Just no flash! Yeah! Here in Bohol, you can find an
animal that you can only find in the Philippines and also in
Indonesia, in Borneo and that’s the tarsier! Look how small it is! It’s a night animal, it lives at
night, it eats insects, and.. yeah, it’s a little bit a
cross between a monkey and
something else. I’m not sure actually… To me his hands look the same
like a frog and his head really can rotate. And when I touch it, it gets
stressed and then it will bang his head everywhere
to the wall … Whatever, yeah, and then it will
die! So I’m just going to leave it
alone now. Enjoy your view! There’s so many tarsiers in the
area, ok? There’s a better and closer
interaction there. So how is it to feel like a… a Tarsier? Well, small! I feel very small! But your eyes are ridiculous,
mate! Thank you! So, how was your food guys? 50/50! Very good fish, sh***y
chicken , good rice, sh***y
noodles.. Fat pork! Tango? The same! Same same! I don’t agree on the fish
actually! Well, we don’t agree on the fish but at least your brother agrees
on the fish, so it’s two against one, so
that’s good. And everybody eat the whole fish
so at least the rest thought it
was good. I hear something cracking down
here … Look at the view man it’s
beautiful! We are here on Pandan Island in the Bay of Honda near the
island, the big island of
Palawan. We just flew here yesterday,
actually only the two of us me and my brother Patrick,
because our friend Jerby which you know very well by the
time for personal reasons had to go
back to Manila. So, today we are going to stay
here … You can see, beautiful place,
nice coconuts everywhere, we are going to do some
snorkeling, we are going to visit another
couple of islands In this huge Bay. And Palawan is actually our last
destination in this trip in the Philippines. After that we will have to go
back. (Italian) It’s a sea urchin. Today we are going to visit a
very special place. It’s a cave, but actually it’s
an underground river. We are going to travel for 5 km
inside the mountain on a little boat on this River. And I think it’s going to be a
very special experience. This is the cave entrance. We are going to go inside in a
couple of minutes. A real spelunker! Ready to go in the cave! Like a dinosaur. Okay, another one, a big one, it
looks like a giant candle. This is an example of
stalagmite. Angel, it’s like an angel. Garlic. Like a garlic. Another one. Mais. Corn. Hello, good evening. Hello, good evening! I’ve seen quite some caves in my
life but this one is amazing! Really great! Incredible! Really beautiful! Good morning! Wake up! I bet you survived now! How deep is the water? Depth of the water mom? 9 meters! As you can see, there’s monkeys
everywhere here. I’m going to try to get closer
to it. Apparently it doesn’t like my
company! There’s another very strange
animal there! It’s a monitor lizard, one of
the world’s largest lizards. It’s about one and a half meters
long It probably weighs something
like 15 kilos It looks like a dinosaur! It’s a good pair of boots! As you can see, these trees have
very strange roots. Very thin and very high. In the middle of the mud,
there’s like any kind of small animals walking around
here. Including crabs and other little
stuff which I cannot really know what
they are. As you can see, there’s various
types of monkeys in this jungle. I’m just trying to get into the
feeling of this jungle. So, that was it? That was it! I’m no monkey! You are not a real primate! This place is really hot! There’s no air at all! Just walk up the hill and down
the hill and I’m sweating as you can see
in my face! That’s really hard! We are not made for that! what is this? I cannot really say that I’m a
monkey! As you can see, this trail is
very tortuous. There’s just plenty of rocks
wood and any kind of stuff. There’s a lot of bugs around
that are biting us like crazy and we are sweating,
sweating like pigs! These turtles were born on this
same beach. Now they take care of them until
they will be big enough and then they will set them
free. Very cute! They bite! It’s like the beak of a bird! They seem to be very, very
hungry! El Nido is the last destination
of our trip and it’s probably going to be
the best place we’ve seen in
this country! I just let the images talk by
themselves! Today we are going to visit a
few islands in this beautiful archipelago. It’s called the Bacuit
archipelago. There’s going to be some
lagoons they should be really beautiful
with blue sea. Well, we’re going to take a look
at it! We’ll tell you there! This is the first lagoon we’ll
visit today, and there’s a hidden lagoon back
there. We’re going to go and snorkel a
little bit inside. let’s go take a look. Wow! This place is amazing! There’s an internal lagoon there it’s about 100-150 m wide by 50
m long, And it’s incredible! I almost have no words to
describe it! It’s pretty deep, maybe 5 – 6 m
in the deepest point there’s some corals, different
fish, different colored fish,
and… a really incredible Place! On the other side there’s a
little hole that looks out on the open sea but you can’t go through because
it’s just too small. And there’s these limestone
rocks with incredible shapes with vegetation in between, it’s
really amazing! It’s really an incredible place! It really makes me think about
the times of the pirates who would bury their treasures
in there. What can a man want more from
life than this? We are now inside of the secret
lagoon. It’s a lagoon completely
isolated from the outside sea. It’s just an amazing place! Even in a big big crowded and
busy city like Manila you still can find very nice and
quiet places like this park here. Not everybody just can come in it’s about 75 pesos to come in in this park, it’s quite
expensive for most of the people but it’s very very nice! And I even think this is the old
part of the old Spanish city before. Yeah, that’s Fort Santiago! Yeah that’s Fort Santiago! Let’s go inside! Go inside, come on! Let’s have a look! Hello! No, you can take your picture! We wait for you! Can you join with us? Join, join! I sit here? Yes! Well, that’s a surprise! Okay! How much do I have to pay for
that? It’s for free! Yes! Oh, thank you very much! Thank you! Where do you come from? Are you here on some kind of
tour from school, or what? Yes! What about you? Well, we are just on holiday! All right! I come from Holland, yeah! Wow! And they come from Switzerland! And how long do you have holiday
here in Manila? Just one day. Do you know any Tagalog words? Oh no actually.. Ah, yes, selamat Oh! Hep hep, hurray! Do you know how to play hep hep,
hurray? I have no idea! Oh, noo! Can I teach you how to play Hep
hep, hurray? Okay! Hep hep.. Do I have to stay like this? Yes! Hep hep, hurray! Come on, let’s do it everybody
together! Hep hep, hurray! Uah uah wee! I really like that you enjoy so
much. Yes! I wish you enjoy too! Yeah we do! Hep hep, hurray! Uah uah wee! Let’s go! Turn on the air-conditioning or these people are going to
kill you! Oh, yeah, some damn good air
conditioning for your footish price, man! Pretty good damn good air
conditioning! Yeah, you need one here, it’s
very hot up here! Even hotter than in Texas! Hello! Hello! What’s down there? Well, actually nothing! This is… You can go in the
of the river. What about on your right? I just go up… You got me! Idiot I am! Come on, stop that s*** man! Beautiful park! Who is this beautiful lady? Shut up! I like the instrumentation! Look, we got some food. Your water. Thank you. No, that’s it. No applause, because it was not
worth any applause. Why are you giving me the mic? I have food in front of me. Hey Mikey you sing. Why? Today we are at the Manila Sea
Aquarium and you can see the setup of the
Sea Aquarium is very nice. Before I thought it was indoor,
when you come in but you can see it’s outdoor. They make all the aquariums
side, by side, by side with all kinds of nice and
colored fish, seastars and I think they will have the
bigger fish inside and you can see it’s crowded
with people a lot of school kids, a lot of
Filipinos coming around to see all the
fish. It’s very very nice! Come on let’s go inside! Do you like it? There’s more crocodiles over
there! More crocodiles! And you can see, a lot of
Filipino people are coming here. Especially kids. Especially kids! Schools, everything! But still I think that we are
the biggest tourist attraction for them,
yeah! Yeah, most probabily yeah! Everybody wants to go on a
picture with us! That’s chocolate chip style
fish! Sorry? Chocolate chip style fish! Okay! But very beautiful! What does it feel like? And the blue one? Beautiful! Beautiful! Yeah, feel… actually it’s
soft! What does it feel like? it feels like really soft, yeah! Look! One part is really hard and
strong but the other part is very soft. So many different colored fish! It’s beautiful! Oh yeah, that’s a good one! Yeah, beautiful, beautiful! Okay guys! Hey everybody! Cheers! Cheers! Prost! Living is nice in Philippines! Living is nice everywhere if you
can make a good… life! Cheers! Cheers! Cheers everybody! Cheers! To the Philippines! Hey guys, thank you very much
for having been with us In this long trip across the
Philippines! We appreciate your support and
we hope you enjoyed the trip as much as
we did! Where do you think we will go
next? Let us know in the comment
section below And stay tuned for more great
travel content! Thanks! And bye!

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